Retelling Generation X 40
by Jason Barnett ([email protected])

All characters that appear in Generation X belong to Marvel. This version of Yvette belongs to me. This is a retelling of Generation X 40. It gives a more believable story and gives Monet the potential to be even more powerful than in the comics

The members of Generation X helped the semi-conscious Everett Thomas into the jeep. "Ev, what the hell happened to ya?" asked a very concerned Jubilee. He just groaned in response.

"Sean get us back to the school," Emma ordered. "We need to get Everett to the infirmary as quickly as possible. Everett, who did this to you?" There was no answer as he had now slipped into unconsciousness.


The entire teamm had helped to get Everett into the infirmary. The diagnosis hadn't been good. He had a bad concussion and several cracked ribs. He had been bleeding profusely from a spot where his scalp was cut open. Minor compared to the rest of his injuries was a badly broken nose and the fact most of his body was covered in bruises. All of his injuries had been attended to and he was now lying in one of the infirmary's Shi'ar beds it was monitoring his progress.

Emma used her mind to prod him awake. "How'd I get back to the school?" he asked. "And why aren't I hurting at all?"

"We found you beaten badly and brought you back. I've shut down your brains pain receptors and I've also cut off your control of your body. We don't want you moving to much and injuring yourself further."

Jubilee smiled down at her friend. "Ya want us ta call Wolvie up here Ev? Ya could synch ta hiis healin' factor and be better in no time."

"Now that's an idea with potential," he chuckled.

"Seriously though, what happened ta ya Ev?"

"It was those two creeps from in town, Dorian and Weasel."

"I'm going to call the police and have those two bigots arrested. I knew they were trouble makers from that time in the diner but this is to far. Attacking you like that because you're a mutant"

"Miss Frost, I don't think it had anything to do with me being a mutant, although it could have been because I'm an African-American. They had no real way of knowing I'm a mutant. They seemed really upset that Penance, Gaia and I accidentally messed up the job they were doing. Besides you pressing charges would just bring up a lot of hard to answer questions about why I was there."

"What happened to them, lad?" Sean asked.

"Gaia ran out of the diner yelling about being free. I sent Penance after her and then they jumped me before I could follow."

"We have to find her," a new voice stated. The group except Ev turned and saw that Nicole St. Croix had entered the infirmary leading her twin sister Claudette by the hand.

"Of course we will. The school has mutant tracking equipment. I'll go set it up to search for her now," Emma declared. "Come along everyone. Everett needs to rest." The team reluctantly left while Emma went to begin setting up the search.

The results came back quickly. "She is outside of town, fairly close to the school in fact. I suggest that Sean, Jubilee, and Jono go to get her. She still doesn't trust me and Jono and Jubilee have been the ones to reach out ot her."


It took the three of them about forty-five minutes to find Penance and return with her. They brought her into the recroom were the rest of the team was. "The poor lass was curled up terrified. I guess she got lost."

Nicole brought Claudette up to the red skinned girl and informed everyone to give them some space. "We have merge again Claudette, like before. Then we need to merge with Yvette like we did with Marius. Can you do that?"

After a moment the two girls were surrounded by a glow. They merged into one very attractive teenager then joined with Penance. Unlike when they had merged with Emplate there was no physical change in her. A moment later the glow returned they seperated from her and then seperated into themselves again.

Angelo couldn't contain his curiousity. "What were you little chicas doin'?"

"We had to wake up Monet."

"What does that mean?" Paige asked.

She was answered when the same glow once again appeared around Penance. A teenager identical to the twins joined form separated from her. Generation X saw for the first time the real Monet St. Croix. Penance slowly changed from a red skinned razor sharp girl to a white girl with blue eyes and red hair. She collapsed in the fetal position and quickly began sobbing. Jono and Jubilee approached her cautiously unsure of what to do. Finally Jubilee gave the girl a hug and Yvette began to sob on her shoulder, saying something in a language she didn't understand. Jono wasn't exactly big on physical contact so he just sat close. ~Don't cry gel. Yer gonna be all right now.~

Monet dropped to her knees and hugged Nicole and Claudette. "Are you all right? Did Marius hurt you?"

"We're fine," Nicole assured her.

Then Monet noticed the rest of the students there. "Who are all you people?" she demanded to know. "How did you get in..." she paused as she really looked at her surroundings. "This isn't the beachhouse. Where are we?"

