"Are you reading again?" William pouted, knowing full well that he could survive without being in Giles' center of attention absolutely all the time, and knowing just as well that he didn't want to. He liked being in Giles' center of attention. Part of the reason he liked sex so much. Especially when he got him all verbal. Giles could say the nicest things when he didn't know he was saying them.

    I love you.

    Don't go.


    Swear I'm the only one.

    Giles gave him an annoyed look from over the book. "Yes. It's fascinating." Then he went back to his book.

    He rolled around on his stomach so he could read the title. Slowly. He hadn't been chosen for his ability to read, exactly. "Hunger?"


    "...You're reading a book called 'Hunger'?" The tall glass of Guinness and the plate filled with scones suddenly made perfect sense.

    "Yes. Go back to sleep, would you? Things are so much more peaceful when you are asleep."

    He bet they were. Utterly boring too, he had no doubt. He hoisted himself up on his elbows more properly and looked at him. "Not tired," he announced.

    Giles sighed and grabbed another scone.

    "Talk to me?"

    "Go bother someone else?"

    "...don't want to." He dropped down and pressed his face into the pillow. Really, Giles was much nicer during sex.