longing with a cherry tomato on top by nate [gg][paris/rory]
But sometimes when you're in love, you have to lie. I turned on the Gellar charm (what little of it I have), and told her I'd never even gotten a B in my life. Sucker, she said she'd help me out a week later.

the worst part by mary borsellino [sw:aoc][corde/amidala]
"She died in my arms, Knight Kenobi. She was in my arms and I couldn't hold her to this world." Amidala didn't look at him, pulling cups out of the shelves and a sachet of flavouring out of a small box.

american girl by s. n. kastle [ww][donna/ofc]
what donna does

severed by babywitch [everwood][amy/laynie]
When kindergarten started, Amy and Laynie sat in the very front seat of the bus behind the new bus driver. They calmed each other's first-day-of-school jitters by plaiting tight pigtails into their hair, finishing them off with bright pink bands. The bus-ride hair braiding soon became a ritual that lasted until high school, modified only in third grade, when Laynie taught herself how to make French braids.

sundress by rhoddlet [hp][ginny/hermione]
At this point, Ginny realizes that she's doomed to fall in love with the people her brothers bring home.

Peanut butter and jelly by mary borsellino[7heaven][ruthie/yasmine]
"I don't want to behave like a silly lovesick girlfriend to some boy when I could be having fun with you instead."

delight by proserpina [pop][britney/christina]
Britney always had wings, for as long as she could remember.

hey by alestar [xmen][jubilee/monet]
jubilee says i love you, monet says hey.

what anya knows by chelle [btvs][anya/willow]
anya knows about friendship.

accio by girlyskin [hp][hermione/fleur]
names have their own magic.

muscle and bone and feather by gunbunny [authority][jenny/shen]
Moves her fingers back up to the one of the unbelievably sensitive spots that Shen's wings sprout out of. If Jenny pinches the skin, or digs her fingers with their bitten nails into that spot at the right moment during sex, it sends Shen right over the edge.

god shuffled her feet by jane st. clair [daria][daria/jane]
daria watches jane sleep.

eeew sick by kannaophelia [swh][jessica/lila]
jessica won't let liz one up her, and lila has a secret. funny and sweet.

chrome by keri [hp][pansy/hermione]
pansy studies a mudblood.

blood sugar sex magic by lar [btvs][anya/willow]
She asks you about things sometimes. "Were all your, uh, clients asking for vengeance on their boyfriends?"

as cool as I am by lise [xmen][monet/jubilee]
"Why are you smiling like an idiot, M?"

believe by lise [xmen][jubilee/monet]
they're only children.

just called to say by lise [rps][pink/britney]
britney returns pink's call.

a queer fairy tale by lise [btvs][tara/willow]
tara is in love.

stockholm syndrome by nostalgia [st:voy][7/janeway]
seven does what her gut tells her.

so many soldiers by not jenny [pretender][miss parker/jarod]
theirs is an unusual romance.

routine by pearl-o [bio][torrance/cliff(missy)]
Torrance usually dozes off first. Missy looks a lot like Cliff when she's asleep.

the gauguin series by queenb [xmen][betsy/jean]
beautifully written series with titles from paintings by gauguin. the language and the discriptions are lovely, and make you feel like you're really there. takes place after scott's death. betsy takes jean with her to hawaii to help her heal.

the rape of kassandra by reaverpoet [ff][river/kaylee]
river is now and then, and waits for the future.

zig zag girls by scynneh [btvs][willow/faith]
Almost everyone stared when the two of them went by; one tall and curved, the other small and lean. Both pretty, but their blackberry lipstick mouths were set in distant amusement and none understood what they were about.

'cause everybody wants by silvia kundera [hp/rps][hermione/britney]
sometimes she thinks it's not real.

excuse me but by silvia kundera [hp][millicent/hermione]
let me tell you a story.

(pink) lady godiva by the stylus [ww][nancy/amy]
In the Oval she always has at least five things in her hands and five million in her head.

the dreaming and the lifted veil by tess [hp][narcissa/lily]
A Malfoy bride should be pure and unstained, like the driven snow.

numenelisse by Twinkledru J. [lotr/btvs] [Arwen/Willow]
She was -- moonlight, and water, and time older than time immemorial, and that was all that Willow knew.