version 1.0 film
These transcripts are written by natlyn, and we're very grateful for that. I got the cover scans from milehighcomics, and the other comicscans featured, I've scanned myself.

1. The Man of Steal

2. Stormbringers (feat. storm)

3. Monsters like us

4. Old wounds, fresh blood (feat. blade)

5. of Mice and Men (feat. rogue)

6. The Pig Pen 1:

7. The Pig Pen 2: Dirty troughs

8. The Shattering 1: Destined to repeat it

9. The Shattering 2: to Thine own self be true

10. Waiting for the Princess (feat. nick fury and the howling commandoes)

11. the Hamster Run (feat. daredevil and constrictor)

12. the Sunset Dawn: book one: the Time Trap/It Takes a Thief

13. the Sunset Dawn: book two: the Black Womb

14. the Sunset Dawn: book three: Tomorrow starts today

15. Rogue: Folding City

16. Revolution: the More things change...

17. the Assassination Game 1: the P. in cushion

18. the Assassination Game 2: Working the treadmill

19. the Assassination Game 3: Beasts of Burden

2000 Annual: Assassination Game epilogue: Endgame? (feat. Archangel)

20. In Dreams

21. a Sheep in Wolf's Clothing (feat. mystique)

22. Follow the Leader (feat. the neo)

23. Maximum Security: Shell Game

24. Sunrise Sunset