She took her responsibilities seriously. She followed orders to a T and she made sure her Wings did as well. Sometimes they made her feel insecure and inadequate and she was strickter than necessary. She felt guilty afterwards when William stormed past her, disappearing until the next mission, but she never apologized. A Pointer never apologize. That was one of the first lessons she was taught.

    Never apologize to those below you. Never talk back to those above you. Never ask questions. And always - always - complete your mission. To the Director, failure was not an option.

    "We are not the army," the Director used to say, pacing in front of them, lightly hitting her whip against her knee-high boots. She stopped and levelled at stare at them. "We are worse. Do not fail me, my pets. You will not like what happens if you do."

    Tara was terrified of the Director. She did everything she could think of to please her and otherwise stayed out of her way. She wasn't like William or Buffy. She wasn't curageous like they were. She simply did what she had to to survive.

    She was their weapon against the Deno cartel. Important enough to keep, but not so important she could not be used as Pointer. It was better to be useful, she thought, than hidden away somewhere doing nothing until the day the Director decided that the time was right and she was activated.