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Rating: NC-17 for language and m/m
Disclaimer: The guys aren't mine. This fan fiction is not meant to impinge upon the copywright belonging to Marvel comics.
Series/Sequel: No.
Summary: Iceman/Gambit pairing. Bobby is furious and decides to go dancing. Remy follows along out of boredom and increasing bemusement and lust.

Mr Responsibility
By Amy

part one


"OK, that's it! I'm out of here."

Remy moved to one side as Bobby came stalking out of the kitchen. He lifted one eyebrow in interest as he caught mutters of "Irresponsible?" "Childish?" The mutters became indecipherable as Bobby moved out of sight.

Remy thought for a second and then with a shrug decided to follow Bobby. This was the most interesting thing to happen at the mansion in a week and even if he only admitted it to himself, Remy LeBeau was bored.

Remy caught up with Bobby in his room and watched in amusement as clothes went flying through the air with attached exclamations of "too dark", "grew out of that last year", "too boring".

"Um...cher? What are you doing? Besides re-decorating your room?"

Gambit blinked at the hostile look he got in return for his semi-innocent question.

"*I* am getting out of this dark, depressing, neurotic hell-hole for a bit of fun. All of you people are a bad influence. If I stay here for much longer I am going to start obsessing and brooding, which will not be a pretty sight let me tell you." With that Bobby gathered up his chosen outfit and retreated to his bathroom.

"Neurotic? Bad influence?" Remy repeated to himself weakly while trying to keep from breaking down into undignified giggles. Oh yeah, this is going to be fun. Gambit going wherever de Iceman is going tonight. Should be some blast.

Remy's thoughts scattered when Bobby came out of the bathroom. Bobby's slim muscular legs were incased in the tightest most supple black leather pants he had ever seen, dark boots reached up to his knees, and a barely there white gauze shirt flowed from his shoulders. The glint of gold in one ear matched the glint of rebellion in his eyes. Tousled hair and a lithe stride completed the vision of seductive grace and caused Remy's breath to catch in his throat.

As Remy blinked in amazement, Bobby was striding out the door. Remy shook his head and hurried to catch up.

"Where do you think you're going?" Bobby asked.

"Wit' you. 'Dis place has been borin' Gambit to tears. Looks like a lot more fun wherever you're going."

Bobby barely spared him a glance. "Fine. If you're in the mood to party you're welcome. However if at any time tonight, you plan on being the responsible adult influence, get over it right now or stay here."

Remy chuckled lazily. "Gotcha, mon ami. One irresponsible anti-adult coming up."

"Damn right." Bobby muttered.

Remy quickly got into the passenger side of Bobby's car and just managed to get the door closed before Bobby tore out of the driveway and aimed the vehicle towards town. He kept silent as Bobby slung the car around corners and opened it wide on the straight ways. Remy thought he had reached his limit of surprises for the night when they pulled into the parking lot of "The Dark Moon". Well, well, well, our little Bobby is just full of surprises.

Remy stood just inside the door of the club and saw Bobby disappearing into the seething mass of throbbing men that made up the dance floor. The driving beat of the music almost drove Remy himself out on the floor but he decided to get a drink before he cut loose. He threaded his way through men of every size and description. The hot and sensual atmosphere was proven when hands slid around his butt and he firmly detached himself from one clinging behemoth. Two propositions and three gropes later he made it to the bar.

He downed his first shot quickly and then sat back to savor the next as he watched the dance floor. Three songs later, Bobby slid panting into the seat beside him and Remy watched as he downed two shots of Scotch with barely a pause for breath before leaning his head back and closing his eyes.

"Are you feeling a bit better?"


"Do you mind me asking what happened? I've never seen you wound this tight."

Bobby sighed and leaned forward to rest his head in his hands. He lifted brown eyes that were too ancient for such a youthful face. "The same old shit. 'Bobby, you're too irresponsible. You don't think before you act. We don't have time for your juvenile pranks' My pranks may be juvenile but at least they keep my spirits up if no one else's."

Bobby drank his next shot slowly before putting the glass back on the bar. He traced the water rings left. "I can't be Mister Gloom, Doom, and Prophecy like the rest of you guys. I tried to take everything seriously once. All I got was seriously messed up. We see so much, are responsible for so much, if I dwell on it all I get is suicidal."

Remy straightened up and began to get seriously alarmed.

Bobby held up a hand. "Before you break our bargain and become Mr. Responsibility, that is what tonight is all about. This is the way that I blow off steam and let go of the stress that goes with the job. It's either this or strangle Cyke during one of his stupid speeches." Bobby finished with a grin. "Now come on, you've been sitting down long enough. Come dance with me."

Bobby grabbed his hand and had him out on the dance floor before he could figure out what had happened. He watched the man in front of him close his eyes, throw his head back and move with the driving beat. Bobby seemed to have the music in his blood and sensually twisted and writhed as the singer wailed about love, and longing and heat. When he could resist the hot, lithesome body in front of him no more he reached out and used his hands on Bobby's hips to pull him snugly into his body.

Bobby opened languorous eyes and smiled slowly at him before slipping his arms around Remy's waist and rubbing suggestively as the beat slowed. He should be the one with 'de charm power tonight. He leaned forward and licked a sweat droplet that had formed at Bobby's temple and Bobby moaned softly before leaning back and exposing his neck in an open invitation. Gambit was swift to take him up on it and licked at the hollow of his neck before drawing the skin into his mouth and strongly sucking until the blood rushed to the spot and marked the skin for all to see.

Bobby shivered and made a low hissing sound. "I hope you plan on delivering on the promise you just made."

"And if I don't?"

The Iceman's eyes darkened as he pulled away. "I'll find someone who will."

Gambit yanked him firmly back against him, trapping Bobby's arms between them. "Over their dead body.", he growled.

Bobby laughed and his voice came out as a low purr. "I was hoping you would say that. Peter has some rooms upstairs that he rents out. The mansion is too far and the last thing I want is Jean or the Prof interrupting at the wrong time."

Remy stayed glued to the young man's side as he paid for the room and glared at anyone who got too close. He managed to get the door closed and locked before he pushed Bobby against it and tasted his lips. Bobby immediately opened his mouth to let him in. He was sweet and hot with the golden taste of the Scotch still lingering on his tongue.

He pulled back to savor the sight in front of him. Bobby's hair was damp from exertion and his face was flushed. The chocolate brown eyes were shining with need and he watched the bottom lip tremble before he bent down and sucked it into his mouth. He nibbled, and sucked and licked until Bobby's entire body was trembling and he could barely stand up.

With shaking hands he guided Bobby to sit on the bed and slid the damp white shirt off of him. He pulled Bobby's legs open and then knelt between them. The low bed left their groins perfectly aligned and he savored the friction before he bent his head and took one of the tempting nubs that hid in a soft dark hair of Bobby's chest. He gently nibbled and tugged as Bobby groaned and arched in his arms.

"Remy. Gods too fast." Bobby laughed and moaned. "I'll come in my pants if you keep that up."

"Maybe I want you to." Remy reached down and cupped Bobby's genitals and gave them a firm squeeze, then released them with a gentle pat. "But why spoil the fun, this early in the game."

"You're going to kill me." Bobby moaned. "But what a way to go."

Remy steadied him until he could sit and then pulled away and began to shed his own clothes. He stripped quickly but with an underlying sensuality that made Bobby wet his lips and blush hotly.

Naked, Remy was even more impressive than he was clothed. The lean muscled body was grace and lethal action combined. His sensuous allure was magnified a hundred times and the red eyes glowed and radiated heat. Remy slowly knelt and removed Bobby's boots and then pushed him to lie prone on the bed.

Remy knelt over him and settled his nude body over Bobby before he let his hands begin exploring. Gentle and rough hands roamed over his arms and chest, and sides and Remy even reached behind him to acquaint himself with the smaller man's legs. His mouth soon followed his hands and a warm tongue lapped over his chest and smoothed down his sides, finding all the spots that caused Bobby to shiver and moan.

