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Watch and Read

Inspired by Kaylee's 'A Special Kinda Savoring', here's a list of -:can't help but grin:- gay movies and books. I went through Amazon.com and found all the titles listed in Kaylee's story and then I looked around for more. I found this task rather amusing... You wouldn't believe some of the titles these things have. The ones with * after are mentioned in Kaylee's story. Anyway, I'll be giving the word to the m'sieurs Remy LeBeau and Bobby Drake now:

To Watch [movie]:

Wet The Birdcage * [buy]

"Remy... You can stop laughing now."

::gasp!:: "I'm trying! Really!"

::arms folded over chest, fighting to keep the smile from appearing:: "You know, now that I think of it... How do you think I'd look with a wig and some make-up?"

::wheeze! gasp!:: "...Please! ...Stop!" ::hands pressed against stomach:: "The mental image...!"

Philadelphia * [buy]

"I don't think we've actually seen that one yet..." ::looks over at lover::

::frowns:: "I think you're right. We'll have to come back to this one then."

Maurice [buy]

"No, Bobby, I can't really say I see it."

"Really? But see, you've a boathouse, right?"


"And so's Alec! And he's dark, and you're dark, and Maurice was blond and..."

::Shakes head:: "You're so weird sometimes..."

Velvet Goldmine [buy]

::confused look:: "Remy?"


"What the hell was this about?"

"Beats me. Ewan 'no-pants' MacGregor was in it though."

"Must've been pretty good then."

"Nice sound track too."

Chasing Amy * [buy]

"Hah! There were gay men in there!"

"Yah, but the movie weren't about them."

"Who cares? I was right!"

In & Out * [buy]

"Rogue! Stop rewinding!"

::drool:: ::giggle:: "But they're so cuuuute!"

"She's lost it."

The Object of my Affection * [buy]

Kiss Me Guido [buy]

Go [buy]

Fame [buy]

Love! Valour! Compassion! [buy]

To Watch [tv]:

Star Trek: TNG



"Next Generation is on."


"It's a re-run of All Good Things."


"So either you hand me that remote now or I shall be forced to destroy all your Buffy tapes!"

"Jesus! Here! Have the remote!" ::grumble:: "...What's so important about All Good Things anyway?"

"It's got Q."

"Well, why didn't you just say so!"

For more on Q, go here

To Read:

Twisted Out In All Directions - Almanac of Gay and Lesbian America * [buy]

The Unofficial Gay MANual * [buy]

Gay Man's Wellness Guide * [buy]

Gay Kama Sutra * [buy]

The New Joy of Gay Sex by Dr. Charles Silverstein * [buy]

Sex Adviser : The 100 Most Asked Questions About Sex Between Men [buy]

Sex, Orgasm, and the Mind of Clear Light : The Sixty-Four Acts of Gay Male Love [buy]

The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex : A Medical Handbook for Men [buy]

Are You Ready? by Rik Isensee [buy]

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