Warning: most of the stories recommended on this page is pretty long, so unless I've written elsewise, assume it's at least 100 kb. Also, this page is my playground and the layout may change from time to time. Old recs will be listed by date somewhere on this page.

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Papercranes by Deirdre - Blair/Jim - I love this one for the dialogues. It's been on my favorite SenSlashStory list ever since the first time I read it.

First Contact by Ruth Devero - Chakotay/Paris - Because they don't have sex right away. Okay, I know that sounds a bit weird, but that's why I like it. That, and because it seems more real than most of those stories. It's also kind of fun to guess whether or not it's Chakotay or Tom who will cause a rebellion. ;D

Going Deep by AnneZo - Mac/Victor - Mac and Vic goes undercover as a gay couple. Old plot, I know, but this one is actually both funny and a tad angsty. Vic's POV. -:ponders:- Y'know, seems to me that most Once a Thief stories are from Vic's POV. Wonder why..

Men at Some Time by Sylvia is an even better Once a Thief story - Again from Vic's POV. It's got a certain dreamlike quality to it which I like, and Mac's reactions are exactly how they should be. Oh and this one's got a gay club also. -:mutters to self:- What is it with Once a Thief and gay clubs?

Betrayal by Valerie Jones - not slash - It's about Remy LeBeau, the Witness and Rem'aillion Neramani. All those three are the same, and yet they are not. This is one of those stories you should read if you're interested in time travelling, time paradoxes and Remy LeBeau. Or just if you enjoy good writing. When you're done reading Betrayal, you can go read the Two Thieves series which is a collaboration between Valerie and Lori McDonald. The story Thick as Thieves is a top ten comic fanfic favorite of mine.

My Man Jeeves by Sue - Jeeves/Wooster - Heh. Now, see, this one made me grin. Evilly even. It's short and written in a Wodehouse-esk manner.

The Louder the Song by Varoneeka - Picard/Q - It's a bit boring in the beginning - The Enterprise is about to get blown up and Picard with it, so Q pops by and strikes a deal with him - but it gets better, and more gut wrenching in the end. It's worth the read if you're an angst fan like me.

A Good Time by De Orakle - Jonathan/Rick - A short (12 kb) story I like mostly because it mirrors my thoughts after seeing the Mummy almost to a T.



Twentieth Century Boy by ZorroRojo - Chakotay/Paris, Duncan/Methos - I'm normally not too fond of X-Overs because they make less than no sense to me, but I liked this one. It's Star Trek: Voyager crossed with the Highlander and the X-Files, and despite how.. less than encuraging that sounds, this story is good. And more importantly, it makes sense.



Dress for Success by Alyjude - Blair/Jim - An old lover of Jim's show up, determinded to get Jim back. There's just one thing he hasn't accounted with; Blair. It'll make you smile.

Closed for Business by Alyjude - Blair/Jim - 'Question: How do you face your roommate after you've discovered you're a closed candy store and he's a closed ice cream store and you really, really, really want to try his Rockey Road?' Need I say more? ;)

Lost in Translation by Helen - Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan - Extremly funny with great dialogue and characterization. Helen is one of my favorite fanfic writers and sooner or later I presume I'll end up recommending a good 90 per cent of her work.

Phoenix Rising: Part IV: E-Mail by Imajiru - Jason/Chris - I enjoy this one. Muchly. -:grins:- I have only a vague idea of who the characters are, but I don't give a damn. It makes me laugh, so there! It's part 4 in a series (the rest of the series is pretty good too) and it's written in the style of e-mails written from one of the AU Gatchamen to another.

Creaming by Amirin - Casey/Dan - This is the third story in a series of short Sports Night stories. It's also the one I think is the most enjoyable of the series. It actually made me laugh out loud and I giggled for a while after finishing it. You'll like it, trust me. ;)


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