Poor Little Rich (Mutant) Girl

by Jenni ([email protected])

Disclaimer: I do not own Generation X or the character M. I wish I did, because then I would actually get paid for this. But I don't own them, so I'm writing this out of the goodness of my heart. This is continued from the thoughts she has in Gen X #60. This story was inspired by Amythyst's Monet vignette.

~I must be losing my mind. Because if I didn't know any better, I'd actually say I miss the kids at the Massachusetts Academy. The air is thinner up here in the mountains. Perhaps I'm suffering from a lack of oxygen. That must be it. Why else would I be thinking I made a mistake in letting my father transfer me here? Sure I used to complain all the time about being a little "out of my element" among the other students at the academy. I guess the saying is true: be careful what you wish for. I mean, this is what I wanted, wasn't it? Now even though I am not among people who are close to my caliber now, it would be hard for me to ever find a peer at my level. These "students" are human, but they are well-off, well mannered, like myself. And yet, they are no-where near my mental capacity, and will never have my powers, they are "rich" like me. My team-mates, or should I say friends, in Generation X were mutants such as myself, but they were uncouth. They were poor, and their powers would never come close to what mine will be. So how can I miss them? How can I not enjoy being with people of my social standing? If I analyse the situation though, I can see that I will never truely
fit in either social standing. I am rich. I am high society and high class. Therefore I should belong annd be at home with the daughters of the other well-to-do socialites. I am also a mutant, which implies that I should make my home among others of my kind. And that I should lower my ambitions to become a so-called "X-person". If I try to make friends with the socialite sons and daughters, If I try to make friends with my fellow mutants, then I must lower my goals and values. Why can't I find a place where I can fit in. It seems where-ever I go, I have to put on my stuck up rich girl front. If I would ever be my real self, I would have to compromise my values and what I want for myself. Yet, in Generation X, it almost felt like, maybe I could find a place to belong somewhere. Jubilee was rich once. She also lost all she had, and was forced to start again. I guess the reason why I was worst to her was because she was what I essentially wanted to become, but never could.  After being kidnapped and sealed in the Penance form, I lost all I had for a time. When I was released by my sisters, I was forced to start again. And I chose to be this, because I believed I could never fit in anywhere. It almost felt like, they were my friends, and yet, they never could be. Imagine, Ms. Perfect being alone and at a loss for words. Ms. Perfect not knowing where she can go to belong. Imagine Ms. Perfect just being a poor little rich girl. ....Someone's working the lock!~

"Hi Roomie, Whatcha doin'?"

"Oh, Hello Charlene, I was just, um, unpacking some clothes I just had laundered...."

-------story continues in Gen. X #60----------