full list, alphabetical; author, story


hey by alestar [xmen][jubilee/monet]
jubilee says i love you, monet says hey.

love, the eater of souls by amanda sichter [xmen][jean/scott]
jean loves scott


severed by babywitch [everwood][amy/laynie]
When kindergarten started, Amy and Laynie sat in the very front seat of the bus behind the new bus driver. They calmed each other's first-day-of-school jitters by plaiting tight pigtails into their hair, finishing them off with bright pink bands. The bus-ride hair braiding soon became a ritual that lasted until high school, modified only in third grade, when Laynie taught herself how to make French braids.

nothing but vain fantasy by bec [hp][lily]
lily's been having fanciful dreams

seventeen by bishclone [xmen:m][jean]
when charles found jean, she was seventeen.


runaway trains at 3 am by c. l. kamnikar [sv/btvs][dawn, clark]
"Owww...." The skeez toppled over, moaning, flailed at his head with his hands, then slumped down against the Coke machine, his eyes rolling back in his head. Dawn squeaked in surprise and glee, then skipped back a step so he wouldn't touch her shoes when he slid to the floor.

lines of communication by c. l. kamnikar [sv/btvs][buffy, martha]
"(It doesn't sound like a demon, Will. It sounds like my mom.)... Uh, this is Buffy Summers. You don't know me, but I live in Sunnydale, California, and I just got the world's largest phone bill, and the long distance charges all have your number on them. I was kind of hoping you'd know what that was about." sequel to runaway trains at 3 am

green candle by caliah [hp][hermione]
hermione would do anything for her friends.

strawberry road by chelle [btvs][buffy/faith]
Faith wasn't moving away; she was leaning closer. "You smell like ice cream."

what anya knows by chelle [btvs][anya/willow]
anya knows about friendship.


passion fruit purple by dafnap [sv] [lana/chloe]
Many permutations and she gets stuck with this: drunk girl, lax legs, lips that trace the curvature of her neck, all in all not a bad place to be. It feels weird, no stubble, no gritty gritty of boy-skin, but for the moment it would do. Chloe moans something and Lana wonders if she should stop taking advantage of this situation. She wasn't hating this as much as her straight-laced, perfect existence would lead her to believe.

I drive the car by dyce [sv][chloe]
"I'm already short. It's not gonna make me any shorter," she pointed out. There must be a guy around SOMEWHERE who'd allow himself to be made use of, in a completely unrewarding-for-him way. Maybe she could borrow Whitney. No. She was never going to be THAT desperate. Sure, Lana would lend him willingly, but how much help could Whitney the Peanut Brained Gorilla be? He'd just whine the whole way. Chloe couldn't stand guys who whined. Where to find a guy, where to... hey. She narrowed her eyes and looked speculatively at Luthor. He was technically of the male persuasion. And looked to be in quite good shape. And he was making such an effort to be nice and normal, it would practically be doing him a favour to give him a chance to do it some more...

you'd better not go down to the woods today by dyce [sv][chloe]
"I just don't like cutesy fuzzy animals," Lex said mildly. Watching Chloe go from monosyllabic grunts to full-blown Chloeness in the course of one espresso was quite fascinating, and well worth getting up early himself for. "Especially Disney. They anthropomorphize the things to such an extent that they're like human beings in puppy suits."


no fury by fayjay [sv/btvs][victora, anya]
victoria is a woman scorned.


accio by girlyskin [hp][hermione/fleur]
names have their own magic.

muscle and bone and feather by gunbunny [authority][jenny/shen]
Moves her fingers back up to the one of the unbelievably sensitive spots that Shen's wings sprout out of. If Jenny pinches the skin, or digs her fingers with their bitten nails into that spot at the right moment during sex, it sends Shen right over the edge.


stupid girl by jaesepha [pop][britney]
It always takes you a while to order your thoughts, to think about the question and then think about what you want to say. In the interviews, your pauses were stretched out and filled with the snappy snippy thoughts of the writers, college girls all. The thin chatter you used to fill those pauses when they became too awkward sounded a lot less charming filtered through those smart girls' pens. The meaner ones transcribed it word for word. You read the interviews again and again. You memorized the worst ones. You hadn't thought you were quite that stupid.

