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Rating: R for Adult Situations and Language.
Spoilers: This is occuring during X-men 45.
Disclaimer: The X-Men do not belong to me, they are the property of Marvel Comics.
Series/Sequel: No.
Summary: Iceman/Gambit pairing. This is a different point of view of the events that took place between, Remy, Rogue, and Bobby in Seattle.
Notes: Okay, I confess. I got so upset at the idea that Remy might die of cancer I had to create another universe where Bobby and Remy could live happily ever after -- if I want them to. Also would like to thank the Sascha for creating the Bobby and Remy Round Robin board, it encouraged me to write. Also my beta readers Erika and Soar. This is my first fan fiction so tell me what you think.

Sleeping in Seattle
By Mofalle

"She'll come back, Remy."

"To de X-men, Bobby but not to me."

"I know we're not the best buds or nothing Lebeau, but I'm sorry for what happened. You tried your best to show her that you really cared."

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't"

"You ready to go home?"

"Home? Yah in a day or two. Take ol'blackbird back Bobby. I need some time alone."

Sighing, Bobby turned around and started walking out of the alley. He was a half a block away when he suddenly realized that Remy had not told him where he had landed the Blackbird. Cursing Bobby ran back to the alley, but he was gone.

'Wonderful,' thought Bobby 'I have two choices: I call the mansion and confess that I can't find the Blackbird, or I look for Remy or Rogue.'

A half an hour later Bobby was standing in front of the Holiday Inn. Actually he was standing in front of the spot where Rogue had parked the rental car. 'Well that leaves out looking for Rogue," Bobby thought, "She could be anywhere now.'

Since they already had a room reserved in the hotel. Bobby walked into the hotel. He went to the front desk and asked if there were any messages for him. The clerk said no. He walked to his room, and he collapsed onto the bed. This was not the way he had expected things to turn out.

In the beginning they were going to the bars to dance the night away. When they got to Mississippi, Rogue rented a car. Bobby offered to drive but Rogue simply said that if he wanted a car he would have to get his own. Yet the farther out west they went the more emotional Rogue became. She started crying about how unfair the world was when the waitress brought her white toast instead of rye. She would become defensive if Bobby mentioned using his powers.

The day had started out fine. Rogue had been in control. She was making jokes and laughing at his. While Bobby was checking them into the hotel, Rogue had gone to the bar. The bar was on Polk Street, Rogue had seen it as they passed by the University of Washington. It was early Friday evening the perfect time to have some fun. The fun that Rogue wanted was dangerous.

Bobby sighed, Rogue had wanted to touch people, but she would have hurt them if she had. Just like Bobby, Rogue is a mutant. A mutant with the ability to both absorb the personalities and powers of the people she touched. When she touched them, those memories and powers become hers . . . for a short time. The last person Rogue had touched had been her lover, Remy.

He had ended up in a coma for three weeks.

Instead of staying at her lover's side, Rogue and Bobby traveled on a cross country road trip. For the past five weeks they had gone from one party to another and Bobby had seen Rogue try to loose herself. He was there to keep her company. Unconsciously, they had been following the path that Remy had taken as a young man.

When Bobby had finally caught up with Rogue she was just about to touch someone. When he had interfered she had been furious. Bobby could understand Rogue's needs, he had needs too. She wanted to be able to touch someone. She wanted to be normal, and to be loved. Remy had made her feel that way, but she ended up hurting him with the simple act of a kiss. Now she was overwhelmed by Remy's nightmares of the past. But Bobby knew she was determined to find out the truth of those nightmares.

Bobby sighed again, life was never that simple. While he knew she was invulnerable to physical pain her emotional pain had gotten to be too much and she had flown out of bar by going through the roof.

Having been trained as an X-men since he was fifteen, Bobby had instinctively stopped the ceiling from falling in, by using his mutant power of changing the moisture in the air into ice. Unfortunately, this action revealed that he was a mutant. In a world where mutants were still not fully accepted. It was not surprising that the bar patrons began to gang up on Bobby.

