characters featured in stories rec'ed here. please download these pictures on to your computer if you want to use them yourself.
chloe sullivan [smallville] lana lang [smallville] martha kent [smallville] victoria hardwick [smallville] yasmine [seventh heaven] ruthie [seventh heaven]
kathryn janeway [voyager] seven of nine [voyager] hoshi sato [enterprise] t'pol [enterprise] buffy summers [buffy the vampire slayer] dawn summers [buffy the vampire slayer]
faith [buffy/angel] winifred burkle [angel] halfrek [buffy the vampire slayer] anya [buffy the vampire slayer] willow rosenberg [buffy the vampire slayer] tara maclay [buffy the vampire slayer]
lilah morgan [angel] cordelia chase [buffy/angel] joyce summers [buffy the vampire slayer[ inara serra [firefly] kaylee fry [firefly] river tam [firefly]
zoe [firefly] danielle moonstar [x-men] jean grey [x-men] elizabeth braddock [x-men] monet st. croix [x-men] jubilation lee [x-men]
emma frost [x-men] sarah marrow [x-men] lorna dane [x-men] madelyne pryor [ultimate x-men] tabitha smith [x-men] callisto [x-men]
ainsley [west wing] cj cragg [west wing] donna [west wing] amy [west wing] nancy [west wing] arwen [lord of the rings]
pink christina aguilera britney spears hermione granger [harry potter] fleur delacoer [harry potter] ginny weasley [harry potter]
molly weasley [harry potter] petunia evans dursley [harry potter] lily evans potter [harry potter] lucy pevensie [narnia] daria morgendorffer [daria] jane lane [daria]
jenny sparks [the authority] shen [the authority]
lois lane [lois and clark] amy [everwood]