Remy was shaking himself from the restraint he was using to keep from simply ripping the pants off Bobby and taking him. The blood in his groin was throbbing and pooled heavier every moment as he watched the writhing man under him. When he could stand no more he slid to one side and peeled the dark pants off of the beautiful body under him.

He caught his breath and bit his lip with a moan at the picture of sensual abandon before him. He slowly reached out and ran one finger down the hard cock that was nestled in the dark curls at Bobby's groin. At his touch, Bobby's legs fell open and his back arched. His finger slid further back to brush the nerve center there and Bobby thrust upward with a pleading moan.

"Patience, cher. We're getting there."

"Fuck, patience. I want you inside me." Bobby demanded.

"Soon, mon ami. Very soon." Remy soothed.

A glistening drop of pre-cum shown on the end of Bobby's cock and he couldn't resist bending and licking it off. The taste of the bitter salty liquid only drove his desire higher and he felt he was going to die if he didn't get inside the heat of Bobby's body soon.

"Lube?", he questioned hoarsely.

Bobby twisted to reach the drawer in the nightstand and handed Remy the unopened tube. Gambit coated one finger and gently inserted it into Bobby's hole. The move was accompanied by Bobby opening his legs wide and thrusting down on the finger inside him.

"God, you're so hot." Remy muttered. "You were made to be loved, and fucked, and cherished. How could those idiots before me let you go?"

Even if Bobby was inclined to answer he didn't have the breath around his groans. Remy inserted another finger and scissored them to widen the passage. "Please, Remy." Bobby begged.

"Oui, cher. Now." Remy coated his shaft with shaking fingers and helped Bobby turn onto his hands and knees. Remy positioned himself behind Bobby and slowly pushed his way in. Once he was fully inside he stopped and clutched Bobby's shoulders as he tried to control himself. Bobby was panting harshly under him. Remy was surrounded by incredible heat and tightness. He moved his hands down to Bobby's hips to control his movement and then pulled almost out and then firmly pushed back in until he was completely seated again.

"Harder. Please, Remy, harder. Fuck me, please." Bobby was sobbing at this point and trying to move against Remy's hands. Remy again slowly pulled back before he thrust in again with more force.

"Yes, please, please, please." Bobby begged. Remy continued to move in and out of Bobby his thrusts getting faster and faster. His cock was hitting Bobby's prostrate at every stroke and stars were exploding behind Bobby's eyes. Remy's balls were tightening and he could feel how close he was to coming. He wanted Bobby to come before him, so he reached down and firmly wrapped his hand around Bobby's hard shaft and pumped it in time to his thrusts. Bobby stiffened and screamed as the tension in him snapped and he pulsed out semen over Remy's hands.

Remy threw back his head and howled as Bobby's passage tightened and pulsed around him and he shot his load deep into Bobby's body. He followed Bobby's body as it collapsed on the bed and managed to land to the side so he didn't crush the smaller man. He curled around Bobby and held him close as they both shivered with the aftermath and came down slowly.

Long minutes later, Remy shifted and pulled Bobby closer. "What now, cher? Do we go back to just being friends?"

Bobby turned over so that he could face the beautiful man with the haunted red eyes. "Only if you want to. I've been attracted to you almost from the first moment I met you. Until tonight, I've always gone home after the dancing, and I would have tonight too, if it had been anyone but you. I'd like to see how we could do as lovers, if you want to?" Bobby said hesitantly.

"Good. Now I don't have to kidnap you and tie you to the bed until you agree." Remy said with a hug. "Although, that certainly has possibilities..." Remy frowned thoughtfully until Bobby hit him with a pillow and then grinned at his lover and pulled him in for a long, wet kiss.

"We better be getting back to the mansion" Bobby said as Remy finally let him up for air.

"Sure, in a minute." Remy said distractedly as he leaned in for another kiss.

"Yeah, in a minute." Bobby muttered as he sank into the kiss and lost track of time. Everything was forgotten except the man in his arms.



"Do we really have to go back?" The question was muffled as the person who voiced it had their head buried in a pillow and didn't look ready to move any time soon.

Remy smiled down at his buried lover and cleared his throat. "Well, at the risk of breaking our deal and sounding responsible..."

A muffled moan cut off the rest of the sentence and bleary eyes peered out at him with a scowl. "Hmmph. I can do responsible most of the time, despite what people think. Last night was simply not one of those times."

"For which I am profoundly grateful." Remy said as he reached down to gently brush the hair out of Bobby's eyes. "As I was saying, we have a danger room session scheduled in 2 hours, so I'm afraid that we really do have to go back."

"Damn, oh well, back to adulthood, much as it may stink." Bobby muttered.

Remy laughed as he swooped in to plant a kiss on the tempting, swollen lips under him. "Don't worry cher, I'm sure you can still stir up plenty of trouble even masquerading as an adult."

"Hey, I resemble that remark." Bobby stated with twinkling eyes.

Remy smiled but then his expression faded into almost a frown and he opened his mouth before slowly closing it. Bobby watched while his lover struggled to ask him something. After a minute when nothing was said he reached out and placed a gentle hand under Remy's chin and lifted it until the red eyes of the Cajun met his own.

"What is it? Worried about the others?"

Remy nodded. "How much are we going to tell them? Do we tell them we had a night on the town and just let them assume we were bar hopping?"

Bobby looked at the clouded eyes of the man in front of him. He began running his hand soothingly through Remy's mane of hair as he answered. "I'm not ashamed of you Remy. It might be possible to hide our relationship from two telepaths not to mention Wolverine and his nose, but I don't really want to try."

Remy leaned into Bobby's caressing hand and smiled as warmth began to fill up the cold places that lingered in his soul. "Are you sure? A lot of people are not accepting of this type of relationship. You could lose some friends."

Bobby frowned. "What about you? You stand to lose the same friends I do."

"They don't really accept me anyway, cher. I would have to be deaf to miss the whispers of thief and whore when they talk about me." Gambit's voice was neutral as he said this but his eyes were downcast and refused to meet the brown ones of the man beside him.

Bobby's mouth tightened and his eyes glittered with anger as he gently shook his lover. "Now you listen to me and you listen good, Cajun. I will not have you talking about yourself that way. There are quite a few narrow minded, judgmental fools among the X-men and they don't matter. They. Don't. Matter." Bobby punctuated each word with a shake. "Anybody who doesn't like this relationship can go piss on themselves." Bobby finished fiercely.

Remy choked on the images that produced in his mind and began laughing. Iceman held his chortling lover and smiled with satisfaction.

"You, cher, are one of a kind." Remy stated when he finally calmed down enough to speak.

"Naturally", Bobby preened.

"So how do you want to tell them? General announcement? E-mail? Note stuck on refrigerator? Chase each other naked through the halls?" Remy asked the last with a wicked grin.

"Oooohh. That has definite possibilities..." Bobby trailed off with a dreamy smile. He came back to himself with a start when Gambit gently swatted him. He thought for a moment and then shrugged. "Why not let them ask us? If we don't try to hide it I'm sure they'll notice and when someone asks we tell them."

Remy blinked at the simplicity of the solution and then shrugged in agreement. "Works for me."

"Of course, that doesn't mean we can't have fun annoying and confusing the hell out of them before we admit it."

Gambit snickered as he looked down into eyes simply oozing mischief. "Life with you is never going to be boring is it?" He leaned down and claimed the smirking lips in a gentle kiss before standing and stretching in the early morning sunlight.

Bobby watched with admiring eyes as he traced a finger over tingling lips. He is so damn beautiful and sensual. And he's all mine. Bobby thought with wonder and satisfaction.

Remy came out of his stretch and extended a hand to the man still lounging on the bed. "Come on, cher. We're down to an hour and a half and I for one would really like a shower, clean clothes, and some coffee before we tackle saving the virtual world."

"Mmmm. Shower. That does sound nice." Bobby purred before pulling himself up by the hand extended and wrapping himself around the Cajun.

Remy's breath caught and he moaned. "How about after the session? If we take one together before, we'll never make it in the first place."