god shuffled her feet by jane st. clair [daria][daria/jane]
daria watches jane sleep.

luminous pretty by janete [xmen][marrow/various]
marrow and emma frost, and caliban, and storm. sex, soft and hunter.

mother by janete [xmen][callisto/marrow]
I see Callisto smiling savagely when a sharp and sudden bone growth leaves her with a long, shallow slash along her thigh and pelvis. When Marrow leans down to lap away the blood...

territorial by janete [xmen][marrow/tabitha]
tabitha goes territorial.

kitchen by jennifer-oksana [btvs][willow/fred]
this isn't fred's world.

revenant by jennifer-oksana [angel][lilah]
it's lilah's house. she's earned it.

almost dawn by justine [sv][martha]
She's starting to doze again when the door opens, slowly, and Clark gracefully slips in through the door. He stops immediately; she's got the light on, and he can't possibly miss her.


abraham by kaesi [st:ent][hoshi]
hoshi is a daughter of abraham.

eeew sick by kannaophelia [swh][jessica/lila]
jessica won't let liz one up her, and lila has a secret. funny and sweet.

come shots by kate bolin [hp][hermione]
scenes of hermione. and sex. heee.

a glass asylum by kate bolin [btvs][tara]
tara did what she had to do.

too keen on being grown up by kate j [narnia][susan/caspian]
In the window, she touched the bony end of her collarbone, her bitten fingernails lying against the ribs visible above the buttons of her pyjama top.

chrome by keri [hp][pansy/hermione]
pansy studies a mudblood.

a girl with kaleidoscope eyes by kyra cullinan [btvs][willow/tara]
This is not a story about Tara.

girls grow quicker than books by kyra cullinan [narnia][lucy]
there are no talking beasts here.


blood sugar sex magic by lar [btvs][anya/willow]
She asks you about things sometimes. "Were all your, uh, clients asking for vengeance on their boyfriends?"

thank you ma'am by laura shapiro [sv][lana/chloe]
lana hears chloe mastrubating. yowza.

the queen in exile by linda marie [narnia][lucy]
she's only a schoolgirl.

as cool as I am by lise [xmen][monet/jubilee]
"Why are you smiling like an idiot, M?"

believe by lise [xmen][jubilee/monet]
they're only children.

just called to say by lise [rps][pink/britney]
britney returns pink's call.

a queer fairy tale by lise [btvs][tara/willow]
tara is in love.

ring the alarm by lise [rps][christina]
Christina got on the floor by eleven thirty, did her usual round of the richer betters and circled back to the stands by midnight.

touch me by lise [btvs][tara/willow]
tara wants willow's touch.

tangerine fairchild's license to kill by livia [multi][marysue]
"Of course I remember you," said Tangerine, making Simon flush with pleasure he knew was irrational. Currently divorced, Simon had been a married man when he'd first met the lovely Tangerine Fairchild, and so he'd never acted on his powerful attraction to the beautiful, mysterious, strong-willed supermodel who'd renounced her career in the fashion industry to devote her life to criminal profiling.

chiaroscuro by luna [btvs][anya]
anya through the ages.


talking stick/circle by macedon and peg [st:voy][janeway/chakotay]
It's him again. Chakotay. He's started a story telling circle. Well, no. It started itself, and dragged him in. But there's no real question that it is his.

a companion's lot by mara greengrass [ff][inara]
Once she worked for a member of the crew, things could only go downhill.

the evolution of jubilee by mara greengrass [xmen:m][jubilee]
The last section, finally, was labeled "Mutation Today." She stared in disbelief at the sum total of human wisdom on mutants, as seen by the creators of this exhibit.

jenny the vampire slayer by marcus l. rowland [authority/btvs][jenny sparks]
"Here, use this stake to finish him... oh." says a panting voice behind her. She looks at the stranger, bowed down with crosses, stakes, and daggers, flicks her fag-end at his feet and walks away.
The next day, for the first of many times, she tells the Watchers where to put their council. She's buggered if she's going to let a bunch of old wankers tell her what to do with her life.

forgotten girl by mary borsellino [btvs][dawn]
Dawn wondered if that's what was going on. Buffy wasn't around to see her, so now nobody could. That was the closest thing to logic Dawn could come up with.

