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Wesley Wyndham-Price (or some such), Angel

Lately, I've been reading a lot of *nsync slash.

I know! I do, I really do, and it's all Helen's and Synchronik's and River's fault. Really it is. Helen's fault for being a damned good writer, so I have her page bookmarked and for having the Puppies in a Box page. >.< And Synchronik... Well, does he have to be such a good writer? And if he does, couldn't he write something else? More normal. Like... Like, X-Men slash or something? Riv, well, she's reading it too. And that, see, lulls me into this odd sense of 'this is a good thing. Everybody should read *nsync slash...' and that's just wrong, you know?

I even hate their bloody music. I consider boybands to be an eternal curse, like.

This is giving me NKOTP flashbacks and you know that's not good.

(and East 17 and Take That, and god, am I really this old?)

Still. I'm not saying this is a sparkling gem of slashness (like, oh say, X-Men has become), but I've read some decent fic. Some horrible, too, but I've also found a couple of stories I really like (and would like to, akin to a comicbook villain, inflict upon you poor, innocent, unsuspecting soul. No, KG, I do not mean you).

There's this story with Joey and Chris (I think Joey is Italian with a Superman fetish and Chris is the old guy with the clothing label, but... *shrugs* well, they all kind of blur together) and a bet and darts and delayed gratification, baby. It's hot and it's funny, and honestly, I could see the ending coming from miles away, but it's still fun. Okay, yeah, the ending is one of the reasons I like the story.

The Best Man by Dayse

And, then there's this story with JC and Lance (JC = Digital Getdown (which, apparently, was a very bad idea indeed), Lance = outsider-type) and friendship and radio and... well, that's it, really. But it's nifty. Honest. Would I lie to you? ...Oh shut up.

Late Night Radio by Lois Lane

The story with Joey and Lance, I'm not entirely sure what I think of. I mean, I like it, obviously, but it's not really my style. It sort of... tricked me into liking it. You know? It's relatively long, I guess. Kind of lazy, sweet, real.

So Pure by M. Lewis

And, first and foremost and the bloody reason I read the before mentioned stories in the first place - Synchronik's On The Bus stories, wherein a bunch of stuff happens on the bus, and that's it, really. The pieces aren't related, by the way. They're like... like "pictures and drawn out emotions"

On The Bus by Synchronik

I went to Shazzez Cafe and am starting to get an incling on the different characters. This disturbs me. I liked it much better when I was completely clueless and just happily reading for the sake of reading something. Their images were nicely blurred, I couldn't have cared less if Lance was the rambocious type or Joey spent his off-stage time reading Nietzche or Däneken. Now, however, I am starting to see people. I don't like it. I don't want to concern myself with characterization or plot or anything silly like that. I just want to read mood pieces while I look furtively around to see if anyone is watching me.

Thing that annoys me: Should of known, could of known. *makes a face* Should've known, could've known. *nods firmly*

Danny and Casey, Sports Night I'm having a Sports Night renessance, which I realise is ridiculous since the show can't possibly be more than three years old, yet there you go. Might have something to do with the fact that I've never actually seen the show until recently. And it's... great. It's just great. And I really believe that Dan and Casey have been friends forever, you know? You should see how they look at each other. And Isaac and Dana and Natalie and Jeremy are great as well. They talk a lot. All of them. And some of it is funny and some of it is touching and I really recognize the people I've been reading about. And I like that.

(note: I like the words 'really', 'well', 'and', 'you know' and 'yeah'. I use them a lot. Live with it.)

So I've been reading through the Sports Night folder on one of my CDs, and I've discovered that there are stories there which I like and haven't recommended. Unbelievable, I know. The thought of me liking something and not rec'ing it two seconds later. Anyway, here are some quotes from various SN fic with links to the fic (those I could find).

