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jacob/jacqueline gavin junior

remy lebeau

jacob/jacqueline and remy


bullseye constrictor deadpool and constrictor
greg victor creed aka sabretooth barac and zaran

the assassins and thieves guild

assassins and thieves belladonna belladonna emil and claude
questa, fifolet and gris gris gris gris and theoren young jean luc lebeau jean luc lebeau
jean luc lebeau jean luc lebeau remy and jean luc tante mattie
tante mattie bel vs mercy mercy lebeau mercy lebeau
singer singer theoren zoe ishiara
zoe and shirow zoe genard claude


warren k. worthington iii aka angel angel charles xavier rogue
kitty pryde


amanda mueller aka black womb adam worth candra candra
crew a.s.k.e.w grayson crow new son pelican
quiet bill quiet bill and huey nathaniel essex aka sinister valerie cooper
the executioner gloria dayne aka fontanelle fontanelle

other groups

jake, remy and young jean luc sekmeht, jake and remy jake getting shot by marauders jake, warren and remy
jake and his dad jake and fontanelle sekmeht and remy sekmeht and remy in sek's dream
sekmeht and remy meet rogue, sek and the mengo brothers rogue and remy victor, jake and remy
victor and remy
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issue fifthteen
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