Peanut butter and jelly by mary borsellino[7heaven][ruthie/yasmine]
"I don't want to behave like a silly lovesick girlfriend to some boy when I could be having fun with you instead."

the worst part by mary borsellino [sw:aoc][corde/amidala]
"She died in my arms, Knight Kenobi. She was in my arms and I couldn't hold her to this world." Amidala didn't look at him, pulling cups out of the shelves and a sachet of flavouring out of a small box.

maternity by melymbrosia [angel] [darla]
The baby's heartbeat is a small, steady pulse. If she holds very still, she can feel it vibrate through her entire body, even her skin set very slightly atremble.

now by melymbrosia [minrep][agatha]
what agatha sees

truly and forever by melymbrosia [buffy] [tara/willow]
I love you, she says, I do this because I love you, and her fingers are tender on your cheek, so tender.

Idle Musings of a Woman at Eighty by minisinoo [xmen:m][jean]
They look at me with awe, I feel it beating against the glass lantern of my mind like the fluttering wings of moths. I must be so careful with them or I would burn them up. I am Phoenix. Yet I am also simply me. Plain Jean. I don't feel so special on the inside of my skin, and I wonder, idly, if this is how Charles felt when we idolized him, so many years ago

In a Motel Six on Highway Five, After the Forty-Nines by minisinoo [xmen][dani]
So serious. Always so serious. I suppose they've reason to be; not every group of superheroes saves the world on a regular basis. But really. A little humor never hurt anyone. Mine escaped, and I'm on a scouting mission to bring it back, dead or alive. I need to learn how to be Indian again without forgetting I'm a mutant. Creatures of two worlds have special power.

dreams of alligators. by moonwhip [btvs][willow]
Sunnydale's graduation is on a Thursday, for some asinine reason, and today is Monday. Thursday, the mayor Ascends--or attempts to, she reminds herself, because the situation isn't completely hopeless yet. Thursday, she leaves Sunnydale High officially.

swan dive, swan song by morphea [btvs][cordelia/Willow]
Why did she continually walk right into these death traps? Why wouldn't she just learn: you don't go out walking by yourself at night, you don't make eyes at strange dark boys, and you don't gamble your cravings on the queen bitch. Cordelia keeps her tiara razor sharp, and you still want to run your hands through her hair.


longing with a cherry tomato on top by nate [gg][paris/rory]
But sometimes when you're in love, you have to lie. I turned on the Gellar charm (what little of it I have), and told her I'd never even gotten a B in my life. Sucker, she said she'd help me out a week later.

charmed life by northlight [ff][inara]
inara has a story.

stockholm syndrome by nostalgia [st:voy][7/janeway]
seven does what her gut tells her.

so many soldiers by not jenny [pretender][miss parker/jarod]
theirs is an unusual romance.


third eye, third sister by orphne [hp][sybill]
She feels she's being pulled thin, as if bound across an interminable space. Her limbs are slender and stretched, and moon white, like spider webs. She is beginning to feel translucent in some places, like at the slope of her shoulders and curve of her left knee. She is worried that one day, she will fade altogether.


how good girls get laid by pares [buffy] [willow/tara]
"I really like your sweater." And she did, it was soft and modest, yet kinda clingy, a deep burgundy with a v-neck. "It's pretty." Tara dimpled and dipped her head. And really, Willow had meant, you're pretty.

routine by pearl-o [bio][torrance/cliff(missy)]
Torrance usually dozes off first. Missy looks a lot like Cliff when she's asleep.

silence by plumeria [hp][ginny]
Pressing her hands to her cheeks in an attempt to subdue the fire, she mentally cursed herself for being so obvious. Fred had been right -- she had been staring, gazing in rapt attention at the person she had completely fallen for.

delight by proserpina [pop][britney/christina]
Britney always had wings, for as long as she could remember.


the gauguin series by queenb [xmen][betsy/jean]
beautifully written series with titles from paintings by gauguin. the language and the discriptions are lovely, and make you feel like you're really there. takes place after scott's death. betsy takes jean with her to hawaii to help her heal.


the rape of kassandra by reaverpoet [ff][river/kaylee]
river is now and then, and waits for the future.

strawberries by renard [xmen][jubilee/monet]
going down on monet, is like eating ice cream. no, stay with me here.

sundress by rhoddlet [hp][ginny/hermione]
At this point, Ginny realizes that she's doomed to fall in love with the people her brothers bring home.


american girl by s. n. kastle [ww][donna/ofc]
what donna does

deathly by s.n. kastle [btvs/angel][faith]
Behind the glass Angel looked old, and he never looked old, and that's how Faith knew.

