(Note from koolaid: As a request from Bum, I should point out that this story was NEVER intended to be drawn out. Period. And you should also note that this story was written ages ago - April 1998, just before Hama's run (before the circus issue).

** Torres is spelled two ways. I prefer to spell it how I was introduced to her so… There. =P *
Special thanks to Nate for helping this lazy bum with  providing info when I was to lazy to go through the archives myself. ;) And a special shout to Mice (The Bohemian fairy).

**I didn’t really proof it. Just spell checked it. Sorry but the launch of HappyGoth.com  is coming up and well my laboring of love is still being in labor
**   I’m also being very liberal with “stage directions”
** I normally put (Cont.) markers at every page break. It’s good form to do so. But like I mentioned before this is a sample script .. but just so you aspiring script writers know. It’s very good form.

ECU-Extreme Close UP… whhhhoooaaa!
Thot- Thought

Generation X 32

“Of love, sacrifice and boogymen” by Bum

*Unless specified all characters should be in civies clothing.
*Unless otherwise specified standard name captions.

Page 1-  Monet should be cast in red and black until Gau enters. All else should be full color but Monet at a constant Red halftone.
Gau should be a small figure. He should have a nod to D.O.A. (to “hint” that he and D.O.A have the same origin)  in respects of oversized body aspects.
But he should have what appears to be a respiration device of artist’s design attached to him and his eyes masked by goggles of some sort. A bit of robotics could be integrated with his flesh to give the image that he’s “been there done that”
Gateway should appear as he always does. All dialogue boxes with Gateway should be done in the telepathic.

Panel one
        Monet lying on the ground. For this page Monet should appear as red/Black line art. All the other characters are full color. The ground should be green grass. No trees. Until specified Monet’s eyes should remain closed.

Cap one- Her name Was Monet St. Croix. Key word ‘Was’.

Panel two
        Pan out to show Gateway sadly floating above Monet.
Monet- “but, I couldn’t have died. I’m above such petty things as death.”
Gateway- You lost control over the twins no? Both them  no longer need you  yes?
Monet- “How was I to know both the twins were awakened at once?”

Panel three
        Gau enters and is standing next to Monet.
Gau –I Hope I’m not to late. How’s it going Dais? Been a while.
Monet- Gau?  What’s going on?!  Are you behind this?
Gau- I’m here to take you back to the Master.   Your time on the mortal plane is up.

Panel four
        We zoom all the way out to see that the ground Monet was lying on is nothing more than a grass patch. Surrounding it is blue fire. The picture could be tilted to a forty five degree angle to further give the “perception is off” look.   Monet  should now be sitting cross legged like Gateway hands folded on her lap. Eyes closed  looking down at  her hands.

Monet- But I’m not old enough.. I.. It’s not time.
Gau - He feels it is time. That is why he had me split the twins. They would cast you out. Meanwhile your friends back on earth would be so concerned with your “true” incarnation.. that of the twins.. they would never think  that-
Monet- -That I was really three people.

Panel five
        Gateway closes his eyes as Monet opens hers. Monet’s eyes are rainbowed in color much like her brothers.  (Pupils black, Iris rainbowed)
Monet- Gateway! You can’t allow this! I saved the twins life by allowing the two of them to bond with me you can’t let him-
Gau- No, you bonded with the twins so you wouldn’t become like your brother.

 Page 2

Panel one
Monet should start looking frantic.

Monet-“No! I can’t. I.. My brother! Take my brother!”
Gau- We took your brother. He failed. He was punished for failing the Master
Gateway- Harsh price yes?
Gau- I’m not the one who decides. I’m just the one that’s here.

Panel two
Monet full “angst two” pose. (hands at sides, on knees. Hands gaunt)  Whatever she’s been set up to do- it ain’t good.

Monet- I am no longer Dais! I have been Monet St. Croix since I turned five. When my mother…
Gau- It no longer matters.  Your mother’s sacrifice bought you an additional ten years.
Monet- My friends..
Gau- If you were not so dishonest perhaps your friends would even KNOW  you existed.

Panel three
  Gateway pulls out his Whirl-a-plotline.
Gateway – You just as dishonest Yes? Altered the twins as break free no?
Gau-  You should have trained her better. She should know that the time would come where the one  would be three again.

Panel four
 ECU (extreme Close up)  on Gateway  as he gives  a death glare.

Panel five
ECU (extreme Close up) Gau giving a death glare right back.

Panel 6
        Extreme zoom out so the character are only specks and we can see the grass patch on blue fire again.

