the raven

When she was three, Lana watched her parents being crushed to death by meteors. She was a princess who could grant wishes that day. She wore a pink dress and a tiara. In her hand, she had a magic wand. After the meteors, she didn't believe in wishes any more.

When she was six, she began to run away from home to visit her parents in the graveyard. Sometimes she was sure she could hear them talking to her. Come morning her aunt would find her sleeping on the grave.

When she was nine, her best friend drowned. Lana stood on the bridge, watching. Her long black hair crowning her like a raven's wings, the wind blowing rain in her face. Later she went to Emily's funeral, never shedding a tear. Her solemn face disturbed the mourners.

When she was twelve, she met Lex Luthor. She was supposed to be waiting for her aunt, but she got bored and wandered off. Lana crouched behind the plants, watching the older boy fuck his girlfriend.

When she was fifthteen, she had a wall of weird in the school's newspaper office. The piece de resistance was a necklace containing a piece of the meteor that killed her parents. The other students called her insane, when they noticed her at all. Her boyfriend was literally the boy next door, and the mere ordinary-ness of him repelled her. When her best friend fell in love with Clark and stole him away, Lana didn't care. She only pitied Chloe, picturing Clark's mother's fate for her, stuck in Smallville for all eternity.

Lana wanted away, to a place where nobody knew her name, where she wasn't the girl with the dead parents.

When Lex Luthor moved to Smallville, she seduced him, or let him seduce her, hoping he would bring her to Metropolis with him. She soon realised he wouldn't, and fell back to watching.

She saw his courtship of Clark, and it amused her. She didn't tell Chloe, not right away. She waited. Chloe was her best friend, but Lana delighted in petty cruelty.

When she was eightteen, she moved to Metropolis and spread her wings for the first time. She cut her hair the first week and began assembling a wardrobe of black. She got two tattoos; one the chinese symbol for freedom, the other an anhk.

She was a Goth by nature.

When she was twenty-one, she was finishing up bachelor degrees in biology and chemistry, intenting to enroll in Metropolis University's Forensic department. She had always been very good in school, and she had no troubles with admission.

When she was twenty-four, she met Pamela Isley, a biochemistry student at Met U. Pam had red hair and glasses, and a geek if ever a geek there was. She was twenty years old and a science prodigy on par with Lex Luthor.

They met while Lana was bartendering at the "After Eight" pub. Lana noticed her because Pam came in every Tuesday and Thursday with a pile of papers and an iBook, and sat at the same place every time. Pam ordered almost always only Irish Coffee or beer.

Three months later, to Lana's surprise, Pam asked her out.

Five months after their first date, Pam and her pet plant Daphne moved in with Lana. Black now battling green for supremacy in the appartment.

When she was twenty-seven, she was working Metropolis CSI. Pamela Isley was in Brasil, saving the rainforest (or what was left of it, anyway) on behalf of LexCorp.

The news of Pam's death reached Lana while she was conducting tests to find out what the weird green glowy substance on a D.O.A. was. She never did ascertain what it was, but it did contain meteor fragments. Pamela had been due to return to Metropolis three weeks later.

For the first time in twenty-four years, Lana wept.

When she was thirty, she was killed as she discovered the hideout of a killer, while searching a crime scene.

Her killer was never caught.

A month after the funeral, Lana's grave was inexplicably overgrown with poison ivy.


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