Please note: these links lead to pages where you can find the vids, not to the actual vids themselves. vid format is listed here.

southwest voodoo by theShimmerTwins [btvs][willow][wmv]
gives me the chills, yo. it's a good exploration of willow at the end of season six. kick arse.
country cavalcade by sisabet and dawn [btvs][willow, buffy][wmv]
this is actually three vids in one, but it's the first one I'm reccing. it's willow and buffy set to dixie chicks' goodbye earl. makes me laugh.
brass in pocket by dr. dawn and sisabet[angel][lilah][wmv]
lilah character sketch.
come on by here's luck [btvs][faith/buffy] [wmv][rm]
very pretty, very good vid using season three and season four clips to show the relationship between Buffy and Faith. the fight scene in particular is impressing. I rather like the song too.
women who kick ass [multifandom][many][wmv]
utterly exhausting, but good vid showcasing Mutant X, Alias, Witchblade and Lara Croft.