To live where others merely dream


changing legend into fact
we shall ride into history
turn myth into truth
we shall surely gaze
on the sweet unfolding
of an ancient mystery

:: Like a Red, Red Rose
Remus has a crush, Sirius freaks,
because it's what he does, isn't it?
2001 - 31 kb - pg

:: Where you've been
Sirius discovers something
Remus has kept hidden from him.
co-written with river
july, 01 - 26 kb - pg

:: Oh come all ye faithful
Li'l Severus at Christmas time.
december, 01 - 4 kb - gen

:: crapulam terriblem habeo
Peter dreams. MWPP era.
december, 03 - 5 kb - pg
Yuletide fic for Stellamaru

:: Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux
Draco has a bracelet.
? - 2 kb - draco/harry

:: Weasley Wizard Games
Charlie brings his lover
to a Weasley family gathering.
March, '04 - 22 kb - draco/charlie

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