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issue two
remy and ororo


by Fabian Nicieza and Steve Skroce
When Remy LeBeau, the thief of hearts known as Gambit and member in tenuous standing of the outlaw mutant group the X-Men was twelve, he hot-wired a military jet. Don’t ask, he had his reasons.

After realizing he had no clue how to fly or land the craft, he was forced to eject.

Ignoring the consequences of his act had made it easier for him to enjoy the ride. Funny how, for no apparent reason, a memory can kick in like that …

[Remy falls away from an exploding rocket. He releases the parachute built into his chest plate and lands safely in the mud of Muir Island, then notices a large section of burning rocket falling directly toward him.]

Last thought: the whole pinch could’ve been handled a lot better, but it went wrong the minute his fellow X-Man, Ororo Munroe, A.K.A. Storm, had insisted on joining him.

[Interior of an airplane. Remy reads a magazine. Ororo crumbles a piece of paper.]

Remy: Your claustrophobia kicking’ in, Stormy?

Ororo: It’s manageable, Remy.

Remy: You coulda’ flown to Scotland by y’self faster’n this tub.

Ororo: I had hoped the time would give us a chance to … reconnect.

Remy: Yeah? Outta all the X-Men, always did have the most in common wit’ you, ever since we first met. ‘Course, at th’ time, you’d been changed into a thirteen-year-old. Sort of put us on an even level, maturity-wise. Playin’ Robin Hood along th’ Gulf Coast was fun.… You were fun.

Ororo: I certainly was a different person then, but not better, I think. Robbing from the rich to give to the poor led to our rationalizing the inherent wrongness of our actions. Remember the Picasso heist at the Safilios mansion?

Remy: Cuban expatriate promisin’ t’boat people over to the States in exchange for their valuables?

Flight Attendent: We’re about to land, sir. Do you need help fastening your seat belt?

Remy: [putting on his sunglasses] Need … or want?

Ororo: I’ll finish my story … after we land.

Remy: Sure, that claustrophobia’s manageable …

[Remy has agreed to let world-renowned geneticist Doctor Moira MacTaggert study his new ability to create time-delayed charges. Remy mentions the green energy succubus inside him as a possible cause of his new ability, but Moira doesn’t take him seriously. During dinner, Remy asks Ororo to continue her story.]

Ororo: Ah, when Remy and I first met, he took me on a sight-seeing tour of all the best mansions along the Gulf Coast … where we proceeded to “redistribute the wealth.” One of our hits was a Cuban smuggler, Umberto Safilios. After we robbed him, he hired the Assassin’s Guild—

Remy: I didn’ know that. My family’s rivals were lookin’ for us?

Ororo: Not exactly. They looked for the people I had led Safilios to believe had robbed him.

Remy: You painted a pointer? Scamp! Towards who? [The lights go out.] Hmmm, talk about a dramatic pause. Hey Doc, you forget t’pay your electric bill?

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Interlude 1

[The X-Cutiioner hires Mariah Ellenthorpe, Cosmo Stephanapoulus, and Jack Farley—recently fired from the security force of Elysian Enerprises because of Gambit’s escapades in issue 1—to assist him in going after Gambit.]

End Interlude 1

Interlude 2

[Fontanelle invades the dream of Tante Mattie, who as a young girl in 1891 is chased into a church by a lynch mob and saved by Remy in full X-Men garb looking as he does now. This revelation leads Fontanelle to wonder whether Remy time travelled or is older than believed.]

End Interlude 2

[The power failure that Remy created to allow him to slip away to steal what the New Son wanted triggered a default failsafe to launch the datacore into space to prevent anyone from procuring all the mutant genetic research data. Ororo is knocked unconscious trying to use the electircal impulses to override the power block. Remy decides to try to stop the launch. As he makes his way to the rocket, Remy reflects:] He didn’t know that his time delay cards would blow up a circuit junction which would screw things up so much. Always trapped between a rock and a hard place. Weeks ago, Remy failed to obtain a schematic of an ancient spaceship. The New Son wasn’t happy. Remy owes his life to the New Son. And now, the New Son couldn’t trust him. so he (she, or it, Gambit doesn’t know) decided to really test Remy. He knew asking Remy to obtain Moira’s records would compromise his loyalty to the X-Men. He needs to be an X-Man. But he owes the New Son. He believes in Charles Xavier’s dream of coexistence between humans and mutants. But the new Son—as incredible as it may sound—just may succeed where Xavier and others, have failed. So, he’s trapped.

[Remy manages to reach the rocket in time to hitch a ride when it blasts off and remove the terminal drive (thus, saving the research data) then drop away from the rocket. Flaming, falling debris heads for Remy, who is trapped in his parachute in the mud. It lands uphill, but then begins to roll toward him. It stops just before reaching him. Remy returns the terminal drive to Moira, but not before making a copy for the New Son.]

[Ororo soaks in a sunken bathtub, while Remy stands around and smokes.]

Ororo: Why is the hero so glum?

Remy: Mhmm? Jus’ tired.

Ororo: Sit, I’ll finish the story.

Remy: Eh?

Ororo: Safilios—the Cuban smuggler? The day we robbed the Picasso from his house, I had been thinking of what you had taught me—”whenever possible, pin the blame on someone else.”

Remy: We call it a “pointer.”

Ororo: Well, I left one. A fingerprint on a glass, lifted from a restaurant where you had a family meeting.

Remy: You framed Clan LeBeau? My own family? Why?

Ororo: I could say I was a child acting childishly. I could say I did it for you, because I felt you had been unfairly excommunicated from the Guild. But the truth is I did it because I thought it was a smart play. I knew Safilios would hire the Thieves’ rivals—the Assassin’s Guild—and I knew a guild clash would make the pickings along the coast all the easier for the two of us. And because I thought our ends justified my means. Sometimes, you do the wrong things for the right reasons. That personal connection you spoke of? It will always be there because of the mistakes we have both made. Your participation in the Morlock massacre was wrong. Hiding that secret from us was wrong. but what the X-Men did to you—abandoning you in the Antaractic … that was wrong as well. Can we all move forward and try not to make the same mistakes again?

Remy: [looking at the copy he made of the research data] Yeah, Stormy … Sounds like a plan t’me.

Ignoring the consequences makes it easier to enjoy the ride.


[In Chicago, the Latvian Mengo brothers toss some guy out of a high-rise window, delete a message he’d been sending about a conference being a setup, then announce their intention to go to New York City.]