"Good. Because I just want to say, before we go on to address Dana's concerns, that I'm not--"
"Gay. You said that." Casey tried for nonchalance and managed to at least keep his shock to himself. He was a pretty liberal guy who could say the word gay without stuttering over it. Of course, Danny, who leaned so far left he could barely stand up by himself, probably didn't congratulate himself on being able to say the word. Which was why it was a little odd to be arguing about it.

I Got Rhythm by Miriam

"I should tell you, the windows are not a selling point. I fear the light of day."
"We'll hang curtains," Casey said easily. "Do you fear curtains?"
"No. But mini-blinds give me hives."
Nodding with much more gravity than was warranted, Casey lowered his voice. "I believe mini-blinds are the work of the devil."

Kickoff by Merry Lynne

"'They'? Who's 'they?'"
"The ones who make the rules. God. Me. It's my scenario."
"Danny, the image of you as God makes me sincerely uncomfortable."

"Please don't let this be an easy let down."
The faintest hint of a smile crossed Dan's face. "No, it's anything but that. I need you to know... I could fall for you so easily, Case. So hard and so deep that I'd never come up again and never want to. It would be so easy to do."

"Yes. I think we need to have sex to save our friendship."
"I think you've been watching too many re-runs of 'Seinfeld'."

Dan leaned against the wall, still staring at him. "Do they, like, give you a pamphlet or something? A bumper sticker? 'Minnesotans were wronged in 1993; never forget it'?"
"In fact they don't."
"So it's some kind of genetic programming, maybe? Something Scandinavian? Everybody standing around the ice pond eating gravlax and singing 'We shall overcome'?"

Dancing on Glass by Emily Brunson

Dan searched his pockets, finally finding his wallet and putting enough money on the bar to cover the drinks, with some left over. At this hour he wasn't concerned about how much he was overtipping, since he didn't have to venture back out into the frigid world of three-foot drifts and nonexistent taxis until morning, when the drifts would, he hoped, have been dealt with by the fleet of snowplows owned by the brave and honorable local public works departments. Dan figured they'd have to be brave to voluntarily go out in that weather, and he hoped they'd be honorable enough to actually clear the streets and not reconfigure the snowdrifts into Olympic ski jumps or replicas of the St. Moritz-Celerina bobsled run in the middle of the street.

A Winter's Tale by Kit Mason

Cast three of Counterstrike;
Gabrielle, can't remember - english dude, Stone and Alexander sitting in front

This is going to be such a long rec, you're all going to be pleading with me to stop talking, all ready! But, I'm in a rambling sort of mood, and rambling I shall do. To great lenght and much amusement to myself. You, on the other hand, can just ignore me and click on the links, and, see, then we'll both be happy. *beams*

Now, Stone (*points at picture*) in Counterstrike is a very slashy guy. If you don't believe me, watch that episode wherein he flirts with the Turkish prison guard. *siiighs* There were eye-contact, and talk of books, and talking in general, and, I grant you I might be doing some wistful thinking here, but I swear there were at least a kiss on the cheek. I want Stone slash. I crave Stone slash. Someone give it to me?

Or, if you can't do that, howzabout Players?

"One of these days I'm going to educate you." - Charlie to Alphonse

Granted, I've only seen one episode so far, but's got a jittery con-man with a baseball fixation (Charlie) and a cute-ly worried thief who should be annoyingly suave and stuff, but is really more sweet (Alphonse). And also Ice-T and some woman, but who cares about that? I want Charlie and Alphonse. Gimme?

The Sentinel. Occasional love of my life and first fandom. This is, in my opinion, the perfect Sentinel story. It's got everything - Senses, a crime, feelings...

Nuance by Resonant and Livia

More Sentinel stories:

Curtains by Anna S
Everything You Need In One Convenient Location by Julad
Yellow Roses by Francesca
The Winter's Heart by Brighid

Buffy & Angel.

Coming Out by Kayla
Eastward by Abi Z
Filler by Lar
* Fulfillment by Kassie
* Palimpsest by Kassie and Lar
Eclipse by Julad and Livia

Okay. I'm done now.
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