Merry Recommendation

CANDLE Ah... I really like Christmas. The prezzies, naturally, both buying and recieving, but also the ritual-thingies. :) Like getting up really early on Christmas Day and eat candy all day, and put the prezzies under the tree and wait impatiently until after dinner when we can open the gifts... Anyhow, here's my Christmas prezzie to you. :) It's got a little bit of everything, I think. Hope you enjoy!

While desperately searching for something new to read, I stumbled over Earthbound by sidewinder. Earthbound is a Brimstone story. I have a vague idea that Brimstone is a tv-show, and that's about it. But I like the characters as they are portrayed in this story. It's a will-be-slash-sometime-soon story featuring Lucifer (The Devil) and Ezekiel Stone. I have an odd fondness for devine-beings-made-mortal stories, and this is one wherein the devil becomes a mortal because he 'broke the rules to save [Stone's] sorry ass'. There's even a plot. Still a WIP.

Next up, an A-Team Christmas story. I like the A-Team. Hannibal "I love it when a plan comes together" Smith, BA "afraid of planes" Baracus, Templeton "Face-man" Peck and HM "Mad as a hatter" Murdock. Not too fond of the fanfic, but Mistletoe and Wine by Madelyn Scott is kind of cute. And it's Christmas-y. Is Face/Murdock slash.

Harry Potter slash is just wrong. I know that. I really, really do. It's just... I can't resist. I have to read it. Mind, I usually stop reading rather abruptly if the story turns out being not terribly good. This four part Ron/Draco slash is... Cute. Cute and funny. My favorite part is the last one. [Relief from the Detention Blues] [Perfect] [Something for You to See] [One Cupid's Arrow]

bear Remus/Sirius slash, on the other hand, is very, very right. Honest. Unless You Mean It by Rochelle Burns is my favorite R/S story so far. It's funny, I can really picture the characters doing the things they do in the story, and it's mooky. So. I like. *firm nod*

From one very wrong thing to another... Savage Garden slash. God alone knows how I stumbled upon that... But it's actually some good stories there. If you can look away from the fact that the stories are about real persons, that is. I can, sorta. Mainly because all I actually know about Savage Garden is that they make pretty songs that all sound the same to me. Anyhow, there's a series by Lady Fox called The Wagger and the Fairy which I think is fun. There are so far three stories in the series; Spin It Round, I Don't Like Mondays and Sleeping Over. (Maelie is going to kill me now...)

Jumping from all that wrongness, to something a tad more right... *g* The Sands of Time series. It's mostly a story about Xander Harris. But also about the relationship between him and Giles (father, son) and some fun bits about the relationship between him and Spike (boyfriend). It's a very warm, fun, touching and in parts angsty story. I like it a lot.

SNOWMAN Once again I'm recing a story based on a tv-show I've never seen. This time it's a Forever Knight story by Fenris. Well, two actually, since there's a prequel, Station Break, which takes a while to get started, but ends up being absolutely hilarious, and a main story, Light Reading, which is really, really neat. Is Knight/Lacroix by the way. (Not that that told me anything but...)

Sleepy Hollow slash. Seriously. It's good even. In a gothic, like-the-movie sort of way. It's aptly called In the Arms of the Dead by ZzoaozZ. Ichabod Crane can't forget the Horseman, even dreams about him. (He knew that he was in danger of losing something, perhaps himself, but strangely there was no fear. Between one heartbeat and the next, he was no longer alone. He could hear the shallow breathing of another in the darkness and he knew that it was Him, the Hessian, the Horseman. He fled deeper into the darkness until, at last, he collapsed to his knees gasping for air. A strong, cold hand brushed the side of his face in an oddly tender gesture. He looked up into the demon's eyes...) Works wonderfully as a Christmas story, no?

Leaving the gothic-ness and moving on to British... uh... Not entirely sure what they are precisely... Anti-terrorist people? I'm talking about The Professionals. Dorinda's Festival of Light is seen through Cowley's eyes, but it's about Bodie and Doyle. It's kind of short and takes place during 7 minutes of disarming a bomb. I still like it.

The Last Measure of Devotion by Sue Walker is a pretty long Quantum Leap story. Ziggy is getting the computer version of Altzheimer, and Al's got ten days to get Sam home. Out of desperation, he tells Sam that they're lovers, hoping that the emotional link will get Sam to want to come home. The Navy (or whatever it is) isn't too thrilled about Al's idea, to put it mildly, and Al's got to fight pretty much everybody in order to get Sam back.

Gift I don't watch ER unless I've got a bad case of channel-surfing, and believe me, I don't go around searching for ER fiction either. Rocket Launcher by Matthew Haldeman-Time is pretty good though. I have no idea who the characters are, of course, but... This story is like something I could've written. *g* Sparse on discriptions and heavy on the dialogue. It's in four parts and I think it's something like 400 kb all together. So it's not entirely something I could've written. ;)
[Three, Two, One...] [Blast Off] [The Aftermath] [Then]

'Cause everyone needs a laugh... Read Merry Lynne's People Like You if you haven't already. :) Jim/Blair.

I'm not in general all that fond of X-Men moviefic, but I have a weakness for Troll Princess' stories. Especially All Foam, No Beer which has just the neatest OMC I've seen. *grins and bounces* He makes me laugh. But When Milk Goes Bad, And Other Reality TV Shows (Logan and Jubilee bonding) and Boy Cooties (Logan shaves...) are good stories and make me laugh as well.

I like Ethan Rayne. I like Divine Possession by The Spike. Gimme time and I'll find some way to blame that on River. I also like Spike and Xander and talking and fucking. Preferably at the same time. Monday Morning Going Down by Dawn Sharon and Misha has all that.

Shadowlands is a concept thought up by Alicia McKenzie, and in short:

"What happens to your life when, in a blink of an eye, another timeline can crash into yours and carry you away with it? How do you live, when every step leads you into another world, farther and farther away from the places you knew and the people you loved? When the living give way to the dead, when the dead give way to emptiness, what sort of existence is left?"
Do you give up?
Do you fight back?"

~ Got a few of my recs this time from Storyteller's Campsite. Go have a look-see you too. Many fandoms featured there on the rec page.

~ Shade's Fan Fiction Review is a new comic fanfiction review page. Which makes me happy. The first review is two Pete Wisdom stories by Suzene Campos and Paradoqz respectively which to me proves Shade's good taste. *G*

(This rec was for KG. Happy Birthday and hope you like it!)