New Recommendation

Ultimate Storm L.A. Confidential
He Probably Tried To Do Something by Julien
Jack Vincennes/Matt Reynolds | Based on the movie, not the book. Fills in some missing scenes. ;) | On the Q.T | Julien | I've got to find a copy of the book... |

Dawson's Creek
Boston Confidential by Laura
Jack/Pacey | Very amusing dialogues, funny story | Never Thought I'd Be There | Laura | I can't believe I read DC slash... |

Buffy - the Vampire Slayer
Cicatrix by Te, Debchan, and the Spike
Various | Alternate universe where Xander hadn't been able to revive Buffy when she drowned in Prophecy girl | Te | Te Debchan Spike | I like the parts with Kendra as well as the parts with Ethan. And everything else nacht |

Karma by Mistress Sarah
John Matheson/Matthew Gideon | The first part is the best one, but it's all readable. Gideon asks a question he shouldn't have | Haven House | Mistress Sarah | They just started airing this on Sundays here in Norway. SFX claims it's pants though, and I'm inclined to believe them. We'll see. |

The New Professionals
Conversations by Alyse
Chris Keel/Sam Curtis | Long satisfying read, even though I have no idea who the characters are | CI5 Classified | Alyse | Wonder if TV3 could be convinced to air this... Can't possibly be that expencive to buy, and it's got to be better than Team Knight Rider (which I watch by the way because I like Trek) |

Ultimate Jean Babylon 5
Scavenger Hunt by Julia Hugo-Vidal
Various | Hilarious, lots of character inter-action stuff, but mainly just hilarious | Alternate Universe Today | Julia Hugo-Vidal | I just discovered that I like Marcus. I have no frigging clue who he is, but I like him |

The Dark Is Rising
Summer's Men by Kest
Bran/Will | Just pretty. I haven't a frigging clue who the characters are, but I like it anyway | Fanfiction by Kest | Kest | I'm never going to read that series. Not that I don't want to, it's just that I live in the middle of nowhere |