Bobby dropped his head to the shoulder in front of him and after rubbing his face back and forth like a cat pulled away with a sigh and began putting on the clothes that had been so hastily discarded the night before. "Unfortunately, you're right. Do you have anything planned after the morning danger session and briefing?"

"Besides stripping my lover, licking him from head to toe and making mad passionate love to him?" Remy paused in thought for a long serious moment and then shrugged. "No, no other plans." He grinned at the delicious sight of Bobby frozen with his shirt half on and a tide of red sweeping his body.

After shaking himself and clearing his throat, Bobby continued to dress. "Let's get out of here and get the damn danger room session over with."

"In a hurry, Drake?" Remy asked teasingly.

"Damn right. My lover has plans for me and I don't want to be late. Get moving, LeBeau." Bobby hurried out of the room and made his way to his car with Remy strolling behind him with a Cheshire grin on his face.

~ ~ ~

part two



Bobby jumped and looked around for the source of the shout. The danger room was full of X-men practicing with each other and fighting droids but as his gaze traveled around it lit on Cyclops standing with hands on hips and a frown on his face.

"What do you think you are doing? Where is your mind today? You are supposed to treat the practice droids as real enemies, which in this outfit means incapacitate them, not totally annihilate them."

He followed Cyclops gaze to the droid at his feet. Or what was left of it, which was very, very small pieces of metal that were slowly melting. He hadn't been paying full attention to the attack and so had reacted instinctively. Which meant he had frozen the droid to the point of brittleness and then shattered it with a kick. // Oops. //

Lifting a sheepish gaze to his glowering leader he shrugged. "Sorry, my mind wandered for a second."

"Getting distracted is a good way to get yourself killed. You should never take your attention away from your opponent."

He sighed, "I wouldn't have in a real battle, but it's hard to pay attention to these stupid machines day in and day out."

Cyclops frown became even more pronounced and he began what in Bobby's mind was entitled "Standard Responsibility Lecture No. 14". // Yada, yada, yada, yep heard all this before. // He let his mind drift back to the night before, keeping only minimum attention on the lecture until he caught the closing words of "...and what were you thinking of that distracted you so badly?"

Standing off to the side, Remy had been observing the scene in slight concern. He had been tempted to intervene on Bobby's behalf but reasoned that he could handle himself and might not appreciate a rescue. But at Cyclops last words he grinned as he caught the swift flash of mischief in those beautiful brown eyes.

Eyes, which lifted to their illustrious leader, as the owner answered blandly. "Licking."

"Licking?", was repeated in a dubious tone.

"Yes, licking." he confirmed with a nod. Lifting his gaze to his lover he stifled a grin as he saw him shaking with restrained laughter. Other X-men around the room were watching with varying degrees of amusement, confusion, and exasperation.

His gaze returned to Scott just as the other man's mouth opened and then shut and after briefly closing his eyes he stated. "I don't want to know. Just pay more attention next time." He strode away shaking his head and muttering to himself before announcing "Danger room session over for today and there will be no briefing as there is nothing new to report."

Smiles lit the room as bodies made a beeline for the exit before the boss-man changed his mind.

He made his way to Remy and grinned at the mock chiding look he got. Dropping his eyes, he looked up through his lashes. "I'm sorry", was said in a small pitiful voice.

Remy only laughed harder and then pulled him in for a hug. "You are a menace, you know 'dat right. Poor Cyke doesn't know whether he's coming or going."

Bobby snuggled in and grinned. "He's too uptight, he'd be unbearable if I didn't loosen him up now and then."

They looked up at the sound of a clearing throat, and into the stern face and twinkling eyes of Wolverine.

"Hey Logan. What's up?" he asked.

The lovers exchanged amused glances when Wolverine obviously sniffed them.

"Told you he'd smell it", he murmured.

Logan looked back and forth between them and then with one lifted eyebrow he asked, "I take it your distraction had something to do with this, Bobby?"

"Yep. How do you expect me to pay attention when he promised me licking? Lots and lots of licking. Head to toe licking if I remember correctly. Could you pay attention if you were thinking licking thoughts?" All of this was said quite seriously with an earnest appeal at the end.

Remy took one look at Logan's expression and buried his face in Bobby's hair while he gasped for breath. Logan's eyes were a bit wide and there was just a tinge of red to his cheeks, but for Wolverine that was extreme embarrassment.

Bobby blinked innocently and waited for an answer.

Logan cleared his throat again, "I guess not. You two have fun. I have things to do." He strode out of the room showing a somewhat eerie resemblance to Cyclops with the muttering and head shaking as he left.

Bobby turned back to his lover only to be startled as he was pulled downward as Remy slid down the wall to the floor. Once there, Remy pulled him into his lap and laughed until tears were streaming down his face.

Holding his lover, Bobby soaked in the joy shining from the normally solemn Cajun's face.

Several minutes later, once the laughter had tapered off to the occasional chuckle, he asked hopefully, "Licking now?"

This set Remy off again but he manfully pulled both of them to their feet and nodded. "How about we combine 'de shower idea and 'de licking idea into one?"

"Ooooh. I like this plan. My shower is barely big enough for one. What about yours?"

"Easily big enough for two."

"Lets go." He pulled his chuckling lover along until they reached Remy's room. Once inside, in a reversal of the events of the previous night, he pushed Remy back against the door and then slowly slid his tongue along Remy's lower lip. When the salty sweet lips opened slightly he slowly moved inside and took his time exploring the depths. He relished each sigh and slowly began to rock his lower body into the hard cradle of his lover's heat.

When their temperatures had been raised to the boiling point, he slowly pulled away and dodged the hands that tried to pull him back. He began shedding his clothes as he made his way to the bathroom and spared one teasing glance over his shoulder before he stepped through the door.

He was standing naked, under the shower, when Remy finally made it into the room. His face was tilted up to the gentle stream and water was flowing down sleek muscles. Because of the laughter and mischief, it was sometimes hard to remember that Bobby was no longer a boy. However, anyone seeing him like this, would have no trouble remembering he was a man. Water beaded on broad, muscled shoulders and streamed down to the V of his back only to slip into the crevices of a beautiful ass and then continue down slim powerful legs until it was parted reluctantly from the gorgeous body as it emptied into the drain.

Looking over as he heard his lover's inward drawn breath he asked, "What took you so long?"

"Just recovering, cher." Remy smiled. "Just recovering."

Smiling he watched as Remy shed his clothes. It was as erotic a sight today as it had been last night. As each article of clothing was removed, it was as if the masks the Cajun wore daily came off with them. Standing naked he was sleek, predatorial, and yet paradoxically gentle.

Remy stepped into the shower and pulled the naked Bobby back into his arms. "I believe I have some promises to keep, no?" With the last word he began placing light kisses on the wet neck in front of him. The only answer he received was a contented sigh. He followed the kisses with short licks, lapping at the salt that remained on the skin in spite of the water. When he had thoroughly covered the neck area he moved back to create some space in between their bodies.

He moved his hands around to the front of Bobby's body and laid them lightly on the ridged stomach. As he slowly kissed and licked his way down the muscled back, he gently flexed his hands every now and then just reminding Bobby how close he was to his groin and throbbing cock.

Reaching the small of the back in front of him, he knelt down and slowly slid his hands down Bobby's stomach and lightly encircled his member.

"Spread your legs and put your hands against the wall", he ordered hoarsely.

Shaking legs moved to obey his command and a low moan was heard as he squeezed the cock in his hands approvingly.

Remy began his sensual assault on the tight ass. He placed sucking kisses all over the surface followed by gentle licks and not so gentle nips. The body under his hands was making small thrusting movements into his hands and panting sounds were beginning to sound above him. He teasingly pumped the hard cock several times before removing his hands and using them to spread the tempting ass cheeks for his enjoyment.

