Ferris wheel. The exchange was taking place on a frigging ferris wheel. This job was getting weirder and weirder every minute. Maria shook her head in faint amusement. Well, at least it was rarely boring. She leaned against the shooting both and kept her eyes on the skinny blond in the green bomber jacket. "Target in sight," she said into the air.

    "Got'cha," Kyle's voice came in her ear. There was a pause then he came back. "Wing 2 says that the second target is headed right towards you now. Look to your right."

    Maria turned her head and kept her eyes on the second target long enough for the microcamera in her shades to pick him up. "Second target sighted. Transfering film."


    She idly admired the big, blue teddybear in the tennisball throwing booth while she waited for Kyle to come back to her with the targets id. The first target was Sean Herakles, son of a rich arms dealer. A rather suspect, rich, arms dealer. They knew Sean was leaking information to someone, but they didn't know who and since the Center was, according to the Director, working their way towards taking Herakles senior down for good, they needed to know.

    "Oh-oh," Kyle whistled. "It's a red flag. A very big red flag, I might add."

    Red flag meant that they couldn't do anything at all further without getting in touch with the Director first.

    "Damnit," Maria cursed. "Okay, notify the Director. Who is he, by the way?"


    Maria tilted her head. "Jarod? ...The Jarod?"


    "Well, that should make the upstairs happy."

    "Yeah. And we're off this thing, guaranteed."

    "The lady herself is still on Jarod duty?"

    "Uh-huh," Kyle confirmed. "Third year running now."

    Maria grinned slightly and the teenager showing off his muscles on the weight hitter looked flattered. "Well, you know where she hails from. She's very tenacious."

    "No doubt." There was a pause again. "But this Jarod guy is a bloody genius. She isn't." Pause again. "Actually, considering, she's done a pretty good job."

    "So they say. And who knows? This time she might actually get him."

    "Maybe. You never do kn... Okay, the Director says pull out immidiately."

    "Relay orders to Wing 2 and I'll see you at the rendevouz point. Pointer out."

    "Copy that. Wing 1 out."