Gau- Fine she can return to earth.  My rules however. One week. You can not seek help in that time. Only put right what you can. I will pick the body for you to share.

Page 3

 Full Page Splash. Leave room for indicia.
The rubble of the explosion from last issue. In the foreground should be D, Everett and a few other guys from the gang.  It’s clear the rubble has not been fully cleaned. A few children can be playing in the rubble.

Cap one- Somewhere in LA.
Cap two- To the people of the town it was discussed at a water cooler for a few days before the next allegation of presidential scandal came up.
Cap three- Most of it centering around what a shame about the children of today. How they are so destructive. So dangerous.
Cap four- One week ago this building was decimated in an attempt to eliminate those children. The crime was their being mutants and therefore dangerous.
Cap 5- Everett Thomas –Synch. His ability to  imitate other mutants powers allowed him to survive the attack.
Child one- Look! I’m a mutant!!  Grraaawwlll! I’ll eat your heart out!!
Child two- My mom says this place is haunted by the ghosts of those people the mutants killed.
D- I can’t believe she was a mutant. Man,  I always hated them freeks, and she’s one of em.
Everett- She saved your life. I don’t think it should matter to you that she’s a mutant.
D- Man, Don’t you get it ? If she wasn’t a mutant. If you weren’t mutants- We wouldn’t have been burried alive. Maybe if you got shot yerself you’d have a bit of a different outlook.

Page 4
Panel one
        Everett looks down at the rubble.
Everett- Before you found out she was a mutant you were her friend.
D- Yeah, Well things change amigo.
Everett- Yeah, it’s amazing how ignorant people can become overnight.

Panel two  Small panel of a mount of rubble.  Plenty of  dark recesses.  Text extends from previous panel onto this one and onto the third panel

D (VO)> I’m going to visit some friends. Some DEAD friends.
Thanks to you.
Everett> But forget your old best friend who you would have taken a bullet for last week.

Panel three
        Glare from D over his shoulder as he turns to walk away.
Panel four
        Same Small Panel from P2. This time though a red light shines out of a dark shadow
SFX- Crungh

Panel five
        Over shoulder of Everett. We see the children looking nervous. One perhaps backing away slowly from the rubble with a look of fear on his face.

Child> Guys. Something’s moving under here.

Page 5

Panel one
        Establishing shot of a Sentinel as it erupts out of the rubble sending a child sprawling. It should look smashed up (it’s been in the rubble for a week)

  Panel two
        D whirls around  and we actually see his eyes as he peers over his glasses.
D> Not again! They said they cleaned the area up!

Panel three
        Sentinel  stands , robotic fist clenched  as it scans for mutants.

Panel four
        ECU Sentinel's face Front view. A fist with a rainbow (motion) line punched though  it.

Panel five
        Pull back so we now see the full effect. Everett is on the Sentinel’s shoulders his aura flaring  Fist still punched through Sentinel’s face.

Panel 6
        Sentinel fall forward with Everett still on the robot’s back .At this point he’s pulled his fist free of  the back of the robot’s face.

Page 6

Panel one
           Everett  looks at his fist
Everett(thot)-  My  aura synched with someone. Someone strong.

Panel two
        Everett turns to watch the children run away
Everett (thot)- One of those kids, it must be.
Children random screams of “monster” “ghosts.” “Boogie men” “mutants”  exc..

Panel three
        Everett’s beeper goes off
Everett (thot)- The hospital?

Page 7

Panel  one
        External view of a hospital  (pick your favorite of the area)
VO> Told you the beeper would be useful.
VO> What’s wrong? Is something wrong? Is everyone okay?

Panel two
        We see Emma arms crossed  as she leans against a door frame. Everett concerned peers around nervously and a doctor  with head tilted as to indicate to “look in the room”.
Doctor> See for yourself.

Panel three
        We see Paige  sitting up in bed reading a book  she seems to have her typical coy demeanor. In the bed next to her and with leg in one of those elevated casts is Torres. She might also have her arm wrapped up. It’s clear that she’s not going to be leaving anytime soon. Shattered leg, arm and from there go free. Just make sure we can tell WHO it is.
Cap1> Torres Espinosa, A week ago she found out her brother faked his own death. She isn’t taking it to well.
Torres>  Fred was gay. No one wears a red scarf, drives a van called the Mystery Machine and -
Paige> Repressed.
Torres> GAY! Not that there’s anything wrong with it.. but-
Paige> Repressed. It was 1969. Repressed. They didn’t have disco to vent with yet.
Torres> Disco WAS around then!!
Paige>   Mark me impressed. You do know something.
Paige> Repressed.