He leaned in and licked wetly from top to bottom, lingering at the spasming ring of muscle. With light, flicks of the tongue he moved all along the ring before giving it a sucking kiss. The panting above him had been joined by continuous moans and the occasional plea. Remy paused to inhale the spicy heated scent of his lover's arousal and savor the dark richness exploding on his tongue. He moved back and slowly began tongue fucking his lover's hole until the pleas above him started sounding frantic.

"Fuck me...please...Remy....I need you...please...gods please...fuck me."

With one last sucking kiss he smoothly stood up and with no further warning sheathed himself in his lover's dark heat. Bobby screamed and arched and Remy grabbed his hips to steady him as he began to pound into the tight body. The heat burned him deep inside and explosions began behind his eyes as Bobby writhed and moaned broken pleas for more.

"Come for me, cher", he murmured darkly. "I want to hear you scream."

With that he set up an almost punishing rhythm that pounded Bobby's prostate until he was helpless and sobbing before Remy took pity on him and reached down to cradle his balls and lightly stroke his cock. The combination set Bobby off and he came with a harsh scream, his semen pulsing out wildly over the Cajun's caressing hands. As Bobby's passage tightened and pulsed he moaned and bit into the neck before him, marking his lover before coming in waves that left him shaky and barely able to steady Bobby, when they both slid to the bottom of the shower.

They laid in sprawled abandon for many minutes before the cooling temperature of the water roused them enough to finish the shower and stumble back to the bedroom.

Bobby was boneless and purring with satisfaction, he sat down on the edge of the bed and raised almost drugged eyes when Remy began drying him off with gentle strokes of the towel.

Remy smiled down at his lover and smoothed a strand of hair out of his face while Bobby leaned his face against his stomach. // How did I get so lucky? // Remy thought. // He's so hot, and generous, funny and sweet, he should have had someone loving him long before this. Well, he's mine now and I plan on loving him for a long time to come. //

He was brought out of his thoughts by a laugh from the man in his arms. "What's so funny, cher?"

"You realize we need a lot of practice, right? You promised me head to toe licking and yet you only made it half way down." He made tsking noises in the back of his throat. "The shame of it, breaking a promise to your lover like that. Yep, more practice, lots more practice."

Staring into the twinkling brown eyes, Remy could do nothing but laugh and agree before launching a tickle attack on the impudent sprite that dared to criticize his lovemaking. Shrieks of laughter met his roving fingers and soon they were rolling on the bed amid a tangle of sheets. Remy finally gained the upper hand and mercilessly held down the smaller man as he ran teasing fingers up and down the sensitive ribs. When the laughter started to become breathless, he relented and just stared down into the flushed, shining face and tangled hair of the unrepentant imp grinning up at him.

Slowly, the smile faded off of Bobby's face to be replaced with a hesitant look.

"What is it, cher?"

"Can I stay here tonight?"

Remy hated hearing the hesitant almost wistful tone in Bobby's voice but it reassured him that the question he had wanted to ask would be welcomed. " I'd like you to be here tonight and tomorrow and every other time too. Would you move in here with me?"

The smile on his lover's face rivaled sunlight and he began peppering Remy's face with kisses interspersed with the word "yes". Remy laughed as Bobby jumped out of bed and began throwing on his clothes.

"Right now, cher?"

"Why not, it's still early afternoon and I want to sleep here tonight. I'm not going to move much right now, in fact I'd rather move it a bit at a time, but clothes, clothes would be good. And my pillow, and..."

Remy's laughter gentled into a peaceful smile as Bobby bounced out of the room. // Life can be a real bitch, but sometimes, just sometimes it can be grand. //



Bouncing down the hall, Bobby hummed the theme song to "Pinky and the Brain" and upon reaching his room he began to rummage for what he would need for the next few days. He stacked several pairs of clean jeans on the bed along with underwear and a couple of T-shirts then added his deodorant, aftershave and at the very top of the pile his "Marvin the Martian" pillow.

He grabbed up his pile and headed back to Remy's room. // I guess it's our room now. // He thought with glee. Just outside the door he ran into Beast.

"Hey Hank, how are things hanging?"

"Quite well, my friend. But I'm curious to know, why you are carrying your clothes and favorite pillow?"

Bobby looked up into the kind, caring eyes of the older mutant and again felt the familiar urge for mischief.

"I'm moving", he stated solemnly.

"Oh. And might one inquire where you are moving to?"

"Remy's room."

Hank McCoy looked into the blandly innocent eyes of one of his oldest friends and knew when he was being had, but he continued to follow the script although his eyes had begun to twinkle in amusement.

"And why are you moving to Remy's room?"

"Because he has a bigger shower."

"And a bigger shower is important?"

A dreamy smile crossed Bobby's face as he shivered. "Oh yeah. A big shower is very important."

Beast could not by any stretch of the imagination be considered slow on the uptake and was swift to add the clues up and come to an accurate conclusion.

"Are you sure, Bobby? I would regret seeing you get hurt."

The smile faded from Bobby's lips but not from his eyes as he answered. "I'm sure. You of all people know how much I love him. I would never forgive myself if I didn't take this chance."

"Well, I'm happy that things are working out." He smiled a slow smile as he added. "And judging by the rumors that are going around the mansion, you've been in fine form today."

Chuckling a little, Bobby danced a couple of steps before he slowed down, "Yep, I've been having a blast, so what's the verdict? I've gone off the deep end? I've got a secret lover somewhere? I seduced Remy? He seduced me? Aliens have replaced us with pod people? What?"

Beast shook his head with amusement. "Nothing that concrete. Just that you've been acting a bit weird. You threw Scott for a loop this morning and Logan is just walking around shaking his head and grinning.

"You mean Logan didn't spill the beans? Cool."

Beast only shook his head in amusement as he left his friend at Remy's door.

Bobby walked inside still grinning and planning his future campaign of misdirection and mischief.

He glanced at the bed and saw that Remy had fallen asleep and decided to join him. They had only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before and a nap sounded great. He pulled off his clothes and slid into bed, feeling a vast contentment as Remy unconsciously drew him close. He snuggled in, got comfortable and drifted into sleep.



Bobby and Remy were awoken abruptly by a loud claxon reverberating through the mansion. The warning alert! They were under attack. They heard Jean's voice announce, ** Intruders on the grounds, attacking our outer defenses. Everyone take your positions and defend your posts **

He rolled out of bed and headed straight for the door. It wasn't until he was already through it, that Remy realized that they were both still naked. He quickly snatched Bobby's jeans as well as his own and ran after his lover. He pelted down the hall cursing all the way, until he saw his lover about to enter the main room.

"Robert!" he barked. Bobby stopped and turned, blinking at the unfamiliar use of his full name. This gave Remy a chance to catch up with him.

"Clothes would be good", he said as he handed Bobby his jeans and simultaneously struggled into his own.

Bobby looked down and blushed bright red as he realized that he was standing buck naked in the middle of the X-men mansion. He quickly snatched his jeans and hurriedly put them on.

They both turned as a throat was cleared softly behind them. Storm stood there with her long silver hair framing her regal face. The only thing spoiling the dignity of her stance was the bright heat staining her cheeks. "Get moving, gentlemen. We have places to be. Although, I trust you will be explaining this little incident later."

Bobby and Remy exchanged embarrassed glances before rushing to their assigned spots to defend their home.

Hours later, bruised, tired, but victorious, the X-men lounged around the main room simply enjoying the peace. Bobby searched the room for his lover and not finding him, began to get alarmed but before he could move from his sprawl on the couch, Remy strode into the room. Bobby smiled in relief at his lover.

Remy smiled tiredly as he seated himself next to Bobby. "I know we had talked about chasing each other naked 'tru the halls, but I thought you were jus' kidding. Didn't know we were actually goin' to do it."

Bobby swatted him on the arm and protested. "You know I didn't do that on purpose. Embarrass them, yes. Embarrass myself, no."

"I know, cher. I jus' thought it was ironic."

Smiling his agreement, Bobby laid his head on Remy's shoulder and closed his eyes. They re-opened at the sound of a delicate throat being cleared directly in front of them. Ororo looked embarrassed but determined.