'I should know better than to have used my powers in a public places.' Reflected Bobby, but then the patrons would have been injured.

It hadn't help that Remy came bursting through the door like the Calvary. 'No wonder people are afraid of mutants. Still, it had been nice of him to come to the rescue. Even though he has lousy timing.'

The image of Remy in the doorway stood in Bobby's mind. Especially, the silence that had fallen upon the bar as the patrons all looked towards the door. Yet, Remy just stood, calm and collected, as the dust settled to the ground. No one moved as Remy excused them from the bar. Who would argue with someone whose eyes glowed blood red - like a demon.

'How does he do that?' Thought Bobby, of course he knew the mechanics of breaking down the door. But, he wanted to know how Remy could change the mood of a crowd by just being there.

'I still want to know how Remy knew where Rogue would go. I would never have thought that she would go to a condemned theater.' Even Bobby had to admit that what happened next took him by surprise.

'That was when all. . . Gawd, all hell broke lose. I knew that Remy and Rogue fought a lot, but I never knew they were so violent with each other.'

Bobby moved to his side and was facing the empty bed. 'Remy's lucky that Rogue didn't sweep the floor with him. Poor guy, he really did love her. . . I know that now. Even though he tried to hide it, I saw through his actions into his pain. When she refuse to take his hand, she refused his love, his trust. She refused him. No wonder Remy didn't want to go back to the mansion. I wish there was something I could do.' Bobby thought as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

"I love you Bobby, don't ever leave me" whispered a voice in Bobby's ears. Then strong arms circled behind him.

Bobby clasped the hands around him and kissed the palms. His lover's mouth slowly made a trail of wet kisses from his ear down to his neck pausing at the point were neck becomes shoulder. Bobby could feel soft silky hair gentle caress his body. He sighed with contentment. He had never felt so loved. His lover's mouth headed farther down his back pausing every time Bobby sighed.

Once again the voice whispered, "Turn around, I want to look at you. I want you to see how much you are loved."

Bobby slowly turned around regretting the lack of contact. When he turned around he saw the beautiful eyes of his lover. They were red and black.

Bobby woke up immediately. How the hell could Remy have weaseled his way into his dreams? He didn't even like the guy; at least he did think he did. Damn it, why couldn't it of been Rogue? He at least liked her. Yet the worst part of it was - the dream had left him hard. Not wanting to mess up the sheets, Bobby went to the bathroom and took a cold shower. After the shower Bobby got dressed and head out the door to find breakfast.

Because it was mid afternoon, Bobby found lunch at Big Boy's instead of breakfast. As he sat there eating his hamburger, he tried to figure out what to do next. As Bobby went up to pay his bill, he thought. 'Well I better start looking for Remy, because I don't want to explain to Scott how we mislaid the Blackbird.'

Bobby spent all afternoon and part of the evening looking for Remy. No one seemed to have seen him. Bobby really wasn't that surprised. After all Remy was an ex-thief and was familiar with the area. Also when Remy didn't want to be found, Bobby had learnt, he that it was virtually impossible to locate him. So, Bobby returned to the Holiday Inn and made the call that he had been trying to avoid.

"Xavier Institute. Can I help you?"

"Hi, Storm. It's me Bobby." Replied Bobby while whispering a prayer of thanks that Scott had not answer the phone. Storm was a much more level headed person.

"Robert it is so good to hear from you. How is Rogue?"

Reluctantly Bobby found himself explaining to Storm the events that had occurred the previous evening.

"So, Storm can you tell me where the Blackbird is?" asked Bobby

"Of course I can, but I am not in the right room. Could you hold on?"

