scary or, well, not really. most are just eerie, i suppose. very not cheerful.

third eye, third sister by orphne [hp][sybill]
She feels she's being pulled thin, as if bound across an interminable space. Her limbs are slender and stretched, and moon white, like spider webs. She is beginning to feel translucent in some places, like at the slope of her shoulders and curve of her left knee. She is worried that one day, she will fade altogether.

love, the eater of souls by amanda sichter [xmen][jean/scott]
jean loves scott

green candle by caliah [hp][hermione]
hermione would do anything for her friends.

kitchen by jennifer-oksana [btvs][willow/fred]
this isn't fred's world.

revenant by jennifer-oksana [angel][lilah]
it's lilah's house. she's earned it.

a glass asylum by kate bolin [btvs][tara]
tara did what she had to do.

a girl with kaleidoscope eyes by kyra cullinan [btvs][willow/tara]
This is not a story about Tara.

the queen in exile by linda marie [narnia][lucy]
she's only a schoolgirl.

eat your heart out by sevenall [xmen][lorna]
When Lorna Dane's hair first took on a greenish tinge, her father blamed the pipes, her cheap shampoo, and the chlorine in the pool. Her mother blamed herself, in a way that Lorna never quite understood.

whereas the body by teanna [btvs][tara]
I hear you killed a boy for me today, Willow.