"Storm" he nodded solemnly.

"It might be none of my business but I would like to know why you both came out of Remy's room naked when the alarm sounded."

Bobby nodded and put on his most serious expression.

"Well, you see, what happened was Remy and I were playing a game of strip poker in his room earlier today, the game went on pretty long and afterwards we were really tired so we decided to take a nap. And when the alarm sounded and woke us up we were so startled that we rushed out and forgot to put any clothes on."

Storm's face darkened in anger. "You don't seriously expect me to believe that is what happened do you?"

"Get a sense of humor Storm, it was a joke, you know the things that are supposed to break tension and make you laugh?"

"Well, it was not funny, Bobby, I have known Remy for a long time and I think I deserve a serious explanation. The only one I can think of is that you are sleeping together." A disgusted look flitted over her face with the last few words, causing Bobby to sit up straight and get angry.

"I don't know what your problem is Storm, but like you said you've known Remy a long time. I suggest you go somewhere and cool down before you say something we're all going to regret. Because I'm not going to let anyone bad mouth my lover even an 'old friend'."

Storm's eyes opened wide not only at the reprimand but also at the word lover. Small flickers of energy began running down her arms as she became more upset. Looking down at the silent Remy she flinched slightly at the impassive face that couldn't quite hide the sad and hurt eyes. Before she could decide what to do a gentle voice interrupted.

"Storm, you need to decide what is more important. Your prejudices or your friends. Come back when you figure it out." She looked into brown eyes that were a complete contrast to the gentle tone. They were hard and promised mayhem if she upset Remy any more than she already had. With a nod, she silently left the room.

Bobby looked around the room and was relieved to find that no one else had witnessed the scene. Remy sat beside him silently but his shoulders were hunched slightly and there was a bit of a lost look in his eyes. He reached a hand out and gently tipped the beautiful face with the gleaming red eyes up and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

"I'm so sorry, love. She's the last person I would have expected to be upset about us."

"It's okay, cher, she's a wonderful woman, but she sees everyt'ing as black and white, good and bad."

"She may be conservative but she's also cares about you very much, just give her some time to think it over and fit it into her world view and she'll be back" As he spoke he shifted until Remy's head was laying against his shoulder and he stroked soothingly up and down the tense back.

"You're probably right, cher," the Cajun lifted his head and caressed the side of Bobby's face with the tips of his fingers, "but even if you're not and she never speaks to me again, even if no one in 'dis entire mansion speaks to me again, it will still be worth it if you're wit' me."

Bobby's eyes prickled and he blinked hard to keep tears from falling. Swallowing hard, he said a bit huskily, "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and nothing and no one is going to make me let go of you. Count on it."

There was silence for a few moments as both men savored the closeness. As usual it was Bobby who broke the quiet first. "Can we get some sleep now? Dancing, sex, virtual battles, real battles, and confrontations can really wear a guy out. Besides I need my mischief sleep."

"Isn't that supposed to be beauty sleep?"

"Nope. I need rest to plan and carry out my nefarious schemes. You know like 'Pinky and the Brain' except I'm not planning to take over the world. Too much work."

Remy smiled and let his lover's silliness ease the sadness. "'Pinky and the Brain'? What's that?"

Remy straightened his face into mock serious lines as Bobby stared at him in abject horror. "You've never heard of 'Pinky and the Brain' ? Only the single most inspired cartoon existing today...well not counting 'Marvin the Martian." His face scrunched in thought for a moment. "What does it say about me that my favorite cartoons are about mice that try to take over the world and an alien who tries to destroy it? Maybe I have megalomaniacal leanings?" He looked up at his lover questioningly. "Do you think I have the makings of a megalomaniacal dictator?"

Remy simply shook his head in amusement as he watched his lover's mind work.

"Anyway, think about that later. Right now, we have to rectify this horrible gap in your cartoon education. I have them all on tape. Come on, no time like the present to get started." Bobby began to bounce and excitedly drew his lover to his feet and began skipping to their room chattering the entire way.

In the brief pause between breaths, Remy managed to interject, "I thought you were tired."

Bobby pooh-poohed that with a wave of the hand, "This is much more important than sleep, your educational development is on the line." With a brief stop at Bobby's old room to gather said tapes they entered their room and settled down for a bout of cartoon lunacy.

Several hours later, Remy was laughing helplessly not only at the cartoon but at Bobby. His lover watched with single-minded concentration, talked to the characters on the show as if they could hear him, groaned, giggled, laughed, bounced excitedly and generally enjoyed himself immensely.

"I never knew that watching TV could be so fun."

Turning around with a grin, Bobby nodded wisely. "The trick is not to watch the show but to live the show, that and making sure that the company you keep doesn't mind you acting like a loon." He sighed. "I hate watching TV or going to the movies with someone who is constantly telling me to shush, to not laugh so loud, to sit still, or even worse is embarrassed by me. What's the use in watching if you aren't going to enjoy the damn thing?"

Reaching over, Remy drew Bobby into his arms. "Short of stripping your clothes off and dancing nude in the aisles of 'de theater, nothing you could do would embarrass me. I enjoy watching you have fun. Joy pours off you in waves and brightens everyt'ing around you and anyone who can't see that is just plain stupid or a dreadful stick in 'de mud."

Smiling in delight, he kissed Remy in thanks and then snuggled down to get comfortable. Within minutes he was sound asleep.

Turning off the TV and VCR by remote, Remy pulled the blankets around them and soon joined his companion in slumber.



Bobby stretched and yawned as he blinked the stickiness out of his eyes. Reflecting back on last night, he smiled as he remembered Remy's face as he was helpless with laughter. // He thinks I light up the room? It's nothing compared to him. Maybe because there has been so little laughter in his life. //

He shook himself from his thoughts and looked wistfully down at the vision of pale limbs and shining red hair before deciding not to wake him // We were up pretty late, he needs the sleep. // Yawning again he frowned when he felt a fuzzy residue on his teeth. // Yuck. Need my toothbrush...Darn. Knew I forgot something when I was getting my stuff yesterday. //

Getting out of bed he put on his clothes from the night before and slipped out of Remy's room.


He turned and stared into Jean's smiling eyes. Even knowing that the telepath probably knew everything that went on at the mansion, wasn't enough to stop him from playing the innocent.

"Morning, Jean"

"Good morning, Bobby. Why are you coming out of Remy's room?" Her voice was idly curious as her eyes gleamed with amusement.

"I forgot my toothbrush. Fuzzy teeth are just so ick." He said with a grin.

Jean nodded as if that made perfect sense. "You know Scott was muttering something yesterday about 'licking'. Would that have anything to do with you and our Cajun friend?"

He nodded solemnly. "It's all Remy's fault. He distracted me with promises of licking." He shook his head in despair. "But we've decided we need more practice, he promised head to toe and only made it halfway. We could have practiced last night but we got distracted by megalomaniacal cartoons. Would you believe he'd never seen 'Pinky and the Brain' before. But don't worry I'm doing my best to fix that oversight." He started to sing the theme song to the cartoon. "They're Pinky, they're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brian. One is a genius, the other's insane." He broke off at that point with a frown. "Do you think that reflects me and Remy? If so which of us is which. Hmm... Oh I know. I'm probably the insane one." He said the last with a grin and a bounce and then blinked "Did I answer your question?"

Stifling her giggles at the chatter, Jean reached up and patted Bobby on the cheek. "You're an absolute treasure, and yes you did. However," her face became serious for a moment " I know that sometimes you hide behind the jester, if you ever need to talk I'll be there."

Bobby's maniacal grin softened into a smile. "I know Jean. Thanks for understanding."

"You and the Cajun make a good couple. You've loved him for years and he is beginning to love you more everyday. You make him laugh and he gives you acceptance and support. Gender doesn't matter as long as love exists." She shrugged. "And don't worry about Storm, she'll come around."

"You know, the fact that you know everything that goes on this place, makes it a lot harder to tease you."

"Don't worry, you do a fabulous job in spite of the obstacles."



