Domino from The Truth is in Her Eyes
Recommendation #11

Soundtrack: Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me, Anneli Drecker - Sexy Love, Scarlet - Independent Love Song, Voodoobeats - The One, Toploader - Achilles Heel, Texas - In Demand, The Ark - It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane = 28:27

On Top by Invicta
*snickers* This one is fun. And hot. The only Garak/Bashir story I've actually liked. Not that I really know who Garak and Bashir are mind you. Issa good story. Short too.

Somewhere Else to Be by Kellie Matthews
I don't like Kowalski. Mostly out of principle (because he's not Vecchio). However, I like this story. It's an AU story which has Fraser as a professor and Ray K as a car mechanic, and I've already read it twice so it has to be good. ;)

Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About by MJ
Quantum Leap... *sighs longingly* I love that show. And I really like this story. It makes me laugh. Summary: "Sam's offered funding for Project Quantum Leap in exchange for one night with a rich female admirer. Al's attempt to rescue Sam has unexpected results." I think it's a long time since I read a QL story this good. If I ever have...

The Date by Shayney
I was just idly surfing the 'net when I came over this one. Man, am I glad I did! Shayney does semi-Angsty misunderstanding so well. *grins* Read it and see for yourself. Paris/Kim

The War of the Roses by Shayney
Did I mention that Shayney does Angsty-misunderstandings very well? This time is Mac and Vic of Once a Thief who're the victims. One of my favorite three OaT stories, this is.

Little Brother by De Orakle
This is a really short Thirteenth Warrior story and it's just too cute. *grins brightly* It's impossible to read this one and not end up with a big grin on your face.

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