Panel four
        Torres is fuming Paige is looking up from her book with a sly smile at the other girl’s growing anger.
Torres> You’re the one who’s repressed ! You conformist blond..
Paige> Repressed. We all know about what Daphne did when they weren’t on screen
Doctor> Your daughter  healed at an abnormally well rate. The other girl there, she’ll be here for quite a while longer.

Page 8
Panel one
        We bring the camera forward to focus on  Emma and the Doctor. Although in the Background  the argument continues. The background dialogue (highlighted) (* marked with star) should be small and spaced out throughout the background until panel four.

*Torres- You think I’m scared of you? Last time I was scared of a blond was back in first grade when one offered to help me with my math homework!
Just because you sit there reading your books you think that your all that. Well you know what?  People like you I use for target practice.
*Paige- That’s why you’re the one in a body cast, I see.  Doesn’t that itch? Don’t you wish you could scratch your toe?    People like you I use as a reminder of why  I should “just say no.”
Doctor-  Luckily we had enough blood in stock. If not we might not have-
Emma-  You and I both know she’s a common blood type.
Doctor- She’s a “mutant” blood type and that makes all the difference.

Panel two
        Same scene
Emma-  I’m proud to know the Hippocratic oath  is still observed so religiously. Rest assured if my daughter, her “friend”, and those two little girls don’t have the upmost attention.  You WILL hear from my lawyers.
Doctor- I didn’t mean at all to imply-

Panel three
        Same scene but this time one of the little boys the rubble  runs past. Everett takes note.
Emma- I’m certain you did not. Now if you don’t mind I would like to talk with Doctor Forester (hee hee…)
Everett (thot)> That boy. I saw him before.  What’s he doing here?

Panel four
        The little group disperses and Emma has turned her attention to the bickering girls inside
Everett takes off after the boy. The Doctor is leaving.
Emma> (Spoken) Sigh.
Everett (thot)>  I can’t activate my aura here, people might see it. It was tough enough getting them to keep the fact that Paige, Torres and the twins
were mutants quiet. But I have a feeling about this kid.

Page 9-10
                External Muir Island  Penance and Banshee are there. Moria. All that “stuff” goes down which I’m just going down because.. Well as unprofessional as this is. I’m tired and I’m really not in the mood to waste time telling a subplot that I really don’t’ WANNA tell but have to if I want this to fit into the current continually of both books. But basically the same thing happens they get back together. If I was getting paid sure… it’d be a lovely romance. But I’m not.  So use your imaginations. If that entails them sacrificing goats to a pagan god then go ahead.  With that mess said and done. Let’s move on

Page 11
Panel one
        Emma in the hospital room with Torres   and Paige.
Emma> Paige, you and your “friend” here were the only two that really could pass for human when they found you.
Paige> What about-
Emma> Jonothon made it. Angelo didn’t. I’m sorry.

Panel two
        Torres is all mad. Paige looks like she’s in shock. Emma has the pink brain aura around her, indicating she’s activated the “Emma psi power”
Emma- You do not remember or recognize me.

Panel three
        Torres looks confused as she lies back in bed and Paige still looks stunned.
Torres- Your right.  I don’t.
Paige- Dead? But.. he.. ah..

Panel four
        Close on Torres as she lies back with eyes closed
Torres-  Maybe he’ll stay dead this time.
Emma (icy)- Very sensitive aren’t you?

Panel five
        Torres opens one eye in response
Torres- I coped with my brother being murdered years ago. .
Paige- but.. he’s really. Dead now.
Torres- For what he put me and the rest of my family, BOTH of them, through. He deserves it.

Panel six
        Another doctor walks in. He should look like he was about to say something  but is interrupted In standard “I should never walk in the middle of the conversations “ pose with one finger  pointing. Mouth opened.

Emma- You caused your family, your real family more pain  by running off to start your new “family.” Then you  pulled your brother into it.. It’s YOUR fault Angelo “died” the first time. The second time?

Page 12
External shot of the room from the door. We can see Torres in a decidedly NOT happy mood. Most likely if she wasn’t all broken she’d be  trying to jump out of bed to kill. Paige still is looking quietly down at her hands. Dr. Forester  speaks.
Emma> You know the answer to that.
Dr.F> If you’ll come with me Ms. Frost.

