The Assassins' Guild

The Assassins' Guild has recently been joined with the Thieves' Guild
by their respective leaders Belladonna and Remy.

The Assassins' Guild currently consist of:
Belladonna Boudreaux (head)
Gris-Gris (magickian/voodoo guy)
Fifolet (intangible)
Questa (twists reality)
Singer (levitation, light bursts?, teleportation?)

A guild of Assassins headquartered in New Orleans and headed by Marius Boudreaux. Gambit was raised in the New Orleans Thieves Guild, which generally considers the New Orleans Assassins Guild to be their enemies. Both Guilds were established by the External Candra and the Assassins have continually fought with the Thieves.
Gambit's arranged marriage to Marius's daughter, Bella Donna, was an attempt to bring peace between the two groups, but the marriage ended and and now that their leader is an unhappy Bella Donna, their hatred of him has only increased. [See the Ghost Rider/X-Men/Brood crossover, 1st Gambit LS, Nomad 17, and Rogue LS] (from Gambit Guild)

[Poison Flower]