The Figure in the Glass by sarah t [sv][lana/lex]
She jumped back from the curb to avoid the spray from a passing car, and someone jostled her. She turned to say something to him, and found herself looking at the back of a familiar bald head. She hadn't seen him since her wedding, but no one in Metropolis wouldn't recognize him. "Lex!"

incriminating evidence by sarah t [sv][chloe, lex]
Her dad's voice sounded a little odd--strained--so she picked up the receiver in her room. "Clark, we've talked about this. You know Saturday at noon is Chloe time. Do I interrupt you when you're having a hot-and-heavy so-called stargazing session?"
"Maybe you don't," said a voice that wasn't Clark's, "but now that you mention it, maybe next time I will."

zig zag girls by scynneh [btvs][willow/faith]
Almost everyone stared when the two of them went by; one tall and curved, the other small and lean. Both pretty, but their blackberry lipstick mouths were set in distant amusement and none understood what they were about.

eat your heart out by sevenall [xmen][lorna]
When Lorna Dane's hair first took on a greenish tinge, her father blamed the pipes, her cheap shampoo, and the chlorine in the pool. Her mother blamed herself, in a way that Lorna never quite understood.

the history of the world by shaye [hp][lily]
People are born, people suffer, people die. Sometimes they fall in love.

'cause everybody wants by silvia kundera [hp/rps][hermione/britney]
sometimes she thinks it's not real.

excuse me but by silvia kundera [hp][millicent/hermione]
let me tell you a story.

thousand yard stare by sophia jirafe [btvs][slayer-in-training]
she's not like the other girls.

(pink) lady godiva by the stylus [ww][nancy/amy]
In the Oval she always has at least five things in her hands and five million in her head.


a moment of american beauty by tangerine [xmen][jubilee]
I don't really know when it happened, when I suddenly clued in and said, like, hey, girl, will you open your eyes and *see* the world, please?

whereas the body by teanna [btvs][tara]
I hear you killed a boy for me today, Willow.

the dreaming and the lifted veil by tess [hp][narcissa/lily]
A Malfoy bride should be pure and unstained, like the driven snow.

you have your own by tiffany rawlins [pop] [pink/britney]
She laughs, politely, nicely, and you feel like a twelve-year-old boy. You feel like you're standing at the chalkboard with a hard-on, and you're suddenly glad you're on the phone. You think you must be blushing bright. Fucking girls. You can crook a finger at some strange boy across a bar and fuck him up against a chain link fence in the parking lot without so much as a twinge.

numenelisse by Twinkledru J. [lotr/btvs] [Arwen/Willow]
She was -- moonlight, and water, and time older than time immemorial, and that was all that Willow knew.


amour by viola [angel][justine]
Julia had had artificial SoCal sunlight in her bangs the day they buried their grandmother. The white-gold clashed with the charcoal grey and black both wore, so bright it made Justine's eyes water. Made her blink against the Saturday morning sun. She'd always been a night person anyway.


as time goes by by yahtzee [angel][cordelia]
So much has changed, these last few years -- the four years since the Venareth -- and not for the better. Wars are being waged and lost, first by humans and now, by demons and vampires as well. Great cities have crumbled, once-mighty nations are falling. Creatures that dare not walk in the light of day threaten to command the world at night. The time of decision is drawing near, but the vast majority of the population (human and inhuman alike) is helpless to affect it, can only stand and watching it coming, and hope not to be drawn down in its wake.

phoenix burning by yahtzee [btvs][buffy]
Buffy stared up at her, shocked almost beyond comprehension, as the woman continued, "You have been dead for 350 years."