"Sure." responded Bobby.


~~~ At the Mansion ~~~

Storm made her way to the War Room. On her way, Storm met up with Henry McCoy.

"Good Evening Ororo, may I ask where you are headed in such a rush."

"Hello Hank, I need to find where Remy has landed the Blackbird. Apparently, Remy instructed Bobby to bring it home, but neglected to tell him the location." Responded Storm as she continued her brisk pace.

"Is Robert still on the phone?"

"Yes, he is on hold."

"Good, I want to talk to him I am concerned about Remy's health. It is to soon for him to be away from medical care. His body is still to weak from the coma."

When they entered the War Room, Storm went to Cerebro and started the search for the Blackbird. Henry in the meantime went to the phone and started talking to his good friend.

"Bobby, if you wanted to get out of seeing the Marriage of Figero, there are simpler solutions than going on a road trip and loosing the Blackbird."

"I didn't loose the Blackbird, it's been mislaid. And you of all people should know the difference." Stated Bobby.

"Yes, Robert I am well aware on the legal definitions of lost and mislaid. You tell them to me everytime you "mislaid" a Twinkie in the lab." smiled Hank.

Bobby thought back to the many times he had gone to visit Hank in the lab. Sometimes he would bring Twinkies with him, which he knew Hank could not refuse. Occasionally, for fun, Bobby would leave behind a Twinkie. Like a ritual, he would return for his Twinkie that was never there. Bobby would then explain to Hank the difference between lost and mislaid. As punishment for eating the Twinkie Hank had to go to the store with Bobby and buy more. Hence the infamous Midnight Twinkie Run. Bobby was brought back to the present when he heard Hank say,

". . . However, that is not the intention of this talk. I am worried about the health of our cajun friend."

"I wouldn't know. He told me that he needed time alone and to take the blackbird home. How sick is he?" asked Bobby now concerned that leaving Remy alone was a bad idea.

"Relax Robert, he is not that ill. Remy has a tendency to push himself to the limits. I am concern that this trip was to much for him. Is he with Rogue?"

"No, they had a fight. I think it's over. You should have seen it Hank. Remy told her that he would show her everything all she had to do was touch him."

"What did Rogue do?" asked Henry, his concern for the couple excalating. Remy was to weak to he touched again, and Rogue did not handle the events that she witnessed through Remy well the first time.

"She turned away from him, and basically said that he has lived up to all of her expectations and it was not enough. Then she just flew away."

"Robert if you are still looking for the blackbird, Cerebro states that it is in a warehouse by pier 43." interrupted Storm as took the receiver from Hank.

"Ororo could you please scan the area for Remy and Rogue?" asked Henry "I think it would be best to get the two of them home."

"Of course."

Storm program Cerebro to find Remy, Rogue, and scan the area for any mutant activity. Meanwhile, Bobby was telling about the road trip with Rogue. Within a few minutes, Storm had some results.

"Robert, Remy is heading west on 2nd avenue towards Lucille. I still cannot locate Rogue."

Still scanning the area, Cerebro indicated that there was mutant activity a block away from Remy. A few seconds later Cerebro indicated the activity as a tesseract opening and that the mutant was Mr. Sinister.

"Bobby you must find Remy before Mr. Sinister does. Remy is to weak to fight him alone." ordered Storm.

"I'm on my way," said Bobby as he quickly hung up the phone. Knowing that he would be to late if he ran by foot, Bobby changed into Iceman and made a slide of ice so that he could travel above the roof tops and out of the eyes of pedestrians. Within a few minutes Bobby was at the location Storm had given. At first he did not see or hear anything. Then he heard Remy shout.

"What are YOU doing here!"

Quietly Bobby inched his way to the corner of the building so he could see what was going on without being seen. Then he heard Mr. Sinister say to Remy mockingly.

"I'm working on a better life than I had. I'm a better man than I was then. What's past is past," you say. " I'm free and clear"."

"You and me were squared away a long time ago." Stated Remy holding his kinetically charged cards in his hands as he took a defensive stance.

