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8.november 2003 - 7 new recs - slash - gen - het

how good girls get laid by pares [buffy] [willow/tara]
"I really like your sweater." And she did, it was soft and modest, yet kinda clingy, a deep burgundy with a v-neck. "It's pretty." Tara dimpled and dipped her head. And really, Willow had meant, you're pretty.

maternity by melymbrosia [angel] [darla]
The baby's heartbeat is a small, steady pulse. If she holds very still, she can feel it vibrate through her entire body, even her skin set very slightly atremble.

truly and forever by melymbrosia [buffy] [tara/willow]
I love you, she says, I do this because I love you, and her fingers are tender on your cheek, so tender.

passion fruit purple by dafnap [sv] [lana/chloe]
Many permutations and she gets stuck with this: drunk girl, lax legs, lips that trace the curvature of her neck, all in all not a bad place to be. It feels weird, no stubble, no gritty gritty of boy-skin, but for the moment it would do. Chloe moans something and Lana wonders if she should stop taking advantage of this situation. She wasn't hating this as much as her straight-laced, perfect existence would lead her to believe.

you have your own by tiffany rawlins [pop] [pink/britney]
She laughs, politely, nicely, and you feel like a twelve-year-old boy. You feel like you're standing at the chalkboard with a hard-on, and you're suddenly glad you're on the phone. You think you must be blushing bright. Fucking girls. You can crook a finger at some strange boy across a bar and fuck him up against a chain link fence in the parking lot without so much as a twinge.

saturday morning by livia [batman] [harley/ivy]
With a sigh, Harley forces her eyelids open, propping herself up on one elbow to study her bedmate. Ivy wakes more slowly than Harley; she's hardly begun to stir. Her back is turned to Harley, her head turned into the pillow, one raw, faint green shoulder hunched in and over, shielding the face hidden by a fall of red hair like the petals of an unopened rose.

Siege Engine by hth [voy/xena] [xena/seven]
I meet Seven of Nine in this way, knowing nothing of her except that she is Gabrielle’s guest, and that I will not fight her for Gabrielle’s sake, nor will I fuck her. For Gabrielle’s sake.

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