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And At First by Cosmic

- 21 kb - Deals with the aftermath of The Kiss in #24. Angst. Jake/Remy.

Faux Pas by Diamonde

- 90 kb - Jake's and Remy's pov - Jake deals with being a woman, Remy deals with attraction and friendship. This is simply a very, very, very good story. It's funny, it's cute, it's touching and there's a wee bit of angst in it as well. You will love this story. ...Oh and yeah, there are strawberries. Jake/Remy.

* Small World by Diamonde

- 25 kb - Cable meets Belladonna. This one has a cute Remy cameo, and it's sort of a sequel to Faux Pas. Cable/Belle

Pros and Cons by Reverdy

- 9 kb - Remy comes by Jake's at 5 am in the morning and finds something Jake really didn't want him to find. ;) Jake/Remy.

Puttering Around by Reverdy

- 8 kb - Jennifer Walter's pov - Jennifer and Jake play mini-golf. Slight gross factor in the beginning ;), but fun and (shock horror!) a gen story!

new! 100 words by Sascha
courier sleeping :: latte

Fucking by Sascha

- 6 kb - river's fault! Angsty PWP (kinda). Jake/Pete.

* Post-Coital Bliss by River

- 10 kb - And we're upping the angst and fucked up factor by 10... Here's the sequel to Fucking. Jake/Pete.

** Blow Job by Sascha

- 13 kb - Pete gets a visit from Remy. Cue: Angst & chatting 'bout Jake. Here's the sequel to Post-Coital Bliss. Jake/Pete. Riv. You're next.

The Other Shoe by Sascha

- 3 kb - Remy's pov - just a short angsty story. The first finished story featuring Jake/Remy that I know of.

Paradise Island by Sascha

- 46 kb - WIP - Mainly/originally a Bobby/Remy story, but other characters kept sneaking in. It's pure fun, this one. :) Bobby & Remy try to catch a bad guy. On an island for gay newly weds. Jake/Victor

Trip On Love by Sascha

- 47 kb - 3rd person pov - While on a mission from the New Son, Jake says something he never intended to say and then we get to visit a place Jake frequents rather often. Jake/Remy.

* Love and Life by Sascha

- 48 kb - 3rd person pov, switching - Jake and Remy are out looking for Daynare's necklace. Life interferes. Ororo and Remy talk. Things like that. Sequel to Trip On Love

Pirates, Pyramids and 'pocalypse by Shade

- 13 kb - Jake's pov - Remy's dragged Jake with him back in time once more, and he's got a surprise for Jake at the end of the journey... Jake/Remy.

cameo apperance

Two Pair by L.M. Griffin

- 330 kb - 3rd person pov - During a long period of time Remy and Jubilee grow close. Very sweet story. Jake and Sekmeht appear in part 4. Remy/Jubilee, Jake/Sek.


trip on love
jake and remy
datescene by glockgal jake by indigo jake/jackie by devo jake and remy by glockgal
lilac mar by glockgal jackie by indigo jake/jackie by indigo jake and remy by phoenix
cora sandel, michel valmont and jake/jackie by maelie
daynare by glockgal

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