Panel two
        We see Emma leaving  following Dr. Forester and in the background Torres straining to lean forward and hit her cast to get rid of that nasty itch. Imagine if you will trying to get rid of an itch in your leg that’s suspended above you in a cast and the only arm that CAN reach it is in a cast of it’s own. Fun!!

SFX> Thunk Thunk (sound of Torres curing that unpleasant itch)

Panel Three
        Emma smiling to herself
Dr F> Mr. Starsmore, the romantic himself , is being as difficult as always. Maybe you can tell him why it’s in his best interests to stay with Angelo.
Emma> Mr. Starsmore is his own man.  He just doesn’t seem to believe you that Paige is okay?
Dr F> If I didn’t know better I’d say you were reading my mind, Emma.
Emma> I had to. Someone interested in the comfort of mutant children?
Dr F> Shocking I know, but not all humans are the monsters we believe mutants to be.

Page 13

        Everett shaded in the darkness in what appears to be a basement He holds up his fist and it’s illuminated with  his rainbow aura

Cap1> Basement. A hallway. A dark hallway. (I’m tired!!!)
Everett (thot)> I thought so.. But how can a little boy be so strong and not even realize it?

Panel 2
        Everett comes across a wall
Everett (thot)> A dead end? But where did he?

Panel 3
        Everett turns and we see the little boy  a few feet away from him with his fist lodged in a wall.
Everett> I was just following you because.. I thought it wasn’t safe for you to be wandering around the basement of a hospital alone.

Panel 4
        The boy pulls his fist out of the wall
Boy> You’re a mutant. I  don’t like you. I saw what you did to that robot.
Everett> You .. don’t know do you? You’re a mutant. Like me

Panel 5
        The boy looks very.. very.. unhappy.
Everett (Thot)> Oh way to go Ev. Your batting a thousand tonight.
Boy>   I’m just like Spiderman. He’s a hero. Not a mutant. Mutants destroy things.

Panel 6
        Shot of Everett leaned against the wall, arms crossed over chest.
Everett> I’m not the one that just smashed a hole into a wall to get someone’s attention.

Page 14

Panel one

Everett> Did I destroy anything besides that robot that tossed one of your friends?
Boy> You’re a FREEK!! Look at you! You don’t even have hair.

Panel two
        Everett “gives a non-existent hair toss” (I love you mice!)
Everett> I shave my head. It’s something we guys in St. Louis do. Personally I would have opted for how I shoot rainbows outta my hand. But hey.

Panel three
        The boy looks down at his hands.
Boy> But if I was a mutant.. I…
Everett> You don’t feel any different than you did yesterday or last week do you?

Panel four
        The boy looks over his shoulder
Boy> No but.. I’m NOT a mutant. I can’t be a mutant.. I….
Everett>  -Feel like a normal person? Mutants are normal people.

Panel five
        The boy turns and runs away.
Everett> Wait.!

Panel six
        The boy keeps running.
Everett(sp)> I ..ran too.

Page 15
Panel one
We see Dr. Creed sitting next to Angelo. She has his hand in hers and she look like she’s been holding back tears. Emma and Dr. Forester approach.

Dr. Creed (whispered)> I’m so sorry Angelo. I wish I could just let you know how sorry I am.
Dr. Forester> Is he?
Dr. Creed> The sedative just kicked in.  I.. err..

Panel two
        Dr. Creed stands up, clearly shaken by being disturbed.
Dr. Creed> Emma.. He’ll be okay..
Emma>  And you are?

Panel three
        The doctor pauses for a second biting her lower lip
Dr. F(OP)> If it wasn’t for her showing up a few days ago, we don’t think Angelo would have pulled through.

Panel four
Dr. Creed>  Bethany Creed.
Emma> So are you a mutant yourself…  Ms. Creed.
Dr. Creed> No. Originally It was my job to report any mutant undercover aid in this hospital. I had a change of… heart a few days ago.
Emma(Thot)> Not a mutant, and yet I can’t even remotely read her mind.

Panel five
        Emma’s looking around
Emma> Where’s Jonothon?
Dr. Creed> Emma.. err Mz. Frost. There’s something I found out about Jonothon that you should know.
Dr. F> Mr. Starsmore is dead. He just.. doesn’t know it.

Page 16
        Emma looks at her watch. Dr. F looks troubled.
Emma> This is news? His doctors sent us directly his records. . They just never told him. Only his parents.
Dr. F>   I can only imagine one’s guardians reaction at realizing there child is “undead” in the truest sense of the word.
Dr. Creed(ST)> ..So that’s why you paid for his plane tickets from England.
Emma> Pardon me?