"Good. I'd hate to lose my touch. After all, who would take up the slack if I lost my teasing ability?"

Jean laughed as she tried to imagine Scott, Ororo, Hank, Logan or any other X-man bouncing and teasing and playing practical jokes. "The mind boggles. No, you're one of a kind Bobby." She walked off shaking her head with the images of Scott trying to tell a joke and Logan bouncing making her chuckle.

Bobby began humming again as he made his way to his room and the final destination of bathroom and toothbrush. // Let's see, that makes four down: Logan, Hank, Ororo and Jean. Scott is still confused unless Jean enlightened him. With the lull in action lately, that's everyone who is in residence. Thank God Rogue or Angel aren't here. I'm soooo not looking forward to telling them. Oh well, we'll face that when we get to it. //

Finished brushing his teeth, he rubbed his tongue over the nice smooth surface. // Minty fresh. // He thought with a grin. Glancing at the time he noticed that there was less than an hour until the regular danger room session. // Damn. I know they're necessary but I get so tired of those stupid things. Not even time for a morning romp. // He thought with a pout. He shook himself and tried to banish the pleasant fantasy of slowly waking his lover and returning the licking favor. // I'd better go get Remy up before we're both late. // Grumbling he left his old room and traversed the short hall back to his sleeping lover.

Entering the room he silently cursed Scott, morning danger room sessions, and all bad guys in particular. Remy was sprawled on his stomach with his long lean body enticingly revealed, the coffee colored satin sheets were tangled and barely draped over his legs exposing one pale muscular buttock and a long delicious expanse of soft skin. The morning sun was drifting through the shades and gleamed in the shining red hair making a halo. The man on the bed seemed to rest outside of time, perhaps in a fairy glade or a nighttime fantasy that dissolved in the golden sunshine of daylight.

As if feeling the wondering gaze that was tracing every curve the man on the bed stirred and opened sleepy eyes. Turning slightly he saw Bobby and the sweetest smile lit up his features. "What are you doing out 'dere cher? Come back ta' bed." The sleep roughened voice and the arms held out in silent invitation proved too much to resist and he quickly shed his clothes and slid back under the sheets. Strong pale arms gathered him close and he savored the feeling and wished the world would forget about them for a while.

"Why are you up so early, cher?"

"Not so early, love. Practice is in about 45 minutes."

He silently agreed with the Cajun's moan and moved even closer when a gentle hand began stroking his hair. The two lovers spent the next few minutes simply enjoying being together. When the chest he was laying on shook with a silent chuckle Bobby raised his head and lifted a brow questioningly.

"I was jus' thinking about last night. "Pinky and the Brain" fits you perfectly, cher. Wacky sense of humor and yet totally dedicated to their ideals." Remy cleared his throat and asked. "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering."

Bobby nodded and said seriously, "I think so Brain, but where would we find a pink tutu to fit Wolverine?"

There was silence for a moment before both men burst into laughter at the image that produced.

"I'd pay good money to see that." Remy said still chuckling. "We better get moving. It's jus' a couple of hours and then we're free ta' enjoy the afternoon."

With mutual moans and grumbles they both got up and took showers with only minimal caressing and teasing. With a quick detour to the kitchen to gulp down a cup of coffee they entered the danger room and separated with a smile.

// Okay. Pay attention to what you're doing this morning, Drake. Fantasies later, fighting stupid moronic machines with no imagination now. // With this admonition and seeing Cyclops watching him from the corner of his eye he tried to keep his mind on what was going on. He dodged and twisted sinuously only using his powers when given no choice. And when he did use his ability to lower temperatures he kept it minimal, just enough to slow the machines down and give him a chance to launch a physical attack.

// This is so boring and so useless. I could freeze every droid in this room and not even strain myself. Voila. Danger session over. But then I would get yelled at for ruining practice and have to sit through more lectures. // To make things more interesting, he began to vary the size of the area that he froze as well as the distance. It became a game to him to see how far away he could freeze a joint on the machines. He slowly widened the distance until he was fighting the droids surrounding him automatically and slightly lowering the temperature of the droids that Scott was fighting across the room enough to slow them down.

A droid on his left made a quick move and he almost froze it solid on instinct but caught himself and just sheeted it thinly, freezing it in place temporarily. // Oops. Almost screwed up again and destroyed valuable merchandise. I don't see how they expect us to learn to fight homicidal mutants when we have to worry about damaging the equipment. If I'm not careful this hesitation will get me killed a lot faster than not paying proper attention to these hopeless droids. Although I suppose it is good practice for fighting people without permanently harming them. //

Sighing he shifted his attention to the others around the room, frowning when he noticed Wolverine gleefully ripping the droids to pieces. // How come he gets to destroy and mangle them without a peep and when I do it, I get yelled at? // He shook off his anger realizing that the way people viewed him and Wolverine were radically different. // He's viewed as more dangerous because of his claws, growls, and macho posturing. While I'm viewed as a light weight because I don't act menacing. // Bobby considered this for a minute and then shrugged. People had been underestimating him his entire life, it only made things easier as far as he was concerned.

Coming out of his thoughts, he realized he was fighting the same two stupid droids he'd been fighting for the last hour. Totally bored he turned them off and wandered over to a deserted corner to practice on his katas. At least doing that he didn't have to worry about damaging anything and he could turn his full attention to perfecting his technique. Taking several deep breaths to center himself he pushed all extraneous thought out of his mind and for the first time that day bent his full concentration to his fighting.

He started out kneeling on the floor, perfectly still. A moment later he exploded into motion. His lean, powerful body moved with grace and power. His speed stayed constant and soon sweat sheened his body and was whipped from him with the quick punches, kicks and spins. He ended minutes later at the precise spot that he had begun and stayed still for several moments savoring the peace and serenity of a kata done correctly.

To cool down he started a flowing, graceful tai' chi kata whose elegant simple moves took years to perfect. Bobby moved through it as if flowing through water, languid and precise. He held the final move for several moments in perfect balance and breathed deeply as he settled down into a full lotus.

He closed his eyes and held each breath as he emptied his mind to meditate. It was several minutes later when he detected movement behind him. From the sound of the footsteps he knew it was Cyclops and since he knew his illustrious leader, he judged a sneak attack was in the making to teach him a lesson about paying attention. He could have spun about and countered any move Scott made but instead he smoothly stood, stretched, yawned, and moved forward at the precise moment that Cyclops struck.

On striking air instead of a body with his bo, the disgruntled man teetered for balance, almost falling before he caught himself and settled for glaring at the man who was blinking at him in confusion.

"Cyclops, where did you come from?" Outwardly Bobby showed none of the glee he felt at thwarting one of Cyclops 'lessons'.

"If you had been paying attention instead of napping, I wouldn't have been able to get this close to you without you knowing it", the red faced man growled. "I've told you over and over again not to get distracted. You got lucky this time."

// Lucky? Yeah, right. // Bobby snorted to himself.

"I suppose you were distracted by 'licking thoughts' again?" Cyclops said sarcastically.

Bobby considered this for a moment before shaking his head. "No, I've worked through that and am no longer distracted by licking but I'm still worried about my megalomaniacal leanings. I don't think I want to take over the world but what if I'm unconsciously obsessing about it? This obsession is probably what is causing my severe lack of attention. After all it does represent a rather huge shift in my world view."

At this point Scott looked hopelessly confused and Bobby decided to take advantage while he could. He wandered off muttering about dictators, and bad guys, and cartoons that encouraged this unhealthy attitude. He managed to last until he was out the danger room door and around the corner before he gave up and started laughing.

It was there that Remy found him minutes later. He was leaning against the wall, laughing hard enough to make himself sick. The Cajun shook his head and moved to trap him with his hands on either side of the giggling man's head and his lower body pressing against the slick heat of the other man.

"Poor Cyke should jus' give up now. You heard him coming didn't you? That scene was too damn perfect ta' be an accident."

