I would die for you
I've been dying just to 
feel you by my side
to know that you're mine

I will lie for you I will steal for you
I'll crawl on hands and knees until you see you're just like me

:: Techno opera
Devon is stranded in Roswell.
co-written with river
july 12, 01 - 37 kb - nc-17

:: the Soup
People from all over are coming to investigate strange garden happenings in Orlando.
co-written with river
june - july, 01 - 95 kb - wip - nc-17

:: Cabin Snow
Jean-Paul and Sam are avalanched in in a cabin. Watch them bicker and bitch.
christmas, 00 (?) - 15 kb - pg

:: Intel
a multi fandom thing
with mostly roswell and buffy people.
2001 - snippets - pg

:: Teen Harbour
a multi fandom thing with angst and pretty boys
affectionately known as myPunks.
X-Men2/Everwood/Life as a House/Smallville/etc
co-written with river
2003 - ongoing - pg13

:: The Raven
aleterna!Lana and Pam Isley
more a summary than a fic
2003 - 6 kb - pg

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