stories I couldn't it in the other categories. vignettes, character sketches, genfic, etcetera.

silence by plumeria [hp][ginny]
Pressing her hands to her cheeks in an attempt to subdue the fire, she mentally cursed herself for being so obvious. Fred had been right -- she had been staring, gazing in rapt attention at the person she had completely fallen for.

tangerine fairchild's license to kill by livia [multi][marysue]
"Of course I remember you," said Tangerine, making Simon flush with pleasure he knew was irrational. Currently divorced, Simon had been a married man when he'd first met the lovely Tangerine Fairchild, and so he'd never acted on his powerful attraction to the beautiful, mysterious, strong-willed supermodel who'd renounced her career in the fashion industry to devote her life to criminal profiling.

phoenix burning by yahtzee [btvs][buffy]
Buffy stared up at her, shocked almost beyond comprehension, as the woman continued, "You have been dead for 350 years."

incriminating evidence by sarah t [sv][chloe, lex]
Her dad's voice sounded a little odd--strained--so she picked up the receiver in her room. "Clark, we've talked about this. You know Saturday at noon is Chloe time. Do I interrupt you when you're having a hot-and-heavy so-called stargazing session?"
"Maybe you don't," said a voice that wasn't Clark's, "but now that you mention it, maybe next time I will."

I drive the car by dyce [sv][chloe]
"I'm already short. It's not gonna make me any shorter," she pointed out. There must be a guy around SOMEWHERE who'd allow himself to be made use of, in a completely unrewarding-for-him way. Maybe she could borrow Whitney. No. She was never going to be THAT desperate. Sure, Lana would lend him willingly, but how much help could Whitney the Peanut Brained Gorilla be? He'd just whine the whole way. Chloe couldn't stand guys who whined. Where to find a guy, where to... hey. She narrowed her eyes and looked speculatively at Luthor. He was technically of the male persuasion. And looked to be in quite good shape. And he was making such an effort to be nice and normal, it would practically be doing him a favour to give him a chance to do it some more...

you'd better not go down to the woods today by dyce [sv][chloe]
"I just don't like cutesy fuzzy animals," Lex said mildly. Watching Chloe go from monosyllabic grunts to full-blown Chloeness in the course of one espresso was quite fascinating, and well worth getting up early himself for. "Especially Disney. They anthropomorphize the things to such an extent that they're like human beings in puppy suits."

runaway trains at 3 am by c. l. kamnikar [sv/btvs][dawn, clark]
"Owww...." The skeez toppled over, moaning, flailed at his head with his hands, then slumped down against the Coke machine, his eyes rolling back in his head. Dawn squeaked in surprise and glee, then skipped back a step so he wouldn't touch her shoes when he slid to the floor.
sequel is lines of communication

no fury by fayjay [sv/btvs][victora, anya]
victoria is a woman scorned.

abraham by kaesi [st:ent][hoshi]
hoshi is a daughter of abraham.

a companion's lot by mara greengrass [ff][inara]
Once she worked for a member of the crew, things could only go downhill.

now by melymbrosia [minrep][agatha]
what agatha sees

charmed life by northlight [ff][inara]
inara has a story.

thousand yard stare by sophia jirafe [btvs][slayer-in-training]
she's not like the other girls.