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NOTE: Because Monet, Penance, and the twins' characters are so closely intertwined, vital appearances of the four characters are included. Issues are listed in chronological order.

  • Uncanny X-Men #316 - Monet's first appearance. M is kidnapped by the Phalanx. Colonal Cord-Becker, Monet's nanny, is killed.

  • Generation X #1 - First appearance of Penance and Emplate. Monet moves into the Academy. Rivalry between M and Jubilee begin.

  • Generation X #2-3 - Penance goes loose on the school grounds and the Gen Xers must stop her. More insight into Penance's character. Monet reveals more of her powers

  • Generation X #7 - Jubilee finds out Monet has a "coloring book".

  • Generation X '95 - Penance has some sort of internal attack, similar to a seizure. Jubilee cares for her. First glimpse into Monet's secret diary.

  • Generation X #10 - Monet reveals her telepathic powers to Emma.

  • Generation X #12 - Emma "sees" images of Yugoslavia in Penance's mind. Emplate reveals Monet is his little sister.

  • Generation X #14 - Emplate calls Penance "Yvette" for the first time. Bishop, in a daze, calls Monet "Mother".

  • Generation X #19 - One of the M-twins psionically visit Emma, leaving readers a vital clue as to who M really was.

  • Generation X #21 - The Beast concludes that he believes Monet is autistic.

  • Generation X #24 - Monet argues with Emplate regarding the fate of their mother, and whose fault it really was.

  • Generation X #25 - It is revealed Gateway called Penance "Penance" not because it was her name but it was his penance to Emma Frost for his role in the death of the original Hellions.

  • Generation X #31 - After an explosive battle with Prime Sentinels, Synch looks for Monet, only to find Nicole and Claudette. (The secret's out!)

  • Generation X #40 - Nicole finally reveals that Penance is the true Monet. The twins merge back into Monet, and switch bodies with Penance, leaving Monet in Monet's body and the twins in Penance's.

  • Generation X #48 - Monet vs. Jubilee -- Round One! And the winner is.... M!

  • Generation X #57 - The twins are seperated from Penance's body by another explosion! A new Penance is born!

  • Generation X #58 - Ambassador St. Croix visits the Academy to check on Emplate's condition and make ammends with him; Emplate reveals what happened to their "mere"; Cartier decides to withdraw Monet from the Academy.

  • Generation X #62 - Monet discovers Arthur Delacorte, headmaster at her new school in Switzerland, is really a vampire. Monet takes on Delacorte by herself, and kills him. Monet has a pick of schools to transfer to after that Swiss boarding school is destroyed, and she chooses to return to the Massachusetts Academy.

  • Generation X #67 - After a couple years of "will they, or won't they", Monet and Everett finally, 'officially' get together romantically.