I'm much better off
the way things are

the time was wrong

wouldn't know what to do
with another chance
if you gave it to me

:: Intel
a multi fandom thing
with mostly roswell and buffy people.
2001 - snippets - pg

:: During the night
inspired by a millenial visions poster
it has the thoughts and deeds of some
Wanted criminals during the night
2001 - 23 kb - pg

:: Everything has a price
also inspired by a millenial visions poster
this is about the cost of winning
2001 - 21 kb - pg

:: Teen Harbour
a multi fandom thing with angst and pretty boys
affectionately known as myPunks.
X-Men2/Everwood/Life as a House/Smallville/etc
co-written with river
2003 - ongoing - pg13

:: The Raven
aleterna!Lana and Pam Isley
more a summary than a fic
2003 - 6 kb - pg

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