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name: Remy LeBeau
nickname: none really
codename: Gambit
sex: Male
hair: Brown with red highlights
eyes: Red on black
family: Jean-Luc LeBeau -> foster father, believed dead (though he's not).
    Henri LeBeau -> Foster brother, dead.
    Mercy LeBeau -> Henri's wife, Remy's sister-in-law.
    Bella Donna Boudreaux -> Ex-wife.
    Julien Boudreaux -> Bella's brother, dead.
job: Leads one of the X-Men teams during the GAMBIT timeframe.
    Guildmaster for the New Orleans Thieves Guild

    Currently a part of X-Treme X-Men/Limbo-ed

mutant: Biokinetically charges things, recently got a boost in power [see Gambit #14, #16, #17] which he appears to have spent getting rid of New Sun [#24]
interests: Knows Star Trek references [see Gambit #12]
memory: At age 12 he hot-wired a military jet. After realizing he had no clue how to fly or land the craft, he was forced to eject.
issues: All Gambit issues except #15

knows: Fontanelle, Sekmeht Conoway, Stan and Greg Mengo, Clare de Luc, Grey Crow, the X-Men, Moira MacTaggert, Blade
enemies: Sabretooth, Mr. Sinister (Nathaniel Essex)

young Remy
Remy in 1891 London
Remy Exiles version
a favorite Remy picture
Ultimate Remy
Ultimate Remy concept sketch
Xpose Remy
XtremeXmen Remy