DISCLAIMER: Remy LeBeau and Jacob Gavin Jr. Belong to Marvel. No money, don’t sue, etc.

RATING: PG-13. Language. Some cusswords and some French.

NOTES (insane, storybook version): Once upon a time, there was a wonderful comic book called Gambit. Lo and behold, it was a fantastic comic, with smart writing by the mighty and wise Fabian Nicieza, and wonderful characters and characterizations. But then came a day of great sadness, when it was announced in the kingdom that the book was to be canceled. Even sadder news soon followed, the last issue, Gambit #25, wasn’t even to be written by the wonderful Nicieza. So it came time to say farewell to the famed writer in Gambit #24. It was a glorious issue with a truly marvelous tale. A tale, which ended in a way many in the kingdom found to be a fitting end to the comic. (That was truly the end of the comic, since many believe the loathsome Highlander episode _Archangel_’s ‘haven’t seen it, didn’t happen’ rule applies to the dreadful Gambit #25.) But the story, which ended with a kiss in #24, can’t end there. And thanks to the miraculous powers of fan fiction, it doesn’t have to. ;)

DISCLAIMER TO NOTES: No, I’m not crazy or trying to mock the mighty Marvel corporation. Really.

NOTES (normal, sane version): What happens AFTER the Kiss in Gambit #24. Thanks to Lise and Drea for beta’ing and listening to me whine, and to Sash (and Marvel-comics) for introducing me to the wonderful character known as Jacob Gavin Jr AKA Courier. Feedback would be loved and adored at [email protected]

And At First
By Cosmic