maternal. i.e. stories that focus on being a mother, or an expecting mother.

lines of communication by c. l. kamnikar [sv/btvs][buffy, martha]
"(It doesn't sound like a demon, Will. It sounds like my mom.)... Uh, this is Buffy Summers. You don't know me, but I live in Sunnydale, California, and I just got the world's largest phone bill, and the long distance charges all have your number on them. I was kind of hoping you'd know what that was about." sequel to runaway trains at 3 am

almost dawn by justine [sv][martha]
She's starting to doze again when the door opens, slowly, and Clark gracefully slips in through the door. He stops immediately; she's got the light on, and he can't possibly miss her.

nothing but vain fantasy by bec [hp][lily]
lily's been having fanciful dreams

the history of the world by shaye [hp][lily]
People are born, people suffer, people die. Sometimes they fall in love.