Warning: most of the stories recommended on this page is pretty long, so unless I've written elsewise, assume it's at least 100 kb. Also, this page is my playground and the layout may change from time to time. Old recs will be listed by date somewhere on this page.

Mixed Candy

Comme si de rien n'etait by Jane st. Clair - Jean-Luc Picard/Tom Paris - I like this one because it's deliciously cruel. This is exactly the kind of Tom Paris I have no problems what so ever imagining. It's also a very hot story. You ought to read it. Oh and I'd like to see at least one X-Files story in which Krycek is just as cruel, seductive and manipulative. -:grin:- [link might not be working]

Genesis by Annie - Kyle/Max - A four part fanfic based on a show I don't even watch... Why I like it? 'Cause it's young romance, I think. And I like the characterizations.

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Tartarus by Erin - Strife/Autolycus - Basically an extremly long PWP wherein a plot incerted itself without the authors knowledge. It's hot, semi-angsty and I like it.

The Wedding Script by Gina Collum- Blair/Jim - Why I like this story, I can't honestly say, but this rather short story's been a favorite of mine ever since I first read it ages ago. Angsty and hot.

The Body Thief by Russet McMillan - Blair/Jim - If you've read any other recs page featuring The Sentinel recs, you've probably seen this one listed before, but I just had to include it. It's one of my favorite stories.

The Matchmaker by Viccy - Methos/Duncan - I have a quirk (all right, one of many) and that is to see a favorite couple being described through the eyes of a third character. Viccy does that in this story. The POV in this story is that of Connor MacLeod, but you needn't know anything in particular about him in order to enjoy the story. It focuses mostly on Methos. It's good and I like it very much.

Too Dear For My Possessings by torch - Harry/Tom - Ooo! Angst heaven! I don't like stories in which Tom is portrayed more or less like a fragile lass, so I'm happy to say this one does no such thing. What it does instead is show the darkness in his mind, how close he is to falling over the edge, and I love the bits with the knife (love is the wrong word, but I can't find a better one).


SPECIAL REC: L'Histoire D'Obi by Lilith Sedai. Took my breath away that story did, as well as turned me on. It's long, well written and I didn't even mind the BDSM, which ordinarily I just don't like. Anyway, read this. It's a very good story.

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