These Dying Times
by kaleko ([email protected])

Disclaimer: Emplate and Penance don't belong to me, they're Marvel's. I'm not making any money off this. Feedbacking is REALLY good (and no feedback makes me sad:). No flame.


What once was flesh no longer is
His body and soul no longer his
The dusk will come and the night will fade
And he will know his dues are paid
For he will dine with great delight
And hide upon the shadows in the night
The man he once knew now has vanished
Gone away with the wind he now has travelled
In the cold night of spirits that haunt
Before him her soul he now has brought
For what once were hands now are knives
They changed before these dying times
A quick death long needed could kill the pain
Of this man's mind which once was sane
He knows the night, he knows the fear
Old memories of what happened here
They will never change, they only stay the same
And renew themselves just like the rain
What once was a man no longer is
His body and soul no longer his