Emma took the control of the situation. "You are at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters in Massachusetts. Your sisters have been here for a little over a year. First posing as you and then due to an attack on them when they and most of the other students were in L.A. as themselves."

"Posing as me?" she looked down at her sisters puzzled.

"When Marius took you away from us, we decided to BE you."

"But how?"

"Never mind that," Emma interrupted. "Perhaps you could tell us a little about yourself and how you got merged into Penance."

"Is everything they said true?"

"Yes Monet. You don't have to worry about them hurting us, they're friends."

"Okay, if my sister says you're friends then I'll believe her. I suppose I should start with the basics. I'm Monet St. Croix. My parents are Cartier and Claudia St. Croix. I've got a brother Marius and you already know my sisters. Thank you for taking care of them. They're very important to me. I discovered I was a mutant when I was twelve. I merged with an employee of my parents who had enhanced senses. That is my power, I merge with other mutants and create a new person. When we seperate I retain their abilities, though they are only at 50 to 75% the strength of the person who they belong to. They don't even have to have manifested for it to work. My brother Marius actually manifested his powers after me. He had always been unstable but with his need to feed on other mutants he was driven completly mad when he lacked a chance to feed on them for a long time. One day he disappeared."

The students and teachers were all a little shocked. The Monet who had been the twins had been very secretive although with good reason. This Monet was spilling her guts to total strangers on her younger sisters say so.

"Eventually Marius returned. He had changed though. His skin was grey and mottled. He looked monstrous and he was crazier than before. He attacked our sisters and myself. In a panic I merged with my sisters and fought him off. Claudette gave me telepathic abilities but they didn't effect him for some reason. But a few punches with the super strength Nicole gave me made him leave. Father was very upset about this when he heard so he sent the three of us to a beachhouse he had just bought, assuming Marius wouldn't know about it and we would be safe there. But he did find us. Nicole and Claudette were playing in another room when he appeared, he brought a red skinned girl with him. He started talking about us working together, killing people and things like that. I insisted he leave, then I felt something entering my mind taking over. I remember screaming and that's it."

"Well, we heard you so we came to find out what was wrong. When we got there he was alone with Penance. He told us we'd never see you again then he tried to feed of us. It didn't work and I hit him a few times until he flew accross the room. A few days after that Claudette and I decided to merge together."

"That's a very interesting story. I sounds as though the Summers effect does apply to you all in most cases except these mergings. Nicole and Claudette must have manifested their abilities to protect themselves from Empalte, which is unheard of at such a young age."

"Emplate?" Monet repeated the unfamiliar word puzzled.

"That's what your brother calls himself now," Paige informed her.

"As for what you say happened to you, I can only guess that Emplate must have feed on a telepath before he confronted you. He must have shut down your mind and activated your merging power."

"I guess that might be what happened. I'm more curious as to what my sisters did. As far as I could tell merging wasn't a power either of them had."

"We're not sure about the answer to that either. They just displayed the power a few days ago. Girls?" Emma looked at the twins expectantly.

"I don't know how we do it we just do it." Nicole replied.

"Hey, now that we know Monet and the twins life stories do yah think ya could give me and Jono a hand over here. Penny won't stop cryin' and we can't understand a word she's sayin'."

~Sounds like the gel's rambin' though. It sounds like she keeps sayin' the same thing over and over."

A psi-probe revealed the problem. "She doesn't speak English. That's not a real problem since I can download the language into her mind. I did something similar for Catseye. And Jubilee, her name as far as we know is Yvette, calling her Penny would probably mean nothing to her."

Moments later Yvette language changed to English but she continued crying. "Thank you so much," she just kept repeating.

"Hey, c'mon Yvette. You're okay. Everything's all right."

Eventually she stopped sobbing but continued to sniffle occasionally.

"I- I want to thank you for taking care of me and keeping that monster away from me."

"Ye're more than welcome lass. Do ye have anyone ye want us te contact? I imagine ye've been missin' fer a while."

"He killed all my family coming for me. I tried to fight him off by making myself sharp but he feed on me. Everytime he did I made myself sharper hoping he would stop, but he didn't. Then he did something to me and that girl over there." She pointed to Monet. "After that I couldn't think clearly enough to undo it."

Monet seemed extremely angry. "I can't believe my brother is such a monster."

Sean dragged Emma aside during this. "How's Everett doing?"

"He'll be all right eventually. Did you find any sign of this Gaia person he mentioned?"

"Nae, we dinnae. We'll have tae find the lass soon. She's not from Earth and could get herself intae trouble."