"But something happens, the woman you love senses you did some unpleasant things in the past. And you realize you've been living a lie all this time. We are what we are, Remy Lebeau. That cannot be changed. You can no more pretend to be an X-man at heart, a faithful follower of Charles Xavier, than I can."

Slowly Mr. Sinister emerged from the shadows of the alley.He towered over Remy as he continued.

"I wanted to be here for you in your time of need. Just as I was once before and also, I wanted to provide you with a gentle reminder that soon it will be time to play the hand which Sinister dealt you."

Swiftly, and without warning, Mr. Sinister struck Remy with an energy blast knocking Remy to the ground and causing him to drop his cards. When Remy looked up Mr. Sinister was gone. Defeated he got up slowly, picked up his bag, and continued on his walk.

'Oh my Gawd,' thought Bobby, ' that was what Rogue kept on experiencing. Remy's time with Mr. Sinister. That asshole! Weaseling himself into our lives. He could have been working for Mr. Sinister all of this time.'

At this point Bobby considered leaving Remy here, and telling everyone in the mansion that Remy was a traitor. However, fate had other plans. The wind had gently picked up the cards that Remy had dropped. First Bobby noticed that it was a full house. Second, he noticed that the cards were not damaged.

Bobby did not understand how this was possible; Remy's power was to take the potential energy stored in an inanimate object and turn it into kinetic energy. Once this happened the cellular structure of the object was changed. Depending on the amount of kinetic energy Remy produce, the card would either light up and burn or blow up like a small missile. Yet these cards did not show any damage.

'Oh no' thought Bobby and without further hesitation he ran after Remy.

"Remy are you okay?" Asked Bobby when he caught up with him.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be?" Responded Remy without looking at Bobby or slowing down.

"Because, you just got attacked by Mr. Sinister."

"You saw dat?" whispered Remy.

"Yeah I did. What was that about? How did he help you? Is that why Rogue left you, because you worked for Mr. Sinister? Are you . . ."

"If you're goin' t'interrogate me den leave, now." Interrupted Remy. "In fact didn't I already tell ya to do dat?"

"Yeah, you did tell me to leave, but you didn't tell me where the blackbird was."

"It's at pier 43. Now go."

"I can't do that."

"And why not?" Demanded Remy as he turned around to look at Bobby.

"Because, I called the mansion to have the blackbird located. When, I called Hank asked me how you were feeling. I told him that I didn't know. Out of concern for you he had Storm look you up. When she located you, Mr. Sinister was within a half block of you. So I was ordered to bring you back home." responded Bobby a little harsher then he had intended.

Remy stared at him amazed. Bobby had never taken that tone with him. Realizing that he had yelled at Remy, Bobby quickly said, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" asked Remy, still looking at Bobby with a puzzled look.

"For getting angry with you."

Remy gave Bobby a small smile; he had reached a conclusion.

"Bobby, you didn' yell me out of anger. Dat's concern. Now, can y'finish your assignment?"

Returning Remy's smile, Bobby said, "I guess so."

It took them longer to get to the hotel than it took Bobby to get to Remy. Bobby didn't mind, for once the silence between them was comfortable. When they got to the room, while Bobby ordered a light dinner for two from room service Remy went to take a shower.

Remy had emerged from the bathroom in a pair of gray sweatpants, the hotel's bath robe and his hair wrapped up in a towel around his head. He looked at the table just as Bobby was finishing setting the table for dinner.

Amused Remy asked, "Bobby are ya tryin' t' seduce me?"

Bobby looked down at what he was doing and back at Remy. A slight blush emerged on his cheeks. "I'm just following orders LeBeau."

"And, what exactly where t'ose orders?"

"I am to make sure that you get home safely, have eaten a healthy meal, and get a good night's sleep."

"Well, I guess I can't argue with dat." acknowledged Remy as he took his seat. "So what's for dinner?"

"I was planning on steak and potatoes with a nice red wine. But, Hank said that would be to hard on your stomach. So where having vegetable soup, biscuits, and herbal tea." announced Bobby as he uncovered the meal.