Bobby gulped in a couple of deep breaths and held them for a moment to calm down. When he could breathe without giggling he answered. "Of course I heard him, sounds like a herd of cows. He never did get sneaking down very good. Just because I was meditating does not mean I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. He'll figure it out one of these days."

"Well I thought you were magnifique." The Cajun leaned in and between kisses murmured, "beautiful", a teasing lick, "graceful", a gentle nip on the nose, "strong" a long heated kiss that explored the hidden depths and heat of the man melting in his arms. Remy pulled back to the accompaniment of a protesting moan to smile at the flushed gorgeous man he held trapped.

Just as he was about to lean in for another kiss, they both heard footsteps stomping down the hall and who other than their fearless leader came around the corner and stopped dead upon the sight of Gambit holding a helpless Iceman against the wall in a very compromising position.

"Do I want to know what's going on here?"

Bobby immediately burst into rambling speech. "I didn't mean to. I mean, can't people take a joke around here? Just because I iced up a few of his extremities is no reason to get so mad. They'll thaw out. I didn't do any permanent damage." He sent a pleading look in Scott's direction wiggling a bit for effect. "It was supposed to be funny, I swear. I'll never do it again. You wouldn't let him beat me up would you? Please?" He wailed and tried to look pitiful and extremely penitent.

Cyclops's eyes had widened at the word 'extremities' and a few seconds later he looked horrified as what Bobby was suggesting sunk in. He glanced at Gambit's grim face and shook his head. Before he walked off he muttered. "Just don't break anything."

This time it was a helplessly giggling Bobby that pulled Remy down to the floor as he pictured the look on Scott's face. He looked up to see Remy eyeing him just a bit funny. "What?" he said between gasps.

"You wouldn't really do that to someone would you?"

"Not unless they really pissed me off."

"And what would really piss you off?" Remy asked a bit warily.

"Oh I don't know. Murder, carnage, world domination." He shook his head when he realized that Remy was serious. Reaching up he patted his lover's cheek. "Don't worry, love. I would never do that as a practical joke. If I did, I would consider a beating to be getting off very lightly. I never ice up anything living whether human or animal except as a last resort. The coffee in someone's cup, yes; the water in the shower pipes, yes; living tissue, no."

Remy nodded sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I should have known you would never..."

"Hush. It freaked you out a bit. I'd only be mad if you brooded about it rather than asking." Standing up he stretched and then reached down a hand to pull Remy up.

"It's a gorgeous day outside. What say we have a picnic. Just you, me, food, and glorious nature."

"Sounds wonderful. I'll pack the food if you'll get a blanket."

"What? You don't trust me to pack the food. Peanut butter and jelly not up to your exacting standards?" he said with a grin.

Remy only shook his head, grabbed Bobby for a long, heated kiss before releasing him and shooing him off in the right direction.

Picnic basket and blanket in hand, they wandered through the woods surrounding the mansion enjoying the gentle breeze and warm sunshine. Delicate flowers were blooming with heady fragrances and green trees glowed with life. The occasional bird sounded a cheerful note and the breeze rustled and played amid the thick grass.

The two lovers enjoyed this break from their usually hectic lives and simply absorbed the beauty that surrounded them. Upon reaching a lake bordered by cattails and day lilies they stopped as if they had discussed it and spread the blanket to begin their meal.

Bobby laughed when the first thing Remy pulled out of the picnic basket was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The Cajun grinned and unpacked the rest of the food. There was chicken salad, fresh fruits and vegetables, french bread, a light wine, and chocolate cake for dessert.

Moaning theatrically, Bobby commented, "I would fall for a health nut. Where are the chips? the sodas? the grease? the sugar?"

"Don't try to con a con artist, cher. I've seen what you eat and teasing to the contrary, you normally eat healthy foods. I've noticed that chocolate is a particular weakness however."

"A chocoholic that's me. I missed my Chocohololics Anonymous meeting this month and 'fizzzt' there goes my will power. The shame of it." Mournfully he shook his head as he filled up his plate and dug in.

Beside him, the Cajun spared him a grin before digging into his own plate. The cup of coffee they had had for breakfast hadn't lasted very long and both men were ravenous. It was several minutes before anything other than the sounds of chewing and swallowing could be heard.

As their hunger was blunted, they began chatting about inconsequential things. Just enjoying each other's company and getting to know one another better in the manner of new lovers everywhere. When they had finished their meal and Bobby had savored his chocolate cake, they leaned back sipping their wine and staring over the lake, full and contented.

It wasn't long though before Bobby faced with a gorgeous day, an isolated spot, and a languid beautiful lover came up with an inspired plan. He finished the wine in his glass and then put it away along with the rest of the leftovers. Setting the basket out of the way he eyed his lover who had set his wine glass down and leaned back with his eyes closed and his sensuous face turned up to the warmth of the sun. Carefully reaching over, he snagged Remy's glass and put it on top of the picnic basket. Beginning the first stage of his plan he lowered himself beside the reclining man and began to trail a gentle hand up and down the pale chest in petting strokes.

The beautiful red eyes fluttered open only to have a hand placed on them to close them. "Shhh. Just relax and enjoy." He continued to pet and soothe occasionally trailing his fingers down an arm or a leg, or a high cheekbone. Eventually he worked each button open until the soft muscular skin was bared to his exploring fingers. He gently pulled on tufts of hair and circled dark, dusky nipples. His hands dipped and swirled and caressed every inch. Remy was purring and rubbing himself into the hot palms as they wandered lower to caress through layers of cloth.

Running a light finger down each rib, he covered every hollow, dip and crevice exposed to him. Leaning down, he softly kissed one exposed nipple before sending his tongue out to play. Soft, butterfly kisses were rained down interspersed with gentle teasing licks. Each rib was licked from beginning to end and then the wet tongue lapped at a belly button lavishing it with attention. Sitting back for a moment, he marveled at the picture of his flushed and softly panting lover laying with sprawled abandon among the beauty of nature.

Reaching up he quickly slipped out of his own shirt and savored the warm sun that shone on his back and the breeze that ruffled his hair. He ran a soothing hand up and down Remy's body to reassure him that he hadn't been forgotten before he pulled off his and his lover's shoes and socks. Moving back down beside the prone man he used one hand to pet and stroke the dusky nipples while his other ranged up and down the muscular thighs and hips. He teasingly grazed the throbbing center of his love's desire several times but made no move to exert more pressure against the cloth of the pants. His hands repeated the languid exploration they had earlier made of the panting chest. Stroking down powerful muscles and around dips and hollows of hips, he spent several moments just petting and teasing.

A broken moan from the throat above him signaled the next stage of his plan. He slowly released the zipper and eased his lover's pants and underwear away from his body before standing and quickly stripping out of his own. He knelt back down and placed a sucking kiss on the inside of a pale thigh. It was followed by a gentle nip and then a sweeping brush of the tongue as he tasted the salty sweet skin. Swirling his tongue around, he followed the thigh up to the dip of the hipbone and lapped languidly. A moan accompanied by a whispered plea was the result of a particularly teasing foray around the manhood throbbing near his nose.

As if he had been waiting for that sign of surrender, his tongue moved in to wetly stroke from the balls all the way out to the tip, before pulling the head in to give it a wet kiss and a swirl of heat. He anchored his hands on the hips that were beginning to move and firmly held them down as he nibbled and kissed and licked. Pulling one ball into his mouth, he began a gentle suction as he stroked with his other hand. After a minute he switched to the other ball and gave it the same treatment.

The moans were coming steadily now as he sat up and put gentle pressure on the inner sides of the long legs. They immediately opened and he placed wet kissed down each leg as a reward. He moved so that he was kneeling between the spread legs of his lover. Lightly stroking over the perineum he watched the beautiful face for a reaction. When the legs opened further and a whispered "yes" escaped the swollen lips he smiled and leaned in to kiss the dark muscle that hid his lover's secrets. Not knowing how long it had been since his lover had done this and not wanting to interrupt to find out, he decided to treat him as he would a virgin.

