"This is a complicated mission and we need everyone of you to work as a team. Buffy, you are Head Pointer." The Director paused and looked at her. "I trust you will do me proud." She turned to the rest of them and used her whip to turn on the overhead. "We, my children, are going to take down an international league of assassins. Preferably before several heads of state are eliminated."

    None of them said anything, but William looked as though he really wanted to.

    The Director sighed. "Yes, William. You may use exessive force if necessary. But do try not to make it necessary."

    William beamed at her. "Yes, ma'am!"

    Giles idly tried to figure out the odds of William even trying to do things peacefully. He deeply suspected they lay somewhere around nil.

    "Will the information be downloaded to my pad?" Willow, Buffy's first Wing, wanted to know. She sat with a pad in her lap, fingers constantly flowing over the touch screen. She was one of the members of Squad A he hadn't had a hand in recruiting. She came to his room for tea and advice in mission structure some times.

    "Of course. All information will be downloadable as per usual," the Director nodded. "Code A10102. Now this," she smacked her whip on the image of a dark-haired man with beady eyes and a mustache. "Is Ahmed al Leyla. Supposedly Turkish importer of Swiss chocolate, actually one of the league's European recruiters. We have tried this route once before, but in the hope that two times is the charm, William here get to be recruited."

    "You've tried it before?" William arched an eyebrow. He had never liked being second choice.

    "Yes. Sadly, Francis is no longer with us. I trust you will not have the same problem he had, however, and should manage to stay alive for as long as we need you. Moving on..." The image on the screen shifted to a sketch of a young woman with long, blonde hair and hazel eyes. "This is Isabel. There is a slight possibility she is ready to jump ship. Xander, this will be your area. If you don't get a response within a reasonable amount of time, Anya will take over.

    "Since we will be focusing on the European marked, while the league is international, we'll be in constant communication with squad B, K, L and an ad hoc organisation in Australia. Willow, Dawn, this will be your job."

    The image on the screen shifted again to show a surveillance photo of a young man with long bangs riding a motorcycle. "This is Kyle Sanders, the league's communications and weapons expert. His IQ is damn near off the chart and he shall not, and I repeat, shall not be harmed under any circumstances what so ever. We want him alive. Is that clear?"

    "Yes, ma'am!"

    "Good." The image on the screen shifted to show the exterior of a stone castle. "This is the Von Schleswig castle in Römen, Austria. We believe this to be the headquarter. Riley, your job is to find a way to make sure it is the correct HQ and if so, destroy it. Preferably with as many people inside as you can manage. Giles and Anya will help you. If Isabel is non responsive to Xander, Anya and Xander will switch place. All of you will report back to base at an hour and a half intervals. Any questions? No? Marvelous. Off you go then."

    And off they went.