All good things come in
 brown-paper-wrapped packages


These are the characters and personalities established at the very beginning of the strip. They'll undergo changes over time, exploring various twists and turns, and so may not be representative of what they are like now.

Train & Seth
Train -- Dry wit and stoic mindset. Most memorable thing about her? Her unfazeability. Seth -- Virtual ray of rubber-ball sunshine. Most memorable thing about him? His perkiness.


Vladimir -- Demon prince of the Ng'ar domain. Delights in pain, torture, and other soothing hobbies.

Nameless One / Bob

Nameless One / Bob -- Vlad's right-hand guy. Specializes in unperturbed expressions and the art of looming over humans.


Char -- Vlad's brother. Thinks things should change, and could probably do it if he'd only get off his tush to try.


Danika -- Amazon mercenary. Drags hapless bystanders into risky missions with much glee.


Moon -- Cautious and insecure. Learning to live life outside her once-sheltered world.


Majindra -- Train's pet dragon (pronounced Ma-heen-dra). Appears occasionally, whenever he deems it worthy.


Hannah -- Seth's sister. Fascinated with everything on earth, or Hell, for that matter.

Mrs. Lowe

Mrs. Lowe -- Otherwise known as The Mom. Seth's and Hannah's, specifically.

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