swan dive, swan song by morphea [btvs][cordelia/Willow]
Why did she continually walk right into these death traps? Why wouldn't she just learn: you don't go out walking by yourself at night, you don't make eyes at strange dark boys, and you don't gamble your cravings on the queen bitch. Cordelia keeps her tiara razor sharp, and you still want to run your hands through her hair.

strawberry road by chelle [btvs][buffy/faith]
Faith wasn't moving away; she was leaning closer. "You smell like ice cream."

The Figure in the Glass by sarah t [sv][lana/lex]
She jumped back from the curb to avoid the spray from a passing car, and someone jostled her. She turned to say something to him, and found herself looking at the back of a familiar bald head. She hadn't seen him since her wedding, but no one in Metropolis wouldn't recognize him. "Lex!"

luminous pretty by janete [xmen][marrow/various]
marroe and emma frost, and caliban, and storm. sex, soft and hunter.

mother by janete [xmen][callisto/marrow]
I see Callisto smiling savagely when a sharp and sudden bone growth leaves her with a long, shallow slash along her thigh and pelvis. When Marrow leans down to lap away the blood...

territorial by janete [xmen][marrow/tabitha]
tabitha goes territorial.

come shots by kate bolin [hp][hermione]
scenes of hermione. and sex. heee.

too keen on being grown up by kate j [narnia][susan/caspian]
In the window, she touched the bony end of her collarbone, her bitten fingernails lying against the ribs visible above the buttons of her pyjama top.

thank you ma'am by laura shapiro [sv][lana/chloe]
lana hears chloe mastrubating. yowza.

ring the alarm by lise [rps][christina]
Christina got on the floor by eleven thirty, did her usual round of the richer betters and circled back to the stands by midnight.

touch me by lise [btvs][tara/willow]
tara wants willow's touch.

strawberries by renard [xmen][jubilee/monet]
going down on monet, is like eating ice cream. no, stay with me here.