the mooks: fanon

These are stories written by fans of the Mooks universe, set in the Mooks universe.

A Brief Kinda Interlude by JB McDragon
11 kb | Swings, ice-cream and happiness. S'all good | McDragon's Lair | JBMcDragon |

Catching His Breath by TM
33 kb | An alternate ending to Any Kinda Breath. Sinister becomes interested in Remy's condition. | none | TM |

    Boys Will Be Boys by TM
    9 kb | Set after Catching His Breath. A cute piece of fluffy from TM here. :) | none | TM |

    Talking It Out by TM
    45 kb | Set after Catching His Breath. Jean-Luc LeBeau has a chat with William Drake. From Jean-Luc's point of view. | none | TM |

A Crazy Kinda Way To Spend The Afternoon by Alicia MacKenzie
26 kb | It's a prison cell, it's Cable, it's Bobby and Remy...and it's hilarious. Read it. Trust me. ;) <- That's Kaylee's description of the story and I quite agree. ::grins:: | The Wheel | Alicia | Alicia's birthday gift to Kaylee. |

the Kinda Changing series by Lise
series | A tale of death, a broken Bobby, a helpless Hank, a cast that can't seem to fix things, and over all, grief. | On the Road | Lise | Outside link |

Laying In His Arms by Lise
7 kb | Set in the beginning of the mooks and it's just... ::sighs:: Hope Lise writes more like this. | On The Road | Lise | One of my favorite X-Men stories |

A Perfect Kinda World by Lise
8 kb | Set during Any Kinda Breath. Do the boys have a perfect world? Or perhaps a better question: do they need one? | On the Road | Lise |

A Special Kinda Birthday by JB McDragon
56 kb | Bobby decides to get Remy a birthday, but what does one give one who can buy or steal whatever he wants? | McDragon's Lair | JBMcDragon | JB's birthday gift to Kaylee.

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Remy LeBeau
Bobby and Remy by GlockGal