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(Stories listed alphabetically. Want your M fan-fic archived? Click here to find out how!)

  • A Night To Remember by Keegan ()
    Nate Grey stumbles upon a perfect paradise on the Astral Plane created by Monet, and the two forge an unlikely relationship.

  • And Happily Ever After by Maelstrom ()
    The team get "married" thanks to Banshee's meddling project, and Monet ends up with Jono as a "husband"! (Sequel to Over Ice Cream.)

  • Apples by Jen X ()
    A look inside Penance's head, post issue-#40. Hamacidal.

  • At Full Throttle by Em-Spyder ()
    In response to Mandy Lever's "Outside the Classroom Romance" challenge. Monet has a secret admirer, so she plays detective to find out who...

  • Bodyguards Don't Eat - Everybody Knows That by Jen X ()
    Short story of a man's vivid accounts of his late-night coffee shop encounter with Monet St. Croix.

  • Chocolates And Valentines by Maelstrom ()
    Monet and Jono talk about the latter's feelings for Paige, and lots of things unfold into the night. . . (Sequel to And Happily Ever After.)

  • Come Revelations by Ruby ()
    What happens when Monet inadvertently peers into one of Emma's nightmares?

  • Enfant Terrible by Maggie the Cat ()
    When Monet is stuck with a bionic baby for a school project, things don't turn out as well as she would hope...

  • Flowing Free by Yujon3D ()
    Monet goes sunbathing in the nude, but, of course, Jubilee discovers her and ruins the moment. (Rated R for mild language and gratitious nudity.)

  • From the Dais with the Closed Coffin by Cynjen ()
    Hank "The Beast" McCoy grieves over the death of his wife, Monet St. Croix.

  • Monet's Romance by Rossi ()
    Monet gets more than she bargained for when she answers a mysterious e-mail message.

  • Monsters by Jen X ()
    An interpretation of Penance's life before Emplate. Non-Hamacide.

  • Of Love, Sacrifice and Boogymen by Bum ()
    Find out how Bum would have written Generation X #32, the issue after Monet was revealed to be the twins! (Written in script format.)

  • On The Outside Looking In by Mandy Lever ()
    Monet vignette--Just how does one of the most engimatic Generation Xers see her teammates on the most romantic of holidays--one she does not participate in?

  • Over Ice Cream by Maelstrom ()
    The team are spending the day at the mall, and Monet ends up telling a stranger her deepest feelings.

  • Penance And Pentinence by Amy A. ()
    A different take on Monet's cannon background. Monet has trouble sleeping, so she talks with her sisters, trapped inside Penance's body.

  • Perfection by Jenny ()
    Monet and Emplate have used her perfection to destroy Gen. X. Now, the twins, who were put into the Penance form by their sister when they spoke out against their cause, contemplate everything that has happened, while Marius wonders if everything is going wrong.

  • Poor Little Rich (Mutant) Girl by Jenny ()
    After having been transferred to a new school, Monet reflects on her time at the Academy.

  • Retelling Generation X 40 by Jason Barnett ()
    Unhappy with the unexpected turn of events revealed by Larry Hama in Generation X #40? Read how Jason Barnett would have told Penance's origin...

  • Retelling Generation X 41 by Jason Barnett ()
    Continuing from Jason Barnett's Gen X #40, the team searches for the missing Gaia, and Emma discovers something interesting with Monet, Nicole, and Claudette...

  • Scribbles by Kemikle ()
    A vignette (or is it a poem?) on just how far Monet goes to be "perfect".

  • Shadow's Eye (Silent Blue) by Dani Royer ()
    A Penance poem (descriptive little bugger, ain't I?).

  • Shelter from the Storm by Amethyst ()
    Vignette. Monet reflects on her relationship with the rest of Generation X.

  • Squirming by Wonder Goddess Sarah ()
    A look into Monet's mind about what she thinks about relationships.

  • The Groundskeeper by Ryan West ()
    A very surprising story with the most unexpected guest appearance. Can't say anymore or it'll ruin the story for ya! :)

  • The Visit by David Chambers ()
    Monet receives a visit from Papa and thinks about the past. And gets a question for the future. (This was written after GenX #57, and then GenX #58 came out. So now its not canon.)

  • These Dying Times by Kaleko ()
    A nicely written poem reflecting on the drastic changes Emplate has gone through.

  • Time's Up by Jeanne ()
    The true story of Monet, Penance, and the twins, told from the twins' perspective.

  • Wearing The Same Masks by Maelstrom ()
    Monet spends some quality time with her sisters, but she can't bare to see them suffer in Penance's body.

  • Why by Maelstrom ()
    Sequel to "Second Strings". Monet tries to find out why Jubilee took the easy way out.

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