Tracing around the hole, he gently slipped the tip of one finger in. Remy's hands gripped the blanket in response and his body tensed and thrust upward. Moving with the motion, he prevented the finger from slipping in any deeper. With his other hand he reached towards the basked and opening it, he rummaged around until he pulled out what he was looking for. The olive oil they had used to dip their bread in. It was expensive, thick, rich and perfect for what he had in mind. Tipping the bottle he let it drizzle down his fingers. He rubbed it in with a slow, circular motion, slowly inserting one finger completely.

Resting inside the dark heat, he looked up to observe white teeth biting into full, swollen lips and a long expanse of throat bared as the neck was arched back in ecstasy. Slowly moving that finger in and out until the muscle loosened he pushed two fingers into the hot tunnel, pumping them slowly while he watched the pale body move to meet his thrusts. Minutes later, the ring of muscle was stretched to accommodate three fingers and he leaned down and licked the cock in time to his thrusts inside.

When the muscle was loosened enough and he couldn't wait any longer he removed his fingers and coated his dick thoroughly with the oil. He moved between the spread legs and pulled the trembling hips up until they lined up. Stroking the inside of the pale thighs, he spoke for the first time since he had started. "Remy?" He wanted confirmation before he took the final step.

Glittering red eyes opened and the mouth worked for a moment before a low voiced "please" was issued. Satisfied that his lover wanted this he slowly pushed inside. Trembling and gasping he worked to control himself as the tight, red-hot heat surrounded him and became his world. He closed his eyes so tightly he saw stars and bit his lip until it bled to keep from coming the minute he felt the enveloping sheath throbbing around him. Minutes later he was under control enough to begin a slow thrusting movement that brushed against his lover's prostrate causing to him to shiver and writhe helplessly as his hands pulled desperately at the slowly moving hips above him.

Broken moans and pleas began to stream out of the swollen and bitten lips "S'il vous plait, plus dur, plus dur."

He slowly increased the speed and power of his thrusts as Remy opened himself fully and moved desperately upward to meet him. Savoring the sound of the gasped French that was being moaned in between breaths he reached down to lightly stroke the red and weeping cock caught between their bodies. This caused a low scream and even more pleas.

"Baisez-moi, dieux, baisez-moi. S'il vous plait, amoureux, baisez-moi."

Responding to the pleading in the words even if he didn't understand their meaning he leaned over until he could capture the tempting red mouth with his own. The moans never ceased even as he plunged his tongue inside and swept the hot cavern. Nipping along the lower lip, he tasted blood where it had been bitten. The strong coppery taste mixed in with the spicy taste that was uniquely Remy.

After a particularly hard thrust, the pale throat was presented to him as his lover arched his neck. Leaning down, he began sucking and nipping while making sure that the throbbing cock caught between their bodies was rubbed during every downward movement. When he couldn't last any longer, he thrust down hard while simultaneously twisting one of the dusky nipples that was puckered and throbbing and bit down on the pale enticing throat.

Remy convulsed with a silent scream and Bobby held on as he pulsed out semen deep into his lover's body. The waves of pleasure seemed endless as they peaked and fell with each surge and pulse. Colors swirled behind his eyes and he felt light headed as his entire body throbbed and tingled. Beneath him, Remy collapsed with a moan and was shivering. Bracing himself, he slid to one side as he pulled a portion of the blanket up to cover them and pulled the shaking man into his arms. He whispered reassurances as he tucked Remy's head onto his chest and soothingly stroked his hair and back.

Gradually the man he was holding calmed but he continued to whisper and soothe until the red eyes lifted to meet his own and a low whisper reached his ear. "I don't have 'de words, cher. You empty me out and 'den fill me up. You're 'de missing part of my soul."

Tears filled his eyes at this low voiced confession. "I love you too, mon amour. You complete me." He lay back down and pulled his beloved into his arms where they stayed for quite a while. Catching himself before he fell asleep, he stirred and woke Remy before sitting up and stretching. Smiling at his rumpled, sleepy love, his eye was caught by the sparkle of the lake in the late afternoon light.

Without looking away from the enticing water he asked, "Remy, have you ever been skinny-dipping? Because if you haven't today would be a perfect day to start. We could get clean and cool off and enjoy the sunshine and..."

"Okay, okay, you convinced me." With a chuckle and a yawn, the Cajun sat up and blinked slowly at the sunlight reflecting off the clear blue waters.

Bobby had jumped up as soon as he said yes and was already on his way down to the water. As Remy watched he waded in and began to toss the water up in shining cascades before ducking under and bursting out of the water showering droplets in every direction.

// That boy and his energy are going to be the death of me. // Remy thought with a groan. A purely wicked thought followed that observation however. // Yeah. But I'll go out with a smile on my face. // Slowly standing up he stretched then padded down to the water's edge. Testing the temperature, he slowly began to submerge himself enjoying the cool freshness of the water as it sluiced the sticky cum and sweat from his skin.

Thoughtfully, Bobby waited until he was fully submerged before splashing him. Remy splashed back and before long a game of water tag started. They cavorted and played like seals until almost sunset. The lack of lighting finally chased them back to shore where they collapsed onto the blanket breathlessly and waited till their bodies dried before putting their clothes back on and heading back to the mansion.

The silence between them was rich with contentment and the clasp of their hands as they walked showed more strongly how they felt than any words ever could.

Reaching the mansion, Remy headed for their room to drop off the picnic basket while Bobby headed for the kitchen. His stomach was complaining that it had been a long time since lunch. He entered the kitchen to find himself the focus of many eyes in the room.

// Looks like everyone's here but Remy. Oh this ought to be fun. //

Scott cleared his throat. "I've had enough. I want to know what is going on. Logan is strolling around smirking, Hank looks amused, Jean won't tell me anything, Ororo is upset and Bobby and Remy seem to be the center of it all. I repeat. I want to know what is going on."

Bobby looked at his leader's red face and opened his mouth but was interrupted when Remy strolled into the room. His lover ignored everyone else and went straight to Bobby planting a gentle kiss on his lips before he straightened up and asked, "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

With laughter dancing in his eyes, Bobby replied in a serious voice. "I think so Brain, but if the plural of mouse is mice, wouldn't the plural of spouse be spice?"

Remy laughed delightedly and leaned down to lick the rim of his ear before strolling over to the refrigerator for some iced tea, leaving Bobby chuckling.

Unfortunately the roar of "What the hell was that all about?" reminded him of where they were.

Again Bobby opened his mouth to explain but Remy decided it was his turn. He didn't have his lover's flair for dramatic announcements and so he decided to go directly to the heart of the matter. He cocked his head to the side and looked his leader directly in the eye. "I was kissing my lover. Do you have a problem wit' that?"

Scott knocked his chair over getting up too fast. "Lover, what the hell do you mean lover?" He slowly lowered himself back down into the chair that Jean had righted and was silent for a moment before he groaned. "Is that what's been going on the past few days? You two drive me batty because you've started sleeping with each other? Why did I take this job? It's like trying to manage a bunch of two year olds."

They all watched in amazement as Cyclops banged his head on the table a couple of times before straightening up. "Look, I don't care who you people sleep with as long as it doesn't interfere with the job. Prejudice looks really stupid coming from a mutant. Now if you would excuse me." Scott walked out muttering. "I need a vacation far, far away. The tropics are nice this time of year."

Laughter swelled up behind him. Remy was the first one to speak. "Not quite the reaction I was expecting, but there have been worse." He glanced over to see Storm, the only one who hadn't joined in the laughter, leaving the room.

"Give it some time, love. She'll come around." Bobby said gently.

He nodded a bit sadly but smiled at his lover.

"Quit with the mushy stuff already and come and sit down you two." Jean said with a smile. With a quick hug they settled in to have supper at the crazy, chaotic mansion they all called home.


[S'il vous plait, plus dur, plus dur. - Please, harder, harder.]
[Baisez-moi, dieux, baisez-moi. S'il vous plait, amoureux, baisez-moi. - Fuck me, gods, fuck me. Please, lover, fuck me.]


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