What bothered him the most was that the long, white halls didn't echo. Big empty halls always echoed. It was a rule. If you stomped your foot in the floor or shouted from the top of your lungs, maybe this one would echo, but he had never found the curage to do so. Even if the halls were empty, he knew he was being watched. He was always watched. They all were.

    The Director never said that out loud or even hinted in that direction, but she knew things she shouldn't. Maybe he was paranoid, but in this organization, were there any who weren't? It was a healthy mindset. Always remember that you are being watched and you won't take stupid chances. You won't try to break the rules.

    He shuddered, shoulders hunching at the thought. Jesse... Jesse had broken the rules. Fraternized with the enemy. Plotted escape.

    A Pointer plotting escape. A Pointer plotting escape and going over to the enemy to do it... Practically unheard of. Certainly more than frowned upon. The Director had given the termination order to his Wings.

    He had killed his own Pointer. And more importantly, to himself, he had watched a friend die.

    He had watched as bright red blood poured out of Jesse's mouth and chest. Stood there as Jesse's lips moved in a plea for help. Turned his back and walked away when Jesse had drawn his last breath.

    Walked back to Willow. And the Director.

    You always came back to the Director.