Sighing Remy said. "I rather have the steak and potatoes."

"Well, we can have as much steak and potatoes when Hank says you can and it is coming out of your own pocket." Said Bobby as he took his chair and began eating.

"We? You mean we're going to do this again?" asked Remy wondering if Bobby was aware of the innuendo in his sentence.

"Huh?" Bobby thought of what he had said, the slight blush emerged again. "You know what I meant."

"So what did you and Rogue do on yer trip?"

Happy to comply with the change in subject, Bobby told Remy about his trip with Rogue. Bobby was a little surprised that Remy had been to all of the places they had visited. Especially Milstone, Arizona, Bobby didn't considered it a town, it was so small, just a track of buildings.

When they finished Remy went to the bathroom to hang up the towel. Bobby put the trays in the hallway. When he came back into the room. Remy was already fast asleep in his bed. Bobby changed out of his clothes leaving on his undershirt and boxers. He glanced at Remy's still form before falling asleep in the other bed.

Voices, in his dream he could hear nothing but voices.

"Bobby your a great guy and all, but I don't want to ruin our friendship." Bobby new it was an old girl friend that said it; he was just not sure which one. It was the classic line, he should know. He has been told it many times. Then he heard another voice. It's Rogue's voice

"Before you start judgin' me, you better look in the mirror."

"You can't keep avoiding your problems." another voice screamed.

Then a whisper, "Be good Bobby, be strong - in control. You can be if you just try."

Bobby awoke. He glanced at the clock it was 4 AM. Then he looked to where Remy lay. The bed was empty.


"I'm right here, Bobby," said Remy. He was sitting at the table looking out the window.

"Why are you awake?" asked Bobby as he walked to where Remy was sitting. "You should be sleeping."

"I already did."

"You've only been asleep for a few hours. That does not count as a good night sleep." said Bobby as he took the other chair "Is there a good reason for you to be disobeying orders?"

"Because I can." Remy stated.

"So, what are you thinking about?"

"T'ings you cannot understand."

"I could understand if you tell me. I want to help you Remy."

"Give me your hand." Asked Remy as he stretched out his arm across the table.


"Just do it." Reluctantly Bobby laid his hand in Remy's. Remy smiled at Bobby gave his hand a gentle squeeze before releasing it. "Why do you deny who you are?" asked Remy in a whisper

"Because I am afraid of what people will think of me." Bobby responded in the same tone.

"Don't be, you are not alone."

"How do you know?"

"Because I know what people feel."

"That doesn't make any sense. "

"Well Telepat's can read yer mind. I can read your emotions."

"Oh, So why did you touch me?" asked Bobby looking at his hands.

"I can read deem better if I'm touching de person."

"So, what did you feel?" asked Bobby looking anywhere but at Remy.

"Well, Yer annoyed, concerned, and . . . aroused? Bobby is dere somet'ing ya want to tell me?" Bobby shook his head. "Because it's all right with me. Ya shouldn' try t' hid your true self; because, one day you'll wake up an' not no who you are."

'Does he know?' thought Bobby, that he had been trying to run away from a problem. In fact, that was one of the reasons he went with Rogue. To convince himself that he was someone else.

Since Bobby wasn't participating in the conversation, Remy decided to break the silence. "I noticed it t'is evenin' when ya found me. I confirmed it when I touched you."


"I wanted to know how ya felt about me." Replied Remy sheepishly. "I needed to know how you felt about me working for Mr. Sinister."

"I take it you found you're answer."


"Remy, what did you do for him?"

"Not as much as he did for me."

"So tell me already. . . If you want to of course."

"If I tell ya, will you promise not t' tell anyone." Bobby nodded knowing that this was the point of no return.

"You can tell me, Remy. I won't tell anyone. I promise cross my heart."

"When you're powers emerged they eventually leveled off, neh? Bobby nodded. "Well mine never did. T'ey jus' kept on getting stronger and stronger. When I was wit' the guild I had people t' help me, so it was no big deal. When I left, I didn' have anyone t'help me. I didn' know w'at t'do. The only t'ing I knew was that if I got mad or excited, I would charge everyt'ing wit'in ten feet of me. I couldn't have any friends, cause I was always afraid I would lose control. The empathy only made it worst, because I knew how people felt about me. Eventually I ended up at this diner in Arizona"

