Julia Hartman.

    Such an ordinary name for such an extraordinary girl.

    Recruiting missions always left him a bit ambivalent. Ambivalent because in many ways they were the most complicated missions in ways of planning and he liked being challenged mentally, and because he would be helping to remove a person from everything she or he knew and loved.

    He had recruited all of Squad A sans three. Buffy. William. Anya. Riley. Tara. A wonder they didn't all hate his guts. Or perhaps they did and were sensible enough to hide it and be content with showing their hatred for the Director. Because everybody loathed the Director. He was sure that the only thing that would make her react was if someone professed that they didn't, in fact, hate her. She would probably wonder what she was doing wrong, he thought wryly.

    Looking down at his pad, he concentrated on the stats. Hartman, Julia Meredith. Age: 18. Eyes: Brown. Hair: Brown. Notable: Inhuman strenght and speed, high perception. IQ: 203. EQ: 118. She would probably end up in Squad B or possibly K. They were short one genius.

    He needed to memorize his cover-story. He was going in as substitute English teacher at the private school Julia attended. It was his job to find a way to remove her from her surroundings without anybody questioning it.

    Death was an option.