Wonderful Tonight by Sebastian - Sometimes you want someone to break your heart in such a fashion that you don't know it until the end. Well, nearly the end anyway. Sebastian writes Bodie and Doyle so well. I want to be able to write like that one day. (I never said I had reachable dreams.)

The King's Birthday Gift by DVS - It made me snicker. It's by DVS so it's good. It's a fairy-tale staring King Bodie who's lost interest in (horror!) food and (shock!) sex! Old Man Cowley and (::giggle::) Virgin Doyle. One of the very few Fairy-tale AU's I've actually enjoyed.

Sex, Lies and U.N.C.L.E - Part 1: The Affair Affair by Anne Higgins - It's the kind of story which makes me want to know more about Illya and Napoleon. Nope, I've never seen Man from UNCLE, but I suddenly have an urge to get one of the 4 tv stations we have here in Norway to air it. (It's old as hell and probably cheese-y as well. It's a shoe-in.)

Noise by Ladonna King - Oooo! Angst! Qui-Gon angst too! For some strange reason I like that far better than Obi-Wan angst. Also, it's by Ladonna. What more do you need to know? (I always look that one up when I want to feel like I've been punched in the gut.)

Snow and Cinder by HiperBunny and MrsHamill - An elegant, well-written crossover between Highlander and SW:TPM. Obi-Wan meets Methos. Read it. I loved it and I usually hate crossovers. ('Course seeing as I've recommended a crossover in all my recs so far, you might not believe me on that account...)

the Connections series by Rina - Internet chat rooms, Mac and Victor. Is it any wonder that I love it? There are 6 stories in the series. Be sure to read them all. :)

the North West Passage by torch - the North West Passage is a series containing the stories Ghost and Lovers. ::looks at reader:: I expect that you've already read those, but in my opinion no rec page is complete without a Ghost/Lovers recommendation.