Author's Notes: Wow! You people really LIKE me! What kinda stuff have you been drinking because I want some of that...but seriously, now that I have the feedback, I figure I owe everyone the standard explanation.

Two Pair is YES, a series of stories dealing with the relationship between Gambit and Jubilee. That's a story arc, right? Okay, right. All together I have about..nine parts to the series so far, with plans for stories beyond that. What can I say...HUGE Jubilee and Gambit fan. The arc starts during the time where Wolverine was gone from the team, where Jubilee was about..oh, I'd say 13ish, going on 14. Right after that she joined GenX, so there you go. Gambit I'm putting at 7 years older then Jubilee, because he just SEEMS that much older. I follow continuity until Interlude 2, then I go off on a bit of a..What If? storyline.

Yes, there is angst, but I believe that you shouldn't depress someone without adding in that special blend of expect strangely humorous parts thrown in.

Oh yes, Interlude 1? Happens sometime after O:ZT (weird storyline. Never finished up the way I wanted..), and before issue #361 of UXM, where Gambit makes his triumphant return. Aging Jubilee to slightly over 15, and Gambit at about 23.

Disclaimers: Marvel Characters, belongs to..yeah, I think Marvel. Damn. Then it was just a dream where I owned Gambit..*curses profusely*

PG-13, for language that little kids shouldn't repeat.

Two Pair
L.M. Griffin

[Chapter 1: Sparkling Tears]
[Interlude 1: Phone Calls]
[Chapter 2, part 1: Jacks Down, Queens High]
[Chapter 2, part 2: Jacks Down, Queens High]
[Interlude 2: Poker Faces]
[Chapter 3: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These]
[Interlude 3: Bluffing]
[Chapter 4; Part 1: That River In Egypt]
[Chapter 4; Part 2; That River In Egypt]
[Interlude 4: Deux Au Coeur]
[Epilogue - Of Teapots and Tiaras]

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