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Bobby's Bookmarks


Calculator.com because I like numbers and statistics.


Useless Trivia la 'It snowed in the Sahara desert on 18 February 1979', 'Spain literally means 'the land of rabbits'' and 'Yugoslavia is bordered by seven other countries.'

Cliche finder so I can drive Remy nuts saying things like: 'Absence is to love as wind is to fire, it extinguishes the small and kindles the great.' And 'A pound of bud is worth a year of love'

Entertainment Weekly for all the latest gossip.

NY Times for news.

Loonie Bin of Jokes for new material.

eHow because they had 'eHow to Decide How to Refer to Your Same-Sex Partner'. I'm serious! I've never seen Remy laugh so much. Well, maybe when I brought out:

"Hi. I'd like you to meet my partner -- no, that sounds like we own a business together. Really, this is my lover -- but sex is only a small part of our relationship," you babble. "Meet my spouse."
"Oh, that just sounds silly."

You wouldn't believe how much that sounds like me... I can't even come up with a pet name. I mean, Remy calls me 'cher' and 'joli' and things like that, but I can't say things like that. First of all, I'd sound like a moron if I tried to say it in French (trust me) and second, I feel like a complete idiot when I say things like 'darling', 'honey' and 'handsome'.

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