Feast of Flesh

When a member of the Aburame clan dies, there is no funeral. Instead, long before the body grows cold, the bugs begin to eat. They eat until the body is gone, until there is nothing else, and then they wait. When another baby is born, the bugs are transferred over to the new body, and once again, they wait, feeding on the chakra, until that body dies, too.

Shino has his grandfather's bugs. Before that, they were his great-uncle's, and his great-great-grandmother's. His bugs go all the way back, to the first Aburame who ever spoke with the bugs, and somehow, that makes him special. His bugs were the first, and so they're heavier than the others. Shino's important, Shino's great, Shino's the hope and dream and every fucking little thing of the clan. The bugs crawl under his skin, through his veins, and they posion him, slowly, from the inside, just like all the words of praise posion him from the outside, and, as he's posioned, as he slowly dies, the bugs wait for their next feast.

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