A simple Belle page with facts and such. :) Part of a bigger site called The Females of Marvel Comics.

Sex and Power
or How Strong Women in the XMU Don't Stay That Way. :) Good site, still in progress, but the Belle parts are done. It's a. critisizm of the art in the Xbooks. Sorta. Well worth a read though.


Damn pretty city page. *grins*

Cajun Recipes
A handful of recipes. Haven't tried them out myself, but it certainly looks good... ;)

Cajun Recipes Webring
There's 17 sites in it. I bet you'll find something that'll fit.

Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture
Lots of interesting things to be found there. Made up like an encyclopedia (no, really?).

New Orleans Cemetery & Voodoo pages
Pictures of cemeteries, links and info. Nice place to start.

New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple
A pretty page with (among other things) a handy Voodoo FAQ.

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