Panel 2
        Dr Forester  picks up a sheet of paper.
Dr. F>  Err.. umm.. this is an listing of everything used. Billing is no problem. The hospital doesn’t “officially” recognize this ward but now with this ridiculous Zero Tolerance bill vetoed..
Emma> Payment is not  a problem.

Panel 3
        Dr. Creed takes Emma in a hug. Emma should have a !!!! look on her face
Dr. Creed> I don’t have the time to say farewell to Everett. Him I love him as much as a person like myself can love.
Emma> !!!!

Panel 4
        Shot of Dr. Creed leaving.
Emma (ST)>  what? Was. That?

Page 17
    Static shot-  Jonothon wearing a cloak of sorts and black wraps around him . up against a door. We can
See he’s been listening to the entire conversation. He looks like he’s had the most painful revelation of his life told to him.

Panel 2 Back at the room with Torres and Paige.  Everett enters. Torres should be sleeping. Conversation should fade out.
Cap 1> A day later  (boy it sure took Ev a long time to get up stairs didn’t it? (teasing!)
Everett> hey Paige.
Paige> Yeah.
Everett> You okay?
Paige> I don’t know. Between Jubilee still missing, between Mondo, between Angelo dying and not even being able to get ahold of my brother to find out if he’s even alive. I don’t know. Tell me how I’m doing.
Everett>  Comeon, we have enough angst in our group with just Jono. Sides we just got a hold of the X-men flush two of your worries down the drain.
Your bro and Jubilee are alright. Jubes is a bit shaken but nothing a few good days of bed rest, thin mints,  and cartoons ain’t gonna help.
Paige> That’s cool.
Torres> Mpph?
Paige> Hey Espinosa, Everett agrees. Fred and Daphne were going out.
Everett> I never thought about it but there was that one episodes where they did get almost five feet near each other to dance.

Panel 3 (small)
        Silhouetted Dr. Creed and Gau
Gau> So was it worth it?

Page 18
         We see the two just on a blank white paper. No background (save ink!).

Dr. Creed> The chance to save my friends life? To take possession of a woman’s body that would have reported the entire troupe to be investigated and thereby condemned?
Gau> Well actually..  Umm I guess.. Actually I was asking is it worth being mortal. I mean here you are in  thirty eight year old body. Don’t you notice the creaking of the old bones. The irritating sound of blood gushing through ones veins. The throbbing of that annoying muscle in your chest the-
Dr. Creed> I have your point.  When your moral, you know nothing else. You grow accustomed to it.
Gau> But we.. we live forever. We answer to no-one. And yet you tell me  you enjoyed the annoyance of being mortal again?
Dr. Creed> I wouldn’t have it any other way Gau.  I would rather live my life as Monet St. Croix, grow old and die than live forever.
Gau>Someday you’ll realize what your brother did….  before he went insane.
Dr. Creed>  You do know I will escape.
Gau> I know.  If I could help you, I would. But I can’t.

Page 19
 Black with a white blip. That’s it.  That’s the whole full page splash. A blip. (great I told the story in 18 pages. Crap.. Wonderful well.. let’s see I better extend it out to at LEAST 22 pages Now you know why the pencilers love me. Reduced workload! <G> Okay bring out the BS writing here… )

Page 20
        External shot Xavier’s in Mass. Construction all over the place (rebuilding from issue 25!!!)

Caption one- One week later
Caption two- Xaviers.

Panel 2
        Shot of Angelo sitting at a desk looking down at a piece of paper.
Angelo (thot)> I should have gotten out of class.. I should have gotten outta class.

Panel 3
        Two arms reach around Angelo and pull him into a hug
Angelo> QUE?!!

Panel 4
        Pull back to show Paige giving him a bear hug
Paige> You jerk. They told me you died.
Angelo> ribs!!. My ribs… still.. cracked

Panel 5
        Paige releases Angelo and he drops back into his chair.
Angelo>  Glad to see you too.  But we had to convince my…. Torres that I was dead..again. Sorry.
Paige> That’s okay. I’ll getcha back for it.
Angelo> The jackhammers trying to rebuild the girl’s dorm at 7 in the A-M are doing it for ya.

Page 21
        Jonothon glumly slinks into class. Paige looks over at him outta the corner of her eyes but not turning her head . Everyone should be seated by this time.
[class begins tie in mention of what's happening on other books]