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  • Generation Gap! - A great message board for discussing all things Generation X. This board is run and maintained by Arcane, creator of the great (and now defunct) X Generation, and all around nice guy. This discussion board also boasts some cool features -- check it out!

  • Generation X Link Database - Another wonderful Generation X-specific resource run by Arcane. The Link Database hopes to collect and link just about every Generation X website on the 'net, so if you're looking for some cool Gen X sites, chances are this site has it linked.

  • The Academy - The first and only webzine about Generation X, put together by the fans FOR the fans! Nate1234 did a great job putting this project together, and I highly recommend reading over its articles.

  • GenXfans - One of the better X-related mailing lists around, GenXfans is for fans of Gen X (hence the name) who want to discuss anything and everything Gen X. And if you're lucky (or not), you might even catch me around there too! :)

  • The Danger Grotto - Archiving all the greatest Generation X fan-fiction. If you like to read, this is the site for you. :)

  • CFAN - I'm sure I don't need to explain this site, but for the uninformed, CFAN is THE fan-fic'ers heaven. Has an unbelievably huge database of links to fan-fiction sites all over the web.

  • CFAB - Much like CFAN, CFAB is "Your Comicbook Fanart Archive huBsite". Come check it out for all the best fan-art pages and much more. It's a great site created by the wonderful Glockgal and Quincunx. :)

  • GenX - One of the best Generation X sites around, Trev did an amazing job redesigning the site with lotsa purty pictures and so much Gen X info, your head'll blow up. :) Definitely one of my personal favorite sites.

  • Generation neXt - Probably the oldest running Generation X website around, Nate1234 sure has put a lot of work into his baby -- and it shows! You can find pretty much everything you want and need in a Generation X site here.

  • Kentucky Blues - Kentucky Blues is, surprisingly, one of the few sites dedicated to Paige Guthrie, everyone's favorite Southerner also known as Husk. But, hey, it's an excellent site, and very proud to be The M-Files' sister site!

  • Skin: Super-Hero from the Barrio - What Kevin has here is perhaps the only site devoted to Angelo Espinosa, aka Skin. It's an extremely comprehensive site, with just about everything you needed to know (and somethings you didn't) about everyone's favorite prematurely grey mutie.

  • Dance in Fields of Gold - The personal homepage of my favorite Monet fan-fic writer and friend, Maelstrom. Here, you can find all of Maelstrom's wonderful stories (some fan-fics, some original fics), so what're you waiting for? Go and click the link already!

  • Kindred Spirits - Formerly known as Tigrr's Generation X Homepage, the site has mutated beautifully into Kindred Spirits. This site is HUGE, with plenty of Generation X information, plus some fun and handy things, like Tigrr's Want Ads service. Check it out!

  • The Wolverine and Jubilee Page - Excellently designed and well-kept, visit this site if you're a fan of Wolvie and Jubes, and X-Men in general. It's a great site, with plenty of things to see and do.

  • Brian Wood's and Steven Pugh's Homepages - Generation X's new creative team. Visit their homepages to learn more about them and their work.

  • Tangent of X - One of the newer Marvel fan-fiction groups on the 'net, check out Tangent of X for some great reading while you're waiting for the latest comics to arrive in stores. :)

  • The One-Stop Skin Shop - A new site dedicated to the one and only Angelo Espinoza. Unlike Kevin Garcia's Skin site, this one boasts a great Skin-exclusive fan-fiction archive. Check it out!

  • 'Salem's Generation X Page - The first and only website to find scans of every Generation X comic book ever published.

  • The Females of Marvel Comics - Continuing the legacy of the late, great "Women of Marvel Comics" website, "The Females of Marvel Comics" archives many, many biographies of just some of Marvel's female characters. Also contains many links and fan art and fiction! Check it out!

  • RENEGADES - If you're looking for a funny, well-drawn online comic strip, look no further than Maelstrom's RENEGADES. New strips are added every three days, so make sure you stop by often, and tell Maelstrom that Koolaid sent you! :)

  • The Uncanny X-Page - I'm sure you've visited this site before, but just in case there's some poor soul out there that hasn't, here's the link. The X-Page is one of the oldest, most respected X-Men sites on the 'net, so make sure you stop by!

    Jubilation Lee: Unplugged

    The Elaysian Fields

    The Unofficial Jubilee Page

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