ordinary stories

These are the ordinary bobby and remy stories by many different authors, where each story is it's own universe.

    Winter Where You Are by Poi Lass
    6 kb | Breaking up is hard to do | Quite Possibly Poi | Poi Lass | One of my favorite X-Men stories |

    Thief of Waves by LN Tora
    138 kb | More of an adventure/action story than a slash story, 'less my memory's acting up on me. Haven't read it in a while. | unknown | LN Tora |

    Start Spreading the News by Poi Lass
    21 kb | Poi Lass read Following Through, then wondered what would happen when Bobby and Remy came home to tell the X-Men about their relationship... | Quite Possibly Poi | Poi Lass | You'll laugh, I swear |

    Sleeping in Seattle by Mofalle
    34 kb | In the theatre in Seattle, things happen a bit differently | none | Mofalle |

    Rumpled by Alestar
    7 kb | Jubilee rolled-blades into Remy and Bobby and later she and Paige wonder about what Remy and Bobby had been doing before she arrived... | none | Alestar | Start grinning |

      Kinda Dented by Lise
      11 kb | Jubilee finds Bobby standing against the door, cheeks rosy pink and belt half undone, and she and Paige must of course investigate this | On the Road | Lise |

    Paradise Island by Sascha
    46 kb | Remy and Bobby are on a holiday island for gay couples, trying to find a terrorist. Only, there are some small problems: One, they can barely stand each other, and two, they have no idea who the terrorist is! | DWYC | Sascha | unfinished |

    Night Out by Raietta
    21 kb | Bobby and Remy decides to do a couple-thing | none | Raietta |

    Need by TM
    2 kb | A little story of need | none | TM |

    Mr. Responsibility by Amy
    87 kb | Bobby is angry, Remy is bored, things happen and then the other X-Men find out too | Wings of Imagination | Amy |

    Iceman's Vegas Vacation by A. Lias
    107 kb | Very unoffical sequel to Following Through | none | A. Lias |

    the Fallen Angel arc by Morgana
    series | Remy LeBeau is left behind in Antarctica by the X-Men, but an arch enemy saves his life and takes him in. | My Secret Place | Morgana | Outside link |

    the Charade Arc by Sascha
    54 kb | Well... begins with Remy doing Bobby a favour and it goes downhill from there. At least according to Remy... | DWYC | Sascha | One of mine |

    Bubbles by Quincunx [new]
    8 kb | Bobby makes bubbles. *g* | site | Quincunx | Companion piece to this picture |

    Beginnings by Erika (principal), Mofalle & Sascha
    36 kb | What if everyone witnessed a scene that changed their perspective of you? How would they react? How would you? | Erika's Fanfiction | Erika |

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    Remy LeBeau
Bobby and Remy by GlockGal