"And you met a man named Grey Crow." interrupted Bobby.

"How did you know?"

"Rogue told the waitress to say Hi for her. The waitress asked her how she knew him. Rouge didn't know. I guess that was your memory."

"Oh! Anyway Grey Crow helped me for a while, but it wasn' enough. Eventually, he had me go find dis doctor in Seattle t'at could help."

"Mr. Sinister?"

"Yeah, but he didn' call hisself dat. He said dat he could help me, but there would be a price. I would've done anything t'get me powers under control. So I agreed."

"What did he do to you?"

"Well the first t'ing was t' find out my limitations. I don't remember a lot of t'at, just dat I was in a lot of pain and slept a lot. When I was awake, Mr. Sinister was always at my side. He would ask me how I felt, if I needed anyt'in'. Sometimes, he just stayed with me and talk. He was the only person t'at took care of me, after I left N'awlins. Even when I was asleep de empathy was still active. It was so nice t' know t'at he was dere, t' know he was concern about me, dat he loved me. Eventually, I fell in love with him. When he finished the testin' he had too analyze the data. So I spent most of my time regainin' my strength and helping Mr. Sinister when I could."

"I can't imagine that." Admitted Bobby.

"Dat's because you only see the mad scientist. You don't see de man."

"Oh, and what is Mr. Sinister, the man, like?"

"Robert Drake are you askin' for details?" Remy grinned.


"Well, you not going t' get dem from me." Remy smiled for a moment while thinking back on his time with Mr. Sinister. "I will say dat he is a very dedicated man to his work. As I was saying, after t'ree months of livin' wit' him. He had found away t' reduce my powers. It was minor surgery to my cerebellum. Naturally I agreed to the operation."

"Did something happen?"

"Non, the surgery was perfect. It reduced my kinetic power to the level t'at it is today. He also gave me psychic shielding so I could control de empathy. He made them so strong dat it's hard to take down."

"So what went wrong?"

"My relationship wit' Mr. Sinister was based on an empat'ic level. When I woke up from d' surgery, I was no longer able t' feel his emotions. Since, he does not show dem openly. I felt like I lost an important part of me. Den I had t' repay him for his work. I never want t'go t'rough dat again."

"What did he make you do?"

"I. . . I can't tell you, it hurts too much."

"Remy if you tell me, it won't hurt as much."

"If I tell you den you will hate me, like Rogue."

"Remy, Rogue doesn't hate you. She hate's herself more than you."

"I know, I t'ought I could help her like herself, mais I failed."

"Was that the only reason you went after Rogue?"

"Non, her emotions are so strong t'at I could feel dem wit'out havin' to touch her. I wanted to fill the emptiness that I felt. I guess it's selfish of me to want dat."

"No, it isn't Remy. Everyone wants to be loved." Bobby moved around the table and put his hands on Remy's shoulders. "In fact, if you will, I would like to. . ."

"I know Bobby," Remy gentle covered Bobby's hands with his own. "I've just been waiting for ya to admit it."

There eyes met, Bobby looked into Remy's red eyes and wondered why he never noticed the passion before. How could he ever of thought that they were demonic? Remy's yawning interrupted Bobby's analysis. The mood was broken.

"I think it's time for us to go back to bed." whispered Bobby.

"Do we hafta?" Asked Remy as another yawn escaped him.

"Yup, field leader's orders." Bobby walked over to the bed and picked up the covers.

Remy slowly made his way over to the bed. "Next time I wan' to be field leader." Lying down, Remy looked up at Bobby. "Merci." said Remy as Bobby covered him up. Remy had just finished getting settled, when he felt the other side of the bed shift.

"Bobby what are ya doing?" asked Remy puzzled.

"My orders were to make sure you get a good nights sleep. If that means sleeping with you, then it is my duty to do so." Explained Bobby with a smile that reached his eyes.

"Okay, Jus' don steal all de covers."

Once again Remy settled into bed. He was surround by the warmth of Bobby's concern, respect, and love. Remy had not felt like this in